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    223/5.56 vs 22lr/magnum for small animal control

    I have a 70's era Marlin 60 with an El Paso Weaver 3X7 scope. It sits in the corner of the front porch on sunny days next to the beer fridge. Relaxing on the elevated porch most evenings gives me a quiet vantage point to spot rabbits headed for the garden,squirrels intent on chewing up my...
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    Best 1911 under 1500 and why

    Colt Gunsite model
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    $500-ish AR's available ?

    I have 2 of the original M&P Sports. One has been mercilessly beat to crap as my truck gun here on the Ranch for the last 3 years. It sports a tough old Aimpoint Comp M2 bought well used. It lives in the crack between the passenger seat and the center console and is never cased and seldom...
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    Remington 870 Police Magnum

    Unless they have changed the composition of that R1 buttpad, it tends to deteriorate into an intolerably sticky mess over time -- and I mean MESSY sticky. The process appears to accelerate if the firearm lives in a hot truck during the high summer. Happened to me on both a 7615 Ranch model...
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    New Jersey problem

    UPDATE: With all manner of paperwork establishing residency in NJ, the authorities allowed her to pick up her new 1911. A bunch of needless kerfuffle for her to exercise a God given right seems to me. Ah well, orders run their course and in a year and a little more she will go somewhere...
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    New Jersey problem

    I don't think she would agree with that. She did a year there with no family allowed. Tough when you have a 5 yo at home.
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    New Jersey problem

    The current plan is just that... Copy of orders and a letter from her commander and then they submit the background check once again.
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    New Jersey problem

    UPDATE My daughter says this: "spoke to a very nice LT at Medford PD this morning. he agrees this is BS and is calling State Police today to get it figured out for me."
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    New Jersey problem

    Correction to the original post. The status of her background check was not "declined". The status or reason for denying the transfer was "deficient".
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    New Jersey problem

    Exactly, Most states, including NJ, honor out of state licenses for active military stationed within their boundaries. When I searched the list, oddly enough MT does not. Plus she is hard headed and proud of being a Texan.
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    New Jersey problem

    I hope this is the right forum........ Please,some insight from someone very familiar with New Jersey gun laws. Being a long time Texas resident, the laws in that state really frustrate me. OK, here is the situation........... My daughter is a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force. She returned...
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    Going with all in 9mm and 5.56 and 1050xl

    My brother and I did this same thing over the last two years except with both have kids in their 20s and 30s with their own kids. Our catalyst was the fact none of the kids owned any firearms to speak of and with time running out (perhaps) to buy what we wanted for decent prices, we made the...
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    What is you're idea of the perfect Truck, or "car" gun?

    I think there should be a distinct division between urban truck gun for you folks that live in the big city and have to strip your truck of valuables each and every day and country folk who have a utility gun in the truck to be used like an every day tool. I have long carried an 870 and a...
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    1971 Wingmaster/ Restoration

    ...old dog back to life. I will trade "tidbits"' with you. Remington makes 2 different OEM mag extensions -a 2 and a 3 shot. Barrel length has *nothing* to do with exterior receiver measurements. Barrel length is measured from the breech face on a closed action to the end of the barrel. A...
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    1971 Wingmaster/ Restoration

    Question on the extra barrel....... An Express model barrel does not have the ball detent on the ring that a Wingmaster does. I do not see a front sight on that short barrel. Has it been cut down? It looks short to me in the pictures. I hope you measured it.
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    folks with hearing aids: do you wear them to bed?

    I have profound hearing loss on certain frequencies at 61 yo. I rely on a very alert German Shepherd for notification purposes. She is rarely more than a few feet away.
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    What is the best 223 battle rifle for me?

    I have the Colt 6920 and I bought my career military daughter the same same. However, I have 2 S&W M&P Sports with thousands of rounds through them. One has ridden in my truck for the last 4 years. They are tough, functional and to my thinking one of the best buys available in the AR type...
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    What is your favorite stainless 1911?

    Colt Government Gunsite
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    Leather Sling Care

    Same same for me
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    Traded for a Rem 870..What do I have?

    Barrel codes date the barrels and since barrels easily interchange, your receiver is not necessarily that same age. Remington will give you the date of manufacture with a phone call to 800-243-9700. I will tell you they started using a letter prefix in the serial number sometime in 1968 so...