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    Open Carry - Your thoughts

    (emphasis, obviously, added) There's an awful lot of room for prosecutorial discretion in that last phrase. Who defines "threatening?" To an awful lot of blissninnies, the very existence of guns is threatening. It could very well be that the standard is "if someone feels threatened, it was...
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    When did we start taxing people's private land?

    No, it isn't. But then, it's not as though you're not taking advantage of government services, either. Primarily the one thing government really is supposed to do: defend the land from foreign invaders. It is not fundamentally illegitimate to expect a landowner to contribute money towards the...
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    When did we start taxing people's private land?

    The problem faced by the founders, however, is that even they recognized the need for government, and by extension, the need for funding. The question is what source the money comes from. Tariffs worked well for a small federal government, but were not a legal source of income to states...
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    These comments should upset some senators.

    Isn't that exactly what we want out of a SCOTUS judge? His stances shouldn't matter, only his ability to read the Constitution (not difficult) and to weigh existing case law (very difficult) as each applies to a case at hand. From a 2A perspective, a "stance" can only hurt the cause: say...
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    The Right To Keep & Bear....What?

    I draw the line at threat. RKBA does not include the right for me to walk down the street pointing loaded guns at people. That falls on the wrong side of the "my fist, your nose" spectrum; it is incumbent on me to not directly threaten innocent people with any weapon I choose to own/carry...
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    PBS show on Urban Sprawl this morning

    You are, of course, right. Insofar as you are simply pointing out facts and obviously logical conclusions, I won't quibble with you in the slightest. There's no getting around the fact, though, that these sorts of discussions, no matter how factual in context, contain a significant subtext of...
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    You're only asking for trouble

    This is only tangentially related, but my personal all-time favorite gun-politics comeback was Okiecruffler's, recounted by him in this thread. Short version: [Rod Serling voice] The setting is Taco Bell, September, 2004...the AWB is sunsetting. Okie has entered the building in search of a...
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    These comments should upset some senators.

    I'm going to sound ignorant, here, but I'm hoping someone can rectify the problem for me. What real authority does the Chief Justice have that the other justices don't? I know he appoints several officers of the court, but that seems fairly weak justification for an entirely new round of...
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    FEMA Chief Relieved in Katrina efforts, now resigns

    OK, this time I'll make sure to keep all your paragraphs in order, rather than putting them in the order I intend to respond, lest I be accused again of "misquoting." For the sake of convenience, I'll even respond in order. Hopefully, you will not consider me to be misquoting you if I quote...
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    FEMA Chief Relieved in Katrina efforts, now resigns

    So you're answering "yes" to my 2nd and 4th proposed reasons, then. That it's of such importance that the feds are responsible, and that because they've spent the money before, they have to keep spending it. You didn't answer the attendant question for the "strategic importance" point...
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    THR has just passed a milestone...

    Well, looking at the user list sorted by date, it seems ~4350 distinct accounts have last logged in no more than seven days ago. That's not a statistic about posting frequency, of course, but it gives some idea of active membership.
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    LEO's as the Enemy during a Disaster--Proper Response?

    There is no right answer. On the one hand, if you, as policy, advocate gunning down every officer who gets in the way of what someone believes they need to do, then you may as well not have a police force. If the police do not have the authority to make people do things those people don't...
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    FEMA Chief Relieved in Katrina efforts, now resigns

    I've seen lots of questions about how justified the and/or Bush personally were in spending money in Iraq when the money could have been spent shoring up the levees in NOLA. What I haven't seen is an explanation of why the and/or Bush personally should be the caretakers of...
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    New information on confiscation in New Orleans

    rick_reno, I've never liked Apple, either, but I think blaming the iPod Nano for Katrina is a bit much... ;) (I'm guessing you copy/pasted the wrong URL?)
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    New information on confiscation in New Orleans

    Do you have a link and/or verifiable source for that information, PvtPyle?
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    Armed to the Teeth

    Interesting. It's probably futile to try and provide a strict definition for such an idiomatic phrase, but here goes. I'd say there are 4 criteria you have to meet to qualify as being "armed to the teeth." In no particular order: 1) You must be able to project force offensively, not just...
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    Gas Prices/Gas Shortages

    Fair enough. While I believe that the nature of the competitive marketplace will address the problem of price gouging without government interference, I also understand that this belief is a matter of opinion, which many (including yourself) disagree with. If you're right about price gouging...
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    Gas Prices/Gas Shortages

    No, I do not assert that. I assert that a high price will delay running out of gasoline. Unless you believe that there will never be resupply of gasoline, it's possible to delay running out for long enough that you get resupplied before it happens, which is why prices have gone up. For what...
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    Why they stayed in NOLA

    No, it's an accurate way to describe their choices. It may be unpleasant, but that's the choice they faced, whether they knew it or not. They assessed the situation incorrectly, and this is one of the instances where being wrong has dire consequences. Under normal circumstances, no, I...
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    Gas Prices/Gas Shortages

    You can repeat that all you want, that doesn't make it true. Interruptions of the supply of gasoline do not make gasoline that's already been delivered somehow vanish. Prices spike to preserve the supply of gasoline that's already on hand, precisely because there isn't any more en route...