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  1. Offfhand

    Need a case trimmer. Reccomendation please.

    There is such a wide variety of case trimmers on today's market that the choice(s) is mainly a matter of personal need and and how much you are willing to pay. Attached pic show three such varieties. If only trimming a small number but focused on precision the Wilson is top of the list. The...
  2. Offfhand

    How do you store your dies?

    Storing reloading equipment, especially dies can get to be a problem if you load for a large number of different calibers. Which is why when I had my reloading rooms remodeled I had the bench drawers made so that each drawer would hold forty sets of dies in original boxes, label end up so they...
  3. Offfhand

    1909 98 Mauser Modelo Argentino Sporter -- whats it worth?

    This is interesting, as here are three /09 Argentine rifles that have been bubbaed that look rather nice so I wonder what they are worth. One is especially interesting because the '09 action has been shortened by an inch and the receiver ring "crested" for a smooth profile. The bolt handle on...
  4. Offfhand

    The 222 adventure begins

    Any mention ot the .222 Rem. takes me a long and happy trip down memory lane: all the way back to when I was a lad of 14 and bought a Savage 340, the second centerfire rifle I was to own, and to a year later when I bought a Pacific reloading press and began handloading my .222 ammo. (I still...
  5. Offfhand

    1909 98 Mauser Modelo Argentino Sporter -- whats it worth?

    What's it worth? Well, to give you an idea: the hinged floorplate bottom metal, Timney trigger, safety tab, Redfield scope base and rings will fetch a quick $350. on eBay. So go figure all the rest and add it up.
  6. Offfhand

    IMR-4198 What calibers is it good for.

    As mentioned in previous posts, IMR 4198 and the .222 Rem. were made for each other. With 4198 being the go-to standard back when the .222 ruled benchrest competitions. It may seem strange to shooter/handloaders who relate 4198 to small capacity cartridges but it has also been a top choice for...
  7. Offfhand

    Is my Man Card in Jeopardy? .375 H&H Mag is too much for me

    In post #27 of this thread (which began as a discussion of .375 Mags) I happened to mention that my wife and I are a three .375 H&H family, with a couple pics of same. Now that the topic has morphed into discussions of other heavy calibers and recoil thereof, it's fair to add that we are also a...
  8. Offfhand

    Want to reload .410

    410 shotshells are the most expensive ga. to buy and the least expensive to reload. Making the step to reload mainly depends on how much you intend to shoot your .410. The MEC 600 jr press is a good tool, but the MEC Grabber is better and used ones are often available on eBay.
  9. Offfhand

    got a new press, how did i do?

    You are correct, I should have looked closer. It's much better press than the old jr.
  10. Offfhand

    got a new press, how did i do?

    You got a good deal on the press and did a super cleanup job to be proud of. The Jr, uses the old style ram type shell holders, which typically require a different ram for different calibers. The same rams fit Pacific, CH and other "C" type as well as RCBS. They can be found on ebay at easy...
  11. Offfhand

    Is my Man Card in Jeopardy? .375 H&H Mag is too much for me

    Your man card is in jeopardy only if you attach a muzzle brake. As for owning a .375, I think the Rule of Eight applies, meaning if you have eight or more rifles in your collection one of them should be a H&H Magnum. My wife and I subscribe to this rule and have now become a three .375 family...
  12. Offfhand

    How to Mark a Target Bullet Group?

    There are instruments available, or you can make one yourself, for precisely measuring groups center to center. I use one like the one shown here with George Kelbly Jr measuring benchrest targets at the SuperShoot. He measures and records hundreds of targets per day during the tournament and...
  13. Offfhand

    Favorite 270 Winchester rifle, ammo?

    I share Mr. Turbo's reservations about claims that the "The .270 diameter cartridge is a good hunting round, but the capacity and case length don't lend themselves to the most uniform burning configuration." Such observaions may originate with folks who are apparently unaware that the .270 case...
  14. Offfhand

    Show us a picture of your reloading bench

    And also how many shots are in the group..
  15. Offfhand

    Anyone try a fast twist(7.5:1) on a 243 win?

    It so happens that I've done some testing with the .243 Win. in a fast twist barrel, if you consider a 1in8" a fast twist. That was a few years ago when I became intrigued by the .243 Win. Vs .244 Rem. debate. Which held that the .243 became successful and popular because the rate of twist of...
  16. Offfhand

    Favorite 270 Winchester rifle, ammo?

    The .270 Win. is something of a paradox in that it is almost always described as an "accurate" cartridge but also seems to have escaped (or avoided) any meaningfull examination or actual accuracy comarisons with other calibers. I myself was a longtime .270 fan with which took my first elk...
  17. Offfhand

    Best hand priming tool

    Now that we have strayed from the topic of hand priming tools anyway, here are some interesting priming tools I've had and exerimented with: the one on top was made by Ferris Pindell, who is best known as the co-developer of the uber-accurate PPC benchrest calibers. He was also a master...
  18. Offfhand

    Yet another rifle project, pre 64 m70.

    Mr. Fairweather, if you already have an original steel M-70 guard there is a lot you can do to improve it. Attached is a pic of a M-70 restocked and metal improved by Al Bieson. The formally flat-sided guard has been reshaped to more elegant contours, for a distinctive classic effect. Shows...
  19. Offfhand

    Yet another rifle project, pre 64 m70.

    Having a Pre-64 M-70 action in hand offers a multitude of tempting possibilities for building your forever dream rifle. I've enjoyed several similar projects and have learned to take my time and look around for workable ideas and suggestions. For example, don't be in a rush to replace original...
  20. Offfhand

    How many of you are using or considering a tripod for hunting?

    Lightweight bamboo walking tripods have now become standard equipment among African PH's. I've taken game with long shots from tripods like this one that I would overwise never attempted from unsupported offhand (standing) positions.