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    P-38 vs P1

    They make terrific shooters and fun range companions, regardless of whether yours says P1 or P38 on the slide. The fat-frame versions with the hex pin were reinforced for longer life; but so long as you don't try to run hot ammo through them, you can keep yourself occupied for hours at a time...
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    Guns you would buy that will never be made

    I'd love to have an updated version of J. Reid's "My Friend" Knuckleduster, but that's not going to happen. The cost of producing one is prohibitive, and it's truly a limited-market item. Still ...
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    Typical Summer Week in Oregon

    Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight ...
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    Walther PPS in 9mm or .40

    Both are good concealed carry pistols. The 9mm is certainly easier on the hand, if not on the wallet. But you can't go wrong either way.
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    Walther PPQ VS Smith M&P VS Sig 2022

    Take your pick on the Walther PPQ version, M1 or M2 ... it doesn't matter, so long as you keep yourself happy. The trigger is the thing, and the trigger is terrific. But folks were right to point out that the P99 AS is still a wonderful platform, a decade after its release. If you haven't tried...
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    Would you trade Ruger SR9 full size for Walther P99c? Help!!

    You can get a plastic sleeve for the P99C, which will allow you to turn it into a full-sized P99, accommodating the 15/15-round mags at the same time. Add that an a couple of finger-rests and you'll really be onto something.
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    Best handgun you ever fired?

    Walther P5, hands-down. It's as good as anything on the market, at any price, and it's probably the finest pistol that Walther has even built, which says a great deal.
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    Help me pick a pistol for my girlfriend!!! Opinion time!

    The last thing you want to do is pick a pistol for your girlfriend. Take her to a range that rents pistols. Invite some of your friends along, and have them bring their pistols with them. Bring plenty of ammo. Turn her loose and let let her make the choice for herself.
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    Assuming you are a permit holder how often do you carry?

    No point in having a permit if you don't use it.
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    If You Could Have But ONE Handgun....

    Easy: Walther PPK. There's still nothing like it, after all these years.
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    What's the dumbest thing you ever did with a gun ?

    I've sold a couple through the years and have found that I've kicked myself hard for doing that -- even with the guns I thought I could do without.
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    P22 broke....again

    Walther quality remains solid. Take a good look at the current PPQ, a high-quality firearm. Take a good look at the P99, which is an excellent handgun today and which has been an excellent handgun since its introduction a decade ago. Umarex has done Walther no favors, to be sure, and the P22 and...
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    What's your Summer Carry weapon?

    Walther PPK/S with a High Noon Split Decision holster.
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    Does The PPK Use The Same Grips As The PPK/S?

    Check out this site, from Pete in Idaho: He makes high-quality grips at decent prices.
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    My New Walther: P99AS .40 S&W

    That's a fine handgun and a great choice. Nice job. You don't see a lot of P99 AS models hanging around these days, so you did well to score it.
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    Unusual Guns

    Sorry for not have a cat or a cat reference in the photo, but ...
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    Firearm Forums

    Good forums often depend on your tastes in firearms. The Walther Forums and the P.38 Forum work just fine for me.
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    My walther p99 frame is cracked !

    It doesn't surprise me at all that S&W/WaltherAmerica is replacing the pistol. They do that routinely and seldom ever ask if you are the original owner or how long you've owned it. My advice: Get the P99 with the AS trigger configuration; it's a top-of-the-line pistol that you'll be happy with...
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    WARNING! Defective Winchester Ammo!

    I've got a couple of dozen boxes of WWB in 9mm and will be sure to check all of it before running it through any of my pistols. But I must say that in more years of shooting that I care to admit to, I've never once ran into anything even remotely resembling anything like what's seen in the...