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    Is ignorance Bliss when it comes to complex firearms issues

    If brevity truly is the wit of soul, then I think we are all missing the point on this forum! More seriously though I would have to say it's just the internet. People gather with common interests and everybody wants their opinion heard. One of the reasons I come here is for the...
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    Inexpensive .38 Wheel...

    The wife got a Rossi about a year and a half ago. Exterior finish and fit are very good. The trigger is super heavy. I have a had a number of Tauruses (Tauri?) good guns and better triggers than the Rossi.
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    White House Petition To Rescind Norinco Ban?

    Fair enough, I will admit that I don't have much first hand experience with Nornico's products however I do have a fair amount of trigger time on other Chinese manufactured shotguns. I suppose my comment wasn't fairly worded. I was trying to make the point that a lot of people new to the...
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    Gander Mountain expanding gun space?

    I suppose that's true. Thankfully the stores up Cleveland way aren't so bad however they still aren't half the stores our regular gun shops are.
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    Any room for improvement in revolvers?

    Didn't the gas seal on the Nagant have a lot to do with the cartridge design too?
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    Looking for some info on 2 kina of obscure guns

    Thankfully these aren't my guns! I thought that the Davis was the same as the Cobras, they looked identical. Thanks for confirming that. If anyone knows anything else, particularly about the ramline let me know!
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    Any room for improvement in revolvers?

    I think simplicity will be the next advancement for wheel guns. Ruger's taken a lot on with the LCR design, sure polymer parts make for a lighter gun but it also makes it cheaper to make. We have seen an explosion in revolver interest and therefore revolver development should move along too...
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    Gander Mountain expanding gun space?

    Stopped at the GM on a trip in Jacksonville Florida last October and they had an enormous renovation to the gun counter well under way. If only I could convince my local GM to do the same... Also whats with all the GM hate? Sure it's not the greatest store in the world but at least it's not...
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    White House Petition To Rescind Norinco Ban?

    I think an online campaign would be a waste of time and I am not exactly sure why people think they should lobby the president; 1) he has proven he isn't interested in pro-gun anything and 2)petitions are effective at the local level, not when you are looking at a national electorate (you can...
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    Looking for some info on 2 kina of obscure guns

    So I came across two guns I have never heard of until today and was hoping you all could provide a little more info. The first is a Ramline Syn-Tec Pistol in .22lr. Kind of looks like a mostly polymer and ugly Ruger MKII knock off. The 2nd would be a Davis Industries D-32 derringer in .32ACP...
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    New Ruger GP100 Shown at SHOT

    Sounds like you got a good deal friend. However, things cost what they cost. If most new guns aren't worth more than $375 to you, I hope enjoy what you already got:o
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    New 'ERGO" J-frame grip

    as goofy as it looks I think they maybe on to something. I know the LCR's grips are at a steeper angle than the j-frames and have significantly more meat on them so the math is sound at least. Of course this takes the formula to an extreme but for 20 bucks well worth a shot I think.
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    Looking for Information on the History of Gun Control

    Thank You All You all have been wonderful. It's gonna take me a while to chew through all of these resources! If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.
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    Stupidest Tactical Equipment

    Knew I forgot one Merry X-Mas
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    10/22 trigger kit

    timney or voquartsen make a pretty well reviewed trigger kits for the 10 22. As far as install, 10 22's are basically erector sets, so enjoy:)
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    Stupidest Tactical Equipment

    The tactical lunch of course! In all seriousness probably the operator oriented Notch hat so your Oakley's don't get in the way of your operatin!
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    What's the most accurate handgun you've fired?

    Raven Arms .25 ACP! Just kidding In my hands, probably a stock M&P 9 or my PT1911.
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    One historic collector gun: Which one?

    Only because I have wanted one for a while but +1 on the johnson. Not a lot of historical significance compared to the others as far as use goes but an interesting story none the less. If it had to be WWII, and not a johnson, I would probably go with the 1903 only because everyone has a...
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    Looking for Information on the History of Gun Control

    Another period of all of this I am looking into is any arms control measures after the revolution but before the civil war (atebellum years) because I know there where a lot of tax revolts.