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    Should I trade my HK USP 45 for Springfield 45?

    Is the Springfield 1911 a TRP? BTW, for a couple $100 or more less why not a Walther P99AS or a PPQ?
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    Walther M1 SD 9mm vs CZ P-07 Duty .40SW

    No one favors the Walther PPQ9? Love my PPQ 9mm & 40S&W. Awesome trigger axn!
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    Handled a Walther PPQ today....

    Thumb? Too easy, use middle finger (of shooting hand). I'll never understand the hate on the paddle mag release. The PMR is more efficient than the button... requires no hand readjustment. I'm sure replies will follow of how superior the BMR or have used the button mag release for over a...
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    Handled a Walther PPQ today....

    PabloJ; Obviously, you've never fired a PPQ :neener:
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    S&W Shield : What are the facts ?

    I've never understood the safety hate. Besides, the Shield safety is recessed & tiny. Too easy to leave the safety disengaged for those that hate safety features. I like the XD grip safety, which requires a firm grip, and secondary benefit minimal chance of the dreaded limp wrist induced...
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    M&P .45 or G30sf

    I have a Gen4 Glock30, which w/o a backstrap is same size as 30S. My G4G30 has had no issues & an excellent shooter. However, I had some stippling done, as well as had the lower corner portion of the trigger guard milled/reduced. Now, it's a very comfortable fit. I did have the sights removed &...
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    Has anyone seen a DoubleTap Defense (derringer) ?

    Saw them at a gun show this weekend. Yes, they are thin but overall bigger than I expected. No thx, I'll stick w/my XDs45.
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    Walther PPS in 9mm or .40

    I'd suggest the PPS9... 40 cal sm handgun is gonna be snappy. I love the paddle mag release, do that's a positive, IMO.
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    Detailed photo comparison of Glock 26 Gen 4 and M&P 9c

    Needs more side-by-side pic comparisons.
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    night sights for a Glock 26

    vs :what: ... was this shot down you recall accomplished while the Phantom was rolling down the runway w/wheels down & locked prior to takeoff? :scrutiny: Otherwise, a little AB & that Phantom is gone :evil:
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    springfield XDS

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? Seriously!?! Small hand/wrist does not equal limp wristing for everybody, all the time! Some gloves I wear a med & others a small AND l've never had an issue with limp wristing!!!
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    S&W shield problems

    tightgroup tiger, I own both XDs45 (s=slim / sc=subcompact) & Shield40. I shoot the XDs far better than the Shield. I've been shooting the XDs w/pachmayr grip sleeve. The felt recoil is little to nothing for such a small size 45 cal pistol. I'm very pleased w/XDs45. Frankly, if I'd bought the...
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    night sights for a Glock 26

    My bad... F-4 shot down by an F-111.
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    night sights for a Glock 26

    Huh:confused: XS Big Dots are not night sights.
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    Variation of an age old Question: Chosing a new CCW

    XDs45 trigger is far superior to Kahr :p Yet, if your firm on wanting a .40S&W, then Shield 40 it is ;)
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    Variation of an age old Question: Chosing a new CCW

    If, your willing to move up to 21.5oz I highly recommend an XDs45. I own both Shield 40 & XDs45. The latter is far more pleasant to shoot. I was very surprised the XDs's relatively light recoil first time I shot it. For me, my Shield is a little snappy. BTW, I have other 40 cal's that are not...
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    springfield XDS

    Love my XDs45 Very pleased with XDs45; more *comfortable to shoot than my Shield 40, more accurate (for me) than my Shield 40, and a shorter grip makes it easier to conceal than my Shield 40. With equal range time no malfxns w/either. *think pachmayr grip for XDs45
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    New Purchase: Bersa BP9cc

    Congrats! Mine is a keeper.