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    1911 .45 ACP Tips and Tricks

    My son in law was in a unit that had 1911s when in the sand box. Given the almost unlimited funds that the unit had, they choose to buy the most problematic mags I have ever worked with, namely shooting star 8 rounders. I have never had an issue with any 7 round mag be it WWII surplus or...
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    Stalking - Scout-ish rifle

    I have a Ruger bolt action ranch rifle in 7.62x39. I have it scoped with a Nikon 3X32 and carry a TRS 26 red dot in my pocket if the scope goes south. I bought it solely for deer hunting in the woods, but if I were thinking scout or all purpose rifle, this would work up to 200 yards with ease...
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    Who has a Henry Single Shot and do you like it?

    I have one in .357 and love it. Great trigger. With a Nikon 3x scope, it shoots 2 moa with cast bullets. Just a tad heavy, but that attentuates recoil.
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    What's Your Favorite 9mm Pistol to Shoot?

    My favorite 9mm is an STI Trojan. I bought it from Dawson Precision with his trigger job. I have shot thousands and thousands of 120 gr. Cast bullets through it. Here is my granddaughter shooting the gun. I have a sinking feeling that she may get this gun on her 21st birthday
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    30-30 at 1160 yards

    At a local range that I belong to, there is a "manbun" in his late 20s who come in about once weekly to shoot his AR. His AR has 3-12X variable scope, red light, white light, infrared light, red dot, and fuzzy dice hanging off the front. He shoot baseball size groups at 25 yard targets, from a...
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    Shield Plus vs Subcompacts

    I carried a Shield for a couple of years and liked it. However, a couple of months ago, I got a Sig 365X with the red dot sight. For an old guy, the Romeo red dot sight is a game changer. And the 365X is 12+1 with good ergonomics. Plus the fact that it will fit in a couple of holsters made...
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    Going prone like in this old army training manual?

    When a couple of rounds snap over your head, you go to prone very instinctively without attention to good form or proper doctrine.
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    Ruger American Owners

    There is nothing wrong with axis and Rem 783, but I prefer the RAR. I have two, both the ranch rifle version in .223 and 7.62x39. Both shoot MOA with reloads and I have never monkeyed with the adjustable triggers. The 223 shoots 69 gr SMKs into .6 moa and the 7.62x39 shoots my 180 cast FPS...
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    Value of excellent condition late "low number" 1903 Springfield?

    The 23d Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division landed on Utah beach armed with 1903 Springfields. The regimental commander didn't trust the new fangled M-1s.
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    Custom built T/C Encore

    Precisionriflesmith is David White in OK. He is not the cheapest smith around but he is the best for single shot rifles. I sent him an H&R handi in 357 mag. He reamed the chamber to 357 MAX, chopped the barrel and did a trigger job. It shoots as well as my contenders and encores. Thank you...
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    Are you ready for the Army to replace the M4 with the NGSW (6.8mm)?

    When I was a young grunt going o'er hill and dale in VN, the best day of our lives was when an announcement came down that anyone wanting to divest themselves of the GI 1911 could give it to the 1st Sgt and get it off their weapons card. Every single 1911 was turned in. The .45s that we had...
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    Light at the end of the tunnel?

    At a local gun show today, powder was $70 per pound. Primers were $1,000 per base of 5k.
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    Went to a gunshow today -- first time in a couple years

    I went to a small local gun show in Cadiz, KY this morning. Good selection of gun. PSA lowers for $89 and complete lowers for $199. However, powder was $70 per lb and primers were $1,000 per case of 5K.
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    Which do you hate more?

    When I first started shooting, my range bag was an army AWOL bag. As years and accumulation grew, I bought a Waller range bag. I out grew that and got a large toolbox on wheels. Now I have an old Ford Windstar van dedicated to be my "range bag". Next up step us is a used Hertz box truck...
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    Do you have to use chemicals when using tumbler with stainless pins?

    Try tumbling without the pins. You will get good results with a small amount of citric acid (lemishine being one) and a drop of two of dawn. Rinse after one hour and repeat for two hours. You will be pleased without SS pins all over the place.
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    Anyone wet tumbling think dry is better?

    I shoot a lot of 9mm and .45. I put the cases in the wet tumbler with citric acid, a drop of dawn and NO PINS. I tumble for 3-4 hours, rinse, add clean water and tumble another hour. At this point they are more than clean enough to load. After drying, I load them. Loaded rounds and a...
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    Credit to Smith & Wesson repair center

    1. I sent a 3913 with issues back to Smith. Acting on the advice of my dealer, I shipped the gun back with out grips or a magazine. The gun was returned in a couple of weeks with new grips, two new factory mags, and successful repair. 2. I had a Model 14 that I bought used and had a smith...
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    Proposed Rules May Shut Down All Illinois Gun Dealers

    Our chamber of commerce says that approx 100 people move to Nashville every day. Half from ILL looking for cheap housing, jobs, and no income tax. Most are the chicago folks who we do not need. There must be a way to keep anyone north of Springfield from moving here.
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    Arthritis. Advice?

    See a doctor. Start eating less meat and more fish and vegetables. Try veggies only every other day, Try CBD creams. Get a 9mm 1911. I have an STI Trojan in 9mm. It weights 42 ounces and has a 9 pound recoil spring letting me shoot very light loads. My carry gun is a Glock 19. It hurts to...
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    Savage Model 99 30-30

    How does it shoot?