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    DAO Only Hammer-fired Pistol other than Sig P250??

    The bad thing about the trigger of the P-11 I had wasn't the weight or length of pull. It was that it was the opposite of smooth. I know a lot of people would do some polishing & smooth them up. I just learned to shoot it as it was. It was about as accurate for me as anything else once I got...
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    Auto_loader with hammer Question

    I had one of those Taurus pistols. It was a PT-111 Millenium Pro G2. They described it as SA/DA. It was normally single action but it had a double action second strike capability. I honestly couldn't tell much if any difference between the double action & single action triggers. I disliked the...
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    DAO Only Hammer-fired Pistol other than Sig P250??

    it is not in production now but the Kel-Tec P-11 was hammer fired DAO. It had a shrouded hammer. If you want a smooth refined trigger pull it may not be the gun for you but it worked. I carried it for a long time due to its small size & light weight.
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    What type of Ammo for a EDC SW EZ 380

    We have a 380 EZ here. I chose Hornady Critical Defense 90 grain ammunition.
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    Another "New" 1911.

    In all honesty this just isn't my thing. It seems to be a prototype though. I find myself thinking of advice my father gave me long ago to never buy the first year of a new model of car. If I were interested in this I would just watch & wait. Let the reviews come in & the beta testing be...
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    Plinking / teaching optic for a 10/22

    I would expect that to work well. I have a Simmons (I think) 4x32 on one of my Marlin model 60's that has been fine. It has never given me a problem. I did have some difficulty shooting at a small target at 50 yards with it a while back, but that was not a scope issue. My eyesight has changed...
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    Anderson AM-15?

    So I ran across this deal at has these for less than $400 with free shipping. Seems really inexpensive. Are these decent? What are your experiences with them. Here is a link to the deal...
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    Ruger LC9

    There is very little difference in size/weight between the LC9s & the Max 9. There is about $50 difference in price between a Max-9 & an EC9s. If you are interested in an LC9/LC9s I would suggest taking a look at the Max 9. I like mine the only problem I have had was caused by my grip. Once I...
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    I bought it from Midway. They probably would replace or refund but I'm not sure I want to invest the time to do it. Working 6 days a week these days. Between work, my daughter's soccer games & everything else I'm not sure it is worth the trouble.
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    So I got the recoil pad in today. The advice about either getting a grind to fit pad or just getting a slip on was spot on. I didn't want to fool with grinding & fitting so I ordered the prefit pad. I did download & print the template from Kick-Eez's website. It appeared to be right on side to...
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    Who scopes their .22s?

    I have 3 old Marlin/Glenfield .22's. One is a Marlin model 60 that I picked up back around 95. It came with I think a cheap tiny 4 power scope. It now wears a Bushnell 4x32 scope if memory serves correctly. The other is a 70's vintage Glenfield model 25 I had an inexpensive 3-9x32 on it that had...
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    Ruger American Pistol

    When the American pistol hadn't been out but a year or so I got one for my wife. She has an aversion to recoil. I thought a full sized 9mm would help with that. In honesty it hasn't been shot a lot (she doesn't shoot a lot & it is hers not mine). From everything I have seen & experienced it is a...
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    Optic or no optic on your defense handgun?

    This is an interesting thread. Particularly the comments saying that practicing with an optic teaches one to align iron sights quicker. I have never owned or used an optic on a handgun. I did get to shoot a fellows competition gun that had an optic on it. I expressed an interest in handgun...
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    It printed to scale. They had a ruler on the edge of the page that printed so you could place a tape measure or rule on it & make sure it is to scale.
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    I looked at the template & it looks like it might barely overhang on the two oval ends but everything else looks good. I think I'm going to try it. If I do have to fit it maybe it will be less work.
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    Thanks, I may try one. I haven't tried to match it up yet but I printed out the template for their pre-fit pad. I'm going to try to match it up & see if it looks right. If it doesn't I may have to round up a belt sander & try the grind to fit route.
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    How long do the Kick-Eez pads usually last?
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    That makes sense. I have an old Limbsaver slip on. Should I just stick with it or is there anything better out there?
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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    So, I have an old U.S.R.A.C Winchester model 70 Ranger I bought back in 1989. It is chambered for .30-06 & weighs about 7 1/2 pounds with scope sling & everything. It has a featherweight barrel contour but wears an inexpensive birch stock. Cheapo push feed model 70 but it has served me well. I...
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    If you could only have 5 handguns?

    Depressing concept but here goes. Out of what I already own I would keep: S&W M&P 2.0 40 Compact 4" PSA Compact Dagger SR 1911 5" Dan Wesson model 15-2 Ruger Max 9 I would only be dropping two handguns but I am planning on remedying that situation by acquiring another soon.