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    Seattle Pistol Permit

    I see, Navy, thanks!
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    Seattle Pistol Permit

    Dave, WA state law requires the issuing authority to deliver the CPL in no later than 30 days, provided the applicant is eligible.
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    Concealed Carry Report free subscription

    It's junk AFAIC. Never seen such spam from a "newsletter" sign-up. The quantity is mind-boggling.
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    how many of you carry a gun and pepper spray?

    Always. Where I live, I think it's more likely that I'll need the spray than the gun (though I always carry a firearm, of course). For pepper spray, I have Kimber's Pepperblaster II, which does not spray back into your face even if it's windy. It even has a (small) pistol grip and sights...
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    Which speedloaders work w/ J frames?

    I highly recommend Jet-Loaders. They make the only spring-loaded speedloader for 5-shot J-frames. Night and day -- much faster -- compared to HKS/Safariland (I have those, too) and they clear a variety of grips without a problem.
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    Too weak to rack slide?

    I've been through the exact same thing with my mother and while much good advice has already been given, I thought I'd add the option of an NAA Black Widow in .22 Magnum. I understand the bias against the .22. The Magnum out of the 2" barrel in the Widow achieves pretty decent energy. The...
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    Choose 1 Brand exclusively

    Smith & Wesson; easy choice for me. :)
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    Impulsiveness = Jail time, even well intentioned

    I hope his license gets pulled; stories like this are harmful to those of us with brains.
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    Bedside weapon

    Kel-tec Sub 2000 with 33 rounds of 9 mm hollow-points. Viridian green laser + light. And I'm a revolver guy. But in my home, I want as much ammo as I can get; wouldn't be comfortable with 6 rounds.
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    Problems with my new 686

    Sounds like what just happened to my identical gun when the ejector rod came unscrewed. I screwed it back in tight and all was fine.
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    If You Only Had Two Firearms...

    642 & 686 :)
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    Jerk at a gunshow

    I went to a Washington Arms Collectors gun show in Puyallup, WA last fall. There were some good military/LEO types and regular people there, and a crowd of, um, "interesting" people selling Nazi and Confederate stuff. A lot of the stuff at the show was crap and expensive. I won't be going back.
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    What is your local law enforcement standard issue sidearm?

    Sig in 9, 40 or 45. DA/SA trigger.
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    question about carrying
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    Conceal carry gramma

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    What OWB holster for a j-frame?

    I like my Blackhawk Speed Classic a lot. Minimalist with good retention. Easy, quick draw. Not a million dollars.
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    what kind of gun owner/shooter/ person are you?

    I immigrated to the US in the mid-90s from Sweden. I'm a proud father, city person who loves a good motorcycle ride out in the country, software engineer and musician, libertarian (largely), atheist, vegetarian, Thomas Jefferson fan, videogamer, police department volunteer with friends from all...
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    Favorite load for S&W 442?

    I like and trust Gold Dot in +P for short barrels.
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    S&W 442 or Glock 26..Which will conceal better??

    I have both (and a 642 as well) and would say that the J-frame conceals quite a bit better than the baby Glock. It's also a lot lighter. Its shapes are more rounded and hide better than the blocky Glock. Also, you'll have the option of pocket carry should you need it. The only concealment...
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    Anyone else wish they made a smaller Revolver??

    I hear ya. Glock 26 is as small as I'll go as far as autos are concerned (tried smaller with bad results). Usually I carry my J-frame, but when I can't, the NAA Black Widow is my pocket gun. Five for sure, .22 magnum. Beats an unreliable .380 as far as I'm concerned. Best regards