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  1. stiab

    winchester 70 dbm 284 win

    NIB would be $2K, w/o box I'm not sure. Good luck in your sale.
  2. stiab

    winchester 70 dbm 284 win

    Here's what they look like...
  3. stiab

    S&W should stamp the Mt Gun moniker on the 329 PD

    Would be surprised if there is any definitive info on their website. Best place to look would be the Standard Catalog, if you have one of those. There was a "Mountain Gun" and a similar "Mountain Revolver". They are lighter weight versions of pre-existing steel revolvers. Unlike the original...
  4. stiab

    S&W should stamp the Mt Gun moniker on the 329 PD

    That won't happen because it does not meet their definition of a MG. You have come up with your own definition, which is fine, but the characteristics which S&W chose for their MG are not found in the 329PD.
  5. stiab

    Model 60 Stainless +p rated?

    This is correct. Many people on internet forums incorrectly think the .38 Special ammo of yesteryear was superior to today's loads. I test old factory ammo as a hobby, and can tell you the earlier stuff was not as fast as it was represented to be.
  6. stiab

    Smith & Wesson 4" Model 67 No Dash...!!!

    Nice looking and appears to be in great shape. Not one of the earliest ones since the sights are not SS. A good score for sure!
  7. stiab

    New Addition: Sig P225-A1 Classic

    I bought two when they were on sale. The wood grips look great but are noticeably bigger. One of mine is a "rattler".
  8. stiab

    Colt .38ACP 1902 Military Model Semi-automatic Pistol

    Nice! Cherry's in Greensboro NC has a couple for sale in the 2K+ range. I passed up one for much less than that last year at a LGS, it had repro grips. I have plenty of original factory ammo.
  9. stiab

    Is this a good deal? Marlin 357mag lever...

    Sounds a little high but not much. I plan on selling one of my two JM guns and back in August did a Gunbroker survey on actual sales. I tracked 7 guns similar to mine and the average selling price was $808. That is before the buyer paid for shipping and receiving.
  10. stiab

    Old 760!

    The rifle in .243 has become very valuable. I've seen two sell at auction in PA and both were in the $1K neighborhood. There is a real following for them there, and calibers like .223, .222, 6mm, .243 etc. attract a lot of attention.
  11. stiab

    Old 760!

    .30-06, .308, .270, .280, .35 Rem, but you will not find a carbine in .243.
  12. stiab

    For the .38 Super

    I have Super 38s in the Colt and Sig platforms. Some people also shoot them in their .38 Special/.357 revolvers (yes, it works)...
  13. stiab

    Ruger M77 Tang Safety in .308 New Acquisition!!

    I had that rifle in .22-250, purchased in early to mid-1970's that would literally shoot to the same hole at 100 yards time after time. Just one ragged hole.
  14. stiab

    New-Production Marlin 1894C .357 Magnum Is Here

    It always amazes me when I shoot mine that .357 Magnum loads could produce almost no felt recoil. I don't shoot .38 Specials in it because the POI is so different that it is not worthwhile...
  15. stiab

    Old School Deer Caliber

    How about a Winchester M70 in .284Win? Don't see many of those. Maybe not old school enough for the discussion.
  16. stiab

    Input needed...Browning Semi-Auto 308 win DBM

    Hopefully they would work fine. In the 88, Winchester used the same basic .308 magazine box but altered it to function with the larger cartridge neck. There are instructions on line for how to modify .308 mags for use in an 88 .358 to prevent feeding problems. Having owned several semi-auto deer...
  17. stiab

    Input needed...Browning Semi-Auto 308 win DBM

    Sounds like a cool conversion, but not sure the original mag would function properly, especially in a semi. Although case size in the same, Winchester had to redesign mags for their 88's to get the .358 to feed properly.
  18. stiab

    Semi auto or pump?

    I never seen a 760 in .35 Whelen, the two Remington pumps in that caliber I've seen in PA were both 7600. I could actually add some calibers to my auction list of Remington pumps above, including .32 Winchester (yes, believe it or not), but they were not in the 760/7600 configuration which would...
  19. stiab

    Semi auto or pump?

    Me too. Having owned a 742 in .30-06, another in .243, and a 750 carbine in .308, I am done with Remington semi-autos. My gunsmith ended up with all of them. Don't have anything bad to say about the two Remington pumps I have owned, including the current .30-06 carbine.
  20. stiab

    Semi auto or pump?

    I agree, and that is mainly due to the free floating barrel. I'm surprised when people question the accuracy of the 760, especially since it was chosen by the FBI in .308 (over many bolt actions) as their first sniper rifles.