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    Best 44 special for self defense?

    I watched a video from Mas a few years ago where a person using reloads ended up in prison. He said the man he shot was close to him and it was self defense. But when the forensic evidence didn't match up to typical rounds bought from a store it appeared the man was shot at a greater distance...
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    Concealed Carry Vests?

    I find that the vast majority of people that see a multi pocket vest think that guy must carry lots of stuff. When I see a fanny pack that is sagging under a load I think gun. Others probably only see a fanny pack, if they even notice. I doubt criminals see much more then that
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    What would make you get rid of a gun that had nothing wrong with it? (Kind of a random ramble)

    I have never gotten rid of any gun. Hence the reason for the second gun safe.
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    Astigmatism and red dots

    I have astigmatism and like dots. But I find green is seen better.
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    Backpacking with a Firearm

    My M&P 40 compact with Buffalo Bore or my Smith 386pd which ways 18 Oz. Before being loaded with 357's. Is what I carry I the mountains hiking. They fit in the cargo pockets or in a holster on the strap or waist band of the pack.
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    Those asking for advice on which handgun to carry or how to carry

    The right gun and the best way to carry. Is like asking where to meet the right woman and where to take them for the best first date.
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    Would you rely on an AK as your primary defensive rifle?

    I own AR, AK, VZ, lever action and would feel protected with any. Maybe I am to permissive.
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    United States Arms Abilene SA

    I have one of each in.44 and .357. Beautiful finish. I find keeping small groups can be done . Seems they are set up for shooting at a distance and not the short range that I have available at my indoor range.
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    Probabilities or Worst Case Scenario?

    I have had my carry permit since the 80's. And use it routinely. From a logical level I would expect to never need it. I have never known anyone that has needed one. The time and effort of carrying could be better spent using the time to take care of my health and well being. But I carry what I...
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    getting into autos

    I carry anything from 9mm, 357, 40 and 10mm while in bear and cougar country. I used to carry a .44 mag but the chance of running into a griz is beyond slim. As they are more like 100 miles away. Any of those smaller calibers will be effective as far as I am concerned. I would get what ever...
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    S&W J Frame- Centennial vs Chief’s Spl. vs Bodyguard

    I prefer the centinel myself. I can get a little higher grip on it which makes for better accuracy and follow up shots then I can with my humpback. And as I do double action shooting with my self-defense revolvers I don't have a reason for a hammered gun in that frame size.
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    Another Python? Of Korth!

    Kind of reminds me of an old guy in a speedo. Way more showing than I want to see.
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    Do you clean the bore of your ....22.... REVOLVERS ??

    The only cleaning my bores have seen for at least 10 years is the bore snake I run through them before I leave the range. And I run the snake through the cylinders. And wipe them down. Bores are as clean and shiny as the day they were born.
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    Revolvers, Retirement, Freedom...

    My shooting has gone downhill since I retired. Eyesight is going down till I can take care of the cataracts when they get bad enough. Challenging myself to to deteriorate as slow as I can isn't as fun as it sounds. And my partner doesn't like shooting as he says it is to loud and he has never...
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    Illinois Deer Rifle Caliber

    Any sensible government employee is not going to make a decision on legality. It is way out side his pay grade. He just opens himself up for trouble by doing so. That is something judge's decided. Lawyers give opinions.
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    Charter Arms

    For the last few years there has been far more demand then production capabilities. And every commercial firearms manufacturer has been ramping up production. The number of sales has been higher then years past. After decades of working in manufacturing I see the same thing in every industry...
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    S&W 686 vs. 686 Plus

    I have revolvers that are 5-10 round cylinders . While I like tradition the less time I spend reloading the better.
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    Charter Arms

    In the 20+ years I have been frequenting gun forums I have heard a lot of negative things all those years about Charters. But the sell guns and stay in business. I have old 3 inch Bulldogs to newer 44's with no issues. They are easily worth their price point. They could finish them better and...
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    Revolvers--hurray for fixed sighted models

    I like the rugged simplistic look of the fix sighted revolver. And seem to generally shoot them better. But I buy more adjustable sighted ones hoping it improves my accuracy.
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    Dang. I'm Depressed

    Don't worry, feelings fade, idea change. Give it time.