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    safes and cars

    The Fort Knox Pistol box line up seems to be the most popular. They are thicker steel and mechanical KABA locks for reliabilty rather than electronics.
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    RSC Decision - AMSEC or Sturdy

    Lagard 6441 I'm not sure if this info was mentioned. I didn't read it on a skim through of the thread. Regarding the redundant lock by Lagard, the lock is very much in production. Notice the non plural reference as lock. This is in fact a single mechanical 4 wheel lock rather than the...
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    Thinking of remodeling my safe

    Building a 10 gauge safe within your Liberty FatBoy When you speak of remodeling your gun safe I think of some way to add more security and/or more steel. This is a Fort Knox Defender 7241 that would normally have two full size top shelves. Instead they've designed this 28" Cab Box designed as...
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    Safe Boltdown Questions

    Tuesday, I moved a Fort knox Executive 7241 out of a house and into a box delivery truck by myself in 20 minutes. I'm 5'6" and weigh 165lbs. A Fort Knox Executive has a 3/16" steel body and a total door steel thickness (steel alone not including sheet rock) slightly more than 1/2 ". The 7241...
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    gun safe question

    I would recommend that you make sure the gun safe has a U.L.listing as a residential security container. This will guarantee the gun safe is equipped with an external relocking device. If the lock is burglarized there is a good chance the relocker will activate acting as a secondary lock and...
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    Safe $1500 budget! Would love to do less!

    If you raise your budget by a few hundred you will be in the market for an American Security BF 6032 gun safe. With that your looking at 1/2" steel plate door, 11 gauge body with additional 16 gauge inner steel liner, and both the door and body are composite, filled with a concrete like fire...
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    Here is a link to further educate yourself.
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    New Armaknox Steel Upgrade Options Xjetpilot, do you know of the new Armaknox AR 500 steel available with Fort Knox Gun Safes? This is a 7 gauge liner placed on all 6 sides of the gun safe as well as the door. Armaknox has 3 times the tensile strength as regular mild steel. AR 500 is an...
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    Need a new safe

    Box store bargain shoppers beware. After doing some repairs locally here in Reno, NV I've taken note of cheap locks, or keypads that give an illusion of a gun safe equipped with a lock when it does not qualify as a lock IMO. I mean you might as well just mount a wafer lock on a steel box and...
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    The two gun safe manufacturers you are considering, Fort Knox and American Security, are in my opinion two of the best. But they still cannot be substituted for a TL-30. American Security has the ability to offer a better fire barrier than the competition for two reasons, they have the...
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    electronic lock ?

    Our situation with securam here at The Safe Place is exactly the same as Zykan's. Cannon is also streamlining these locks and I've had at least a half dozen service calls in the past few months to replace these locks. (all costco purchases). These defected locks have all been the old models...
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    I want a really well made gun safe but don't want to spend the big bucks!

    I have grown fond of the Superior Master Series safes. Its got thicker steel than your standard entry level gun safes with an 11 gauge body, which is equivalent to 1/8", and a 3/8" solid steel plate door with an additional steel plate there after. It also includes a 90 minute fire rating and a...
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    Questions about a few safes

    This lock is troubles Superior's are nice, especially the master series with 1/8th inch body and 3/8 steel plate door. The Encore is built in mexico. Decent safe but no solid steel plate. An easy way to determine if a safe is built in the USA is to take note of the pallet its on. If its a...
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    Feedback on H&K P30

    What are you comparing it to?
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    Feedback on H&K P30

    I can justify the price being that I got a good deal on it as a used item. I will be sure to look into the Walther and the SIG.
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    Feedback on H&K P30

    thanks desert duck I watched him compare it to the sig229. I just realized he's got more videos about the P30 so I'll check them out. I would love to have a range set up like his.
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    Feedback on H&K P30

    I've gotten a chance to fire a few handguns (9mm and .40 cal) and so far nothing compares to the comfort ability of the H & K P30. The others That I fired were a S&W 411, Springfield xd, glock subcompact and a nice beretta imported from Italy (p50?). So I've only shot a hand full of pistols but...
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    Question regarding two gun safes (RSCs)

    I would suggest you read reviews on the products your interested in before purchasing. FYI the new Winchester silverado series are 10 gauge body and door. The heavier the better in this business so compare weight in products as long as dimensions are similar. Reading reviews may help you get an...
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    Safe Locks: Sargent, LaGard, AMSEC.

    Best elock fit for a BF If you are going to get an electronic lock I would recommend getting the Esl10xl. Its Amsecs own lock and you might have better luck with warranty issues and such if there are any problems in the future. These locks work great when they are used properly. For...
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    Gun safe question

    Subfloor tolerance I've been told subfloors can support 250 lbs per square foot. If a heavy 250 pounder can sit in a home on a lazy boy then a 12 gauge steel box with 1 or 2 layers of fire board lining is fine.