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    Is "ladies day" at the shooting range sexist?

    He has filed frivilous lawsuits in the past. In fact he lost one last year against a nail salon.
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    Will anyone sponsor me at the Thurmont rifle and pistol range.

    I'm not a member there, but I've visited the club many times and it's a great facility. Here's a link to their website, and specifically to the membership page. My impression is that you can show up to any of the open events there and simply speak with some members or staff there, and then...
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    Maryland Gun Laws?

    Sorry I didn't check in here sooner. Here's a link that has the info you need. Looks like the next one in Annapolis is in December: Definitely NOT the greatest show on earth :rolleyes:, but it's been a good way to kill an hour or two...
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    ND- I am now 'that guy'

    ND = Negligent Discharge
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    Maryland Gun Laws?

    Guns shows are regularly held at the National Guard Armory in Annapolis. I just went to one a few weeks ago.
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    Move to Maryland?

    Not true. As MD is quite a small state, most of the ranges in this link are well within your 50 mile radius of DC. A new indoor range recently opened near Baltimore that absolutely kicks ass, too. List of about 90% of the ranges in MD and surrounding...
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    Maryland Gun Laws?

    Oh...and there's some great IDPA events...check out Anne Arundel Fish and Game when you get into town.
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    Maryland Gun Laws?

    Bring any pistol you want as long as it isn't on this list: Bring any rifle you want regardless of how scary looking it might be. Full auto is no problem at all...same with suppressors. Forget about a carry least until summerof 2012 at the earliest.
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    Move to Maryland?

    It is near impossible to get a carry permit in MD right now. There's several court challenges that look promising to change that in perhaps a year or so. You may OWN magazines of any capacity, but you cannot SELL, TRADE or OFFER FOR SALE and magazine with a capacity of greater than 20 rounds...
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    Maryland Consideres CCW Reform and Recognizing Out-Of State Permits?

    The hearing went well yesterday. We have some support from some unlikely people in the legislature. The Delegate sponsoring the bill did an excellent job preparing for, and testifying during the hearing. The state police, who are our only usual opposition had their testimony completely...
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    Polish Wanad P-83 pistol

    Old thread, I know. I believe these are the same pistols being offered over on for $225 now. I didn't know much about them, but the vendor selling these donated one for the big annual shoot in MD and I won it. It seems pretty well made...
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    Who are your favorite pro-gun groups?

    MSI - Maryland Shall Issue, The Citizens' Defense League of Maryland. Another thumbs up to our brothers and sisters in VCDL.
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    Saf sues in maryland over handgun permit denial

    One of the Mdshooters members has a PACER account and will be posting the proceedings as they happen I think. Expect it to go slow at first, with a ton of stalling.......
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    Saf sues in maryland over handgun permit denial

    Lots of Marylanders have been joining SAF and/or sending donations. MSI just sent $10k for the effort. This is going to be fun.
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    Post McDonald Open Holster Rally - Maryland

    Picture of the check donated from MSI to SAF for the lawsuit. $10k ought to help a little. More OHR's being planned now to continue educating and desensitizing people regarding firearms.
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    Proposed "Assault Weapons" Ban in Maryland

    Maryland: The Most Dreaded piece of Anti Gun Legislation in 10 Years..... .....has gone down in flames. HB 820 received an unfavorable vote in the House Judiciary today. Md Gun owners, being led by Maryland Shall Issue, Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore and Delegate Mike Smigiel showed...
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    Proposed "Assault Weapons" Ban in Maryland

    KP008, thanks for being the go-to guy over here on this.
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    Proposed "Assault Weapons" Ban in Maryland

    MSI and AGC, as well as our friends in the VCDL have sent truckloads of opposition to this bill. We got the right votes where we needed them, and the legislature won't want to waste their time with 500 gunnies showing up to testify again. It'll make them look foolish, and the media will...
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    Marlin Glenfield 25

    Holy thread from the dead! This one goes back 7 years. :eek: I have a model 25 also, and it is a fantastic shooter. Best $100 rifle ever. Go here: There's 2 manuals listed that may help; one is a generic manual for Marlin bolt action rimfires and...
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    3rd Open Holster Rally, Jan 18th - Annapolis, MD

    See ya' there. I'll bring the coffee :evil: