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  1. Col. Harrumph

    Update on recent experience flying with handgun

    My one experience was quite different, especially at the destination end. When I declared the pistol at the ticket counter, the agent asked me to open the suitcase and the locked hard case. I did, and she put a pre-printed sheet of paper in with the gun and bid me secure it. The suitcase then...
  2. Col. Harrumph

    Today I enjoyed the outdoors. I chose to carry......

    I never could figure out how to pour those B&T's.
  3. Col. Harrumph

    Another "New" 1911.

    Verrückt is the German for crazy, FWIW.
  4. Col. Harrumph

    Is your measure gritty with H110?

    No problems with H110 in my CH4D.
  5. Col. Harrumph

    2011 Carry Monster- Now With 100% More Red Dot!

    I vote for rust blue, following of course after an absolutely brilliant polish.
  6. Col. Harrumph

    Glad I did this... saved some money too!

    CUP! I'm embarrassed to see you're right.
  7. Col. Harrumph

    Free bullet molds

    Jeez, I guess I'm lucky to have a heart that's cold and hard!
  8. Col. Harrumph

    Glad I did this... saved some money too!

    I was all set to drive over an hour to Kittery Trading Post tomorrow to pick up some 2400, the "go to" powder for 357 Mag (at least, that's what all you experts say). But with time on my hands today I entered some numbers from Lyman's reloading bible, 49th edition, and made a scatter plot...
  9. Col. Harrumph

    Question about flying with a handgun

    The gun must be in checked baggage; that could be a secure backpack. Both your airline and the TSA have their rules & regulations online.
  10. Col. Harrumph

    Lyman49th edition manual

    I looked in the Cast #4 book, the fastest powder listed for a 405 gr. bullet (Lyman 457193) is SR-4759. For the 1873 they go from 24 to 26.5 grains: 1258 fps, 12600 CUP to 1415 & 17700. For the 1895 they published 26.5/1429/19000 to 29.5/1577/25600.
  11. Col. Harrumph

    Cast bullet lube?

    K.M., I bet you'd get more responses if you told us what bullets you cast, and what you plan to shoot them through.
  12. Col. Harrumph

    Clip draw for J frame?

    I wouldn't trust one of those, and I speak from experience. I was carrying my M36 that way when I squatted down to clear snow from under the tires. My ample belly wasn't enough to hold the gun down as my leg pushed the barrel up (I was carrying at about 2 o'clock). So, into the snow she went...
  13. Col. Harrumph

    What Bullet & Powder Would You Use

    Use a 158 grain bullet, either a wadcutter or SWC, because that's the bullet weight your fixed sights are regulated for.
  14. Col. Harrumph

    Jeez Louise, all I want is one hex bolt!

    Jmorris, thank you very much. You are, as we used to say, a gentleman and a scholar. That said, I got what I needed from McMaster-Carr. They were pleasant to deal with. But, again, thank you. :thumbup:
  15. Col. Harrumph

    What was your first marksmanship badge of honor? .....

    Mine was when I shot my sister's front teeth out with my BB gun. (Honest, it was a mistake.) I still remember the reward my dad gave me. Oddly, she never held it against me in later years.
  16. Col. Harrumph

    Forcing cone erosion?

    It looks dirty and leaded but agreed, pix are not clear.
  17. Col. Harrumph

    150 year old Ideal 38 Long inside Lubricated makes excellent 38 Long colt rounds. Pics included

    I would expect one-hole groups at 3 inches range. :thumbup:
  18. Col. Harrumph

    Which scope stand today?

    OK I need to update my last post. I emailed them and they will take a check, or your credit card over the phone: 251-423-1618 if you're interested. I'll write a review of this very expensive stand once it arrives.
  19. Col. Harrumph

    Which scope stand today?

    Well I was all set to spring for the Hic-Tec version of the old Ray-Vin stand, despite their insistence to charge me sales tax (I bet they're in California), but the only payment method they accept is Paypal. What a shame, it looks like a nice rig.
  20. Col. Harrumph

    Which scope stand today?

    bench and prone