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    Air Rifle Suppressor, NOT a legal question.

    Air rifles I have a Gamo Whisper, CFR, fixed barrel, .177 caliber air rifle. It has an integrated suppressor (Gamo calls it an air dampener) is not removable. If it were not legal it certainly couldn't be sold over the counter like the major stores do at the moment. :neener:
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    Thompson Center hawken rusty barrel potential problems

    If it were me, I would run a bore light down the barrel to see just what the problem is before trying any "fixes"...just my opinion.
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    THR Spiller & Burr Club

    Date Codes Ephraim Kibbey I believe the S&B's were made by Pietta and these are their codes: Date codes XXV=1969 XXX=1974 Hope that helps :what:
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    Aquarium tubing for caps

    JB Weld and hammer notch A guy on YouTube swears by the practice of filling in the hammer (nose) notch with JB Weld and smoothing it down flush with sandpaper when dry. According to him. the hammer notch pulls the spent caps back and tend to fall down into the space between the hammer and...
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    THR Spiller & Burr Club

    Nice job!!!! Ephraim Kibbey I'm glad the Brasso worked for you. Remember to put a coat of paste wax over the brass to help keep it from tarnishing prematurely. Again...very nice job!! Hawk
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    THR Spiller & Burr Club

    Polishing cylinder arbor hole Cooldill An easy way to polish the inside arbor cylinder hole is to take a small dowel...cut a groove in one end...slide in some emery cloth ( in the groove) and chuck the dowel in a hand drill and polish away...but don't go over board. Hope that helps. :)
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    THR Spiller & Burr Club

    Stains I would recommend the obvious such as Brasso or if that doesn't work a Cratex polishing wheel using fine grit? Would have to see the staining to be more helpful. Congrats on the rescue!!!!!
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    THR Spiller & Burr Club

    Cooldill...consider yourself the newest member of the club :)
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    You Astra guys made me do it!

    Just love those Spanish handguns (me too) I too love Spanish pistols!!!!! I had a pair of Constable II's...380 and .22LR but traded off the .22 as part of a deal for a beautiful M1 Garand. I also have a Star Model F in .22LR...a Llama Especial .22LR and a beautiful Astra Model 200 (older...
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    percussion cap shortage? or overpriced?

    Remington? If CCI and RWS are the only caps makers then who makes Remington caps?? :confused:
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    I'm new to air guns too! I too have turned away from RF shooting...not for lack of ammo (I have plenty) but for lack of an outdoor shooting range. Here in California it seems they are bent on closing down as many ranges as they can. Three of the closest and best in Southern California have been...
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    percussion cap shortage? or overpriced?

    Cabelas has Remington caps in both #10 & #11 at the moment online but they are way overpriced at $80/1000. Regardless, I bought 1,000 of each because I simply don't like the CCI brand. Luckily I had a $25 gift certificate so that took care of the damn HazMat fee.
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    Kentucky rifle kit, and questions.

    The older CVA Kentuckies are very accurate with roundballs but I have found they are just as good with the Lee cast bullet that looks like a hollowbase wadcutter. I've had three of these rifles since 1980 and still have two of the original three...and yes the twist is 1:66 inches. Cleaning the...
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    why did the .30 Remington AR fail?

    The .308 Win was mentioned as popular because it was military, but it was made available to the public as a commercial round before it was adopted by the military, so the .223 Rem should qualify. :neener:
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    why did the .30 Remington AR fail?

    .223 Remington?
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    Lets see your blackpowder pistols

    greyhaven Your craftmanship is truly amazing! On some of the barrels they appear to be flame that correct? By the remind me of the chuck wagon cook, "Wishbone" from the TV show Rawhide! "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'...tho the streams are swollen...keep those doggies rollin"...
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    savage 24's

    dbalthrop...which model are you referring to? The 24V models had blued barrels and the receivers were color case hardened...stocks were walnut. (at least that's how my 24V .357Mag/20 gauge and .30-30/20 gauge are configured)
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    .357 Sig: S&W M&P vs Sprngfld XD

    Guys...can we keep the thread to just comparing performance of the Sprngfld full size XD vs the the same for the M&P...please?? I'm not all that interested in mag capacity at the moment...just these two pistols in this caliber. Thanks! :)
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    what cleaning chemicals is everyone using?

    Mykeal...I was praising you for stating water is a chemical and the "neener-neener" was for the guy that didn't think water was a chemical!!!!! My apology if you thought I was belittling you my friend...I wouldn't show you such disrespect...and certainly never in a public forum!
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    .357 Sig: S&W M&P vs Sprngfld XD

    What is the price of that barrel? Is the XDm the full size version?