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    ABC already using VA Tech tragedy for gun control

    Keep posting the results every now & then. There have been instances where the #s suddenly got rearranged to better fit their story/agenda. No. Violent shootings are isolated incidents and it's irresponsible to link them to gun control. 7,711 Yes. This shows the violence that can occur...
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    Should L&P be closed?

    (didn't read the whole thread but scanned the first page - fwiw) No, This place lost something very important when the Roundtable was evicted (I might hit APS once every 2 months these days), to do the same to one of the other bigger forums here would be just as stupid. L&P provides a good...
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    30rd sks magazine

    Mine does without a problem 75% of the time. As I never plan on taking that particular SKS into a place where I require 100%, it works for me.
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    Viet Nam and Operation Phoenix: what was it?

    & a bunch of other stuff :D I am 40 right now & spent 12+ years in the National Guard way back when (got out 8 years ago). At the early time in my unit (mid 1980's), roughly 10% of the people had seen some sort of service in Vietnam. The one's that had been something other than a truck...
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    The LawDog Files

    Thanks for a great start to the day. However, the town Good Samaritan Fund ought to buy you some tasers....:evil:
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    Columbus Ohio area man shoots trespassing teen

    This guy sounds like a moron & I hope that he goes down hard. That said: Or what if that round hit an airplane full of paralyzed orphans causing it to crash into the local convent on Mother Theresa night. Or what if that round hit an underground natural gas pipeline causing an explosion...
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    Storing my Guns in a Storage Unit

    Make sure that you wrap them up/disguise them at home. You don't want to let anyone see you see you unloading obvious rifles & then going away for a few months. The temptation to break in might be too great.
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    Philly cops still using revolvers.

    That was my thought too. A couple of places around here have armed security that look remarkably like the local police (perhaps with police powers within the specified area (sports stadium in this case). One older guy carries a well worn .357 & looks like he knows exactly how to use it :D .
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    I just watched "Red Dawn" again

    The same scenario would be over pretty quickly these days for the good guys up in the mountains. Thermal imaging has come a long way :( (one of my & the lowercase L's favorite movies)
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    *Maybe* a CCW self defense incident caught on tape!?

    Fake Over the top stereotypical redneck clothing, language, music, etc - all designed to make fun of the "hicks". The most damning evidence though is that no true redneck drives a newer Toyota pickup.
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    Officer with hammer down 1911 in oly

    SSS, It won't go bang if you need to use it in a hurry. They were designed to be carried with the hammer back & the safety on.
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    Vets and the word, "Gun."

    C-18-4 Ft. Knox July 1986 It just hit me tonight that I could have had my 20 right now if I had stayed.... Ah well, the stories are good & the playtime with the big guns was fun. (& thanks go out to SFC Lewis & SSG Carson for helping me be who I am today ;) )
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    Teen Injures Self with .22 Cartridge

    A simple solution would be to check the bullet for rifiling marks....
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    Liberals Urged to Take on 'Right-Wing Nuts' on Talk Radio

    The problem is that talk radio is interactive while television/print isn't. On the radio you have to be able to justify your position against critisism while on television/print you can just state what you want as fact with no feedback allowed (yes there are letters to the editor but you have...
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    The factors which determine THR worth are...

    That sounds great Oleg, something needed to be done. I know that over the past few months I haven't been hanging out here as much because of some people's behavior (& other personal issues). Getting rid of/hamstringing the ones that delight in conflict or stirring things up just to cause...
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    Questions about taking a Boy Scout Troop shooting

    Our Troop has it's own range that we shoot at every other week during the summer. As has been mentioned, check with the local Council & National as to what is & isn't allowed (mainly only registered Scouts can shoot - no guests or siblings, no centerfire rifles :( & no pistols). If you do...
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    Amusing troll email

    This arrived a little while ago. Suuuure I'm going to tell a random stranger (who apparently Google is too complicated for :scrutiny: ) all about how to make a Glock full auto (which I don't know in the first place) :uhoh: . Sigh.....
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    Security Ninja, caught and arrested!!!

    Ah, that would explain the lack of them around here. Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, we have an annual dragon migration that rivals it (doesn't get as much press though). The past couple of years have been fairly quiet. I'll miss them flying overhead but it is good to know...
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    What is an apropiate age for kids to be taken to the range

    My kids were going to the range while they were in car seats & not crawling yet. As they would get older they would play with the other kids there in a field well behind the line. As far as actually shooting, once their heads were big enough to wear ear muffs they could (one at a time) ask...