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    Ammo for my .380 PERU

    Hi guys! Long time since my last post... I am posting because my usual carry ammo is no loger available in Peru (Magtech) and I have to rethink my choices... please remember that we are not allowed JHP, just FMJ or this new bullets that are like FMJ bit with a flat point... I have already...
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    Want to sell your Guardian angel?

    Hmmm... the thing is that she actually loves the idea of it having a trigger (And I would love to be able to keep it clipped to the sun visor of the car). For carry, I carry some FOX (hehe the trip to vegas was great! I got to buy lots of stuff - I am sorry I just could not make it to that...
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    Want to sell your Guardian angel?

    Hi guys! I have been doing some reading and would really like to buy one of those "Guardian Angel" OC systems from Kimber, my GF is nuts about them (and so am I :o) the thing is that none of the websites I have found will ship it internationally! Do you guys know any place that ships them...
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    Peruvian Assault Pistol

    I will not tolerate that kind of comments about my country. Edit that RIGHT NOW. If you didn't like your visit, you are the one missing out. MODS: Please, I don't think you would tolerate that kind of comments if someone was referring to the USA.
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    Justified Self Defense?

    You got me thinking... about half a year ago, there was this BG who boarded buses (public transport) and out of nowhere, he stood up and said he was AIDS infected, he pulls out a needle and says that he really doesn´twant to hurt anybody, but he really needs the money....eventuallu cops got him...
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    I had to defend myself last night

    Más Peruano que el ceviche de chinguirito mi hermano, pero en un paìs eminentemente mestizo (cobrizo) ser blanco y tener un apellido de ascendencia española no nos ayuda mucho cuando de robos se trata... no, no me llamo Rogelio...tu de donde eres? Saludos
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    I had to defend myself last night

    . Yep, a lot of guns are smaller... I have the P22 because I love to shoot it... Nice, low recoil, cheap to feed. Don't like my PT22 (taurus) that much.. I have absolutely no idea if they knew what kind of gun it was. And BTW, I would rather shoot someone with a .22lr rather than...
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    I had to defend myself last night

    Thanks guys... well, Lima is just like any other place, bad things happen anytime! Not so long ago I shot two idiots with an airgun... now that was scary!! Thanks for the good advice, I already own bigger guns (glock 25, Baikal, and a .38 Spl) Glock and Baikal in .380 acp (as big as you can...
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    I had to defend myself last night

    ..."Yo babe", addressing my gf) and then a really nasty verbal attack on me " Que miras conchatumadre, ah? gringo de mierda, ya te cagaste" (What the f**k are you looking at you sh*t gringo, you are going to get f***ed up!) Pulls a screwdriver (looked like one) and the other one had a pipe...
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    Fobus Holster Mods

    Hi Guys! Last night I was playing around with my Fobus paddle holster, and the thing is impossible (for me, at least) to conceal without a light jacket.... so I started there any way to make the holster fit closer to my body? I thought about cutting off the paddle and...
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    Fobus hoslters anyone?.?

    I bought one like 3 weeks ago... although mine has great retention and is really confortable to carry, it needs a light jacket to conceal (Shirts just tend to open up!) I always appendix carry (1:30 ) unless when wearing thunderwear... IMHO, just for winter
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    Revolver for wife to use.

    Choosing for your lady... BAD IDEA! Let her choose...I know, it can get a little expensive sometimes, but just make her happy! (So she will let you go shoot with your "really nice" range buddies!!):evil: Now seriously, my gf really LOVES the P22, shoots around 300 to 400 rounds every time...
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    Want to buy a Surefire... They Won't ship!!

    Right Cosmoline!! Dollar dropped around 17 cents since July, but I am in the exporting business, so that kinda hurts my pocket... just 2 or 2 1/2 years ago I could get 3.45 Soles for a dollar... now just 2.98! I was asking about the surefuire because on the 23rd I received my Thunderwear...
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    Want to buy a Surefire... They Won't ship!!

    Hi guys: As you know, i live down here in Peru... I was checking out Surefire's website and they won't ship to outside the US, as most online stores I have visited. ¿Is that some kind of law or just some store policy? ¿Do you guys know where can I buy one of those lights and have it...
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    40gr High Vel or 30 gr Hiper Vel?

    Hi there! Yesterday I was shooting at the was .22lr day! So I picked up my P22 and had a blast... We don't get to buy Stingers or Velocitors here in Peru, but I was having a blast shooting Aguila's Super Maximum 30 gr... until a guy showed up and began shooting Winchester Super X...
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    Where to buy Smartcarry?

    Thanks for your replys.... I contacted Smartcarry and they say they don't make any exceptions to the Credit Card rule... so I guess I'm going with Thunderwear... it just seems easier... Thanks!
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    Where to buy Smartcarry?

    Hi guys! I am thinking of buying smartcarry ... but the website says they won´t take my credit card for it being international... do you guys know a place where I can buy a smartcarry holster (I am a size 32) and pay for it with my credit card and get it shipped to Peru? Thanks in advance...
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    .22 jacketed or not?

    I don't know about rifles, but in my P22 Aguila Super Maximums work just great...if I try feeding it with bare lead... story changes..
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    Thanks for all your replys... First off, that kind of batteries are easy to find here in Lima, but I was planning on having them shipped here in bulk to minimize cost...ok, they are going to be more expensive than AA or AAA batteries,but not that much. Blackbear: I am not really going for...
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    Hi guys! Hmm... I have this nice little light on my sight... but after a long time of there a surefire that is about the same size? Maybe a tad bigger, but not much..I just find that size to be great for me...