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    question re scope mount

    I don't know of anything that is specifically made for it. I know LaRue makes one for the CTR, but I don't think it could be easily modified.
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    Educate me on this optic.

    Is that the Mark AR 1.5-4x20? New or used, and which reticle? Could be a really good deal.
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    Cold Bore Shot Question

    If I remember correctly from SEAL Sniper Instructor Brandon Webb's book The Red Circle, they zeroed their rifles to where the rifle hit when the gun was warm, as they could be in an engagement that lasted more than just a few shots. However, they trained and were tested on perfectly placing...
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    Should I upgrade to a better scope?

    I would say it's worth the upgrade if you didn't already have the other. In other words, if you're paying $300 already to get a new VX-2, it would be worth an additional $100 or $200 for a VX-3 would be worth it. If you're having to drop the whole $500, I don't think I would.
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    Who's going - 2015

    It's that time of year, again - SHOT Show registration. Who's going? What are you excited about? Who wants to buy my lunch one day? :neener: I guess we can include a wish list for pictures/info of items for people who can't go.
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    first focal plane mildot

    What exactly are you looking for, jlr? I might be able to help you.
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    Aimpoint T-1 Broken Lens?

    You don't see many manufacturers basically tell you to go ahead and try to ruin it if it is, in fact, broken. I like their faith in their products.
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    So what IS the consensus on using loc-tite on scope ring screws?

    Leuopold and Burris both recommend against threadlocking compounds in favor of oiling the threads to get proper torque. It is interesting that, despite the recommendation, many Leupold products come with what appears to be a threadlocking compound, as Taliv mentioned. I have used blue in the...
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    Firearm Vs. Mindset

    I'm failing to see how concealed carry would have made this incident end any differently, assuming he wasn't actually carrying concealed already. Having proper situational awareness, on the other hand, could have made a huge difference.
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    Do scopes/red dots with bullet drop selections exist

    There are several companies that offer scopes like that. I think most people shooting inside 400-500 yards, though, prefer subtensions that are at least somewhat calibrated for their cartridge, so they can quickly switch between distances.
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    Tennessee Carry Laws - Preemption

    Thanks for the input, everyone. Red Wind, I've skimmed through that before, but I'll read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything.
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    Handgun safe?

    Send them to me. :D A lot depends on how you're going to store them. Something like jad0110 is suggesting would help you get by with a much smaller box. You might look around for a business that is closing and see if they have a safe they're going me to sell. A lot of times you can pick up...
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    Low power scopes?

    Did you send the Leupold in to be repaired? I'm not going to try to talk you into getting another one, but scopes are mechanical instruments, and even well made ones are subject to failure. Some of the others mentioned, like Trijicon and Vortex, are typically pretty well made scopes and have a...
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    Low power scopes?

    Leupold has 1-4x20 in the VX-1 and VX-2 lines, as well as a 1.5-5x20 and a 1.75-6x32 in the VX-3 line. Corn picker is right that they list "nominal" magnification ranges for the scopes. My suspicion is because they want them to be "equal" to others on the market for comparison.
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    Tennessee Carry Laws - Preemption

    I'm going to be making a trip to Nashville in a few weeks, and I went through the concealed carry laws again for a refresher, since it has been a while since I've been in Tennessee. I seem to remember the preemption laws are a little confusing in Tennessee, but all I could find is that you...
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    "Tactical" scope question

    You're also more likely to find an illuminated reticle of some sort, though it's not always a feature on a tactical scope and is sometimes a feature on hunting scopes. And that's essentially the same for most of the features. Hunters want some of the bonuses of tactical scopes and some...
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    Leupold Scope Resolution

    Heeler, you're seeing the effects of the target being in or near the focal length of the scope and minor adjustments being made by your eye. You could say it's sort of a coincidence, but it's intentional by the manufacturer based on the ranges at which they figure you'll use the scope. The...
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    Leupold Scope on Savage Fit?

    Are you ordering the scope and wondering if you should get new rings/bases in the same order to save shipping? Like Haxby said, you've got 5.1" of tube length. I'd at least measure it and see if it's close. I was also surprised at how little room I had on my Savage short action.
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    Think you can shoot 1" at 600 yards?

    I'm happy when I do that at 100 yards. I wish I was able to practice as much as these guys and gals do.
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    Bright Low Light scope

    I would start with a low magnification (2-7x or even a fixed 4x) scope with a heavy reticle, then spend every bit of the money I could on higher quality glasses and coatings. A larger objective won't necessarily help you, especially if the lenses and coatings are poor quality.