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    Ishapore 2A1

    i fired a mix of commercial .308, steel .308, milsurp and reloads through my 2a. it eats it all and i never had any signs of high pressure
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    Florida gun show etiquette

    midwest- im military stationed in FL so it doesnt really matter for me.
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    Florida gun show etiquette

    Just got back stateside and i plan to offload a 3-4 guns at a coming gun show to finance a a few new pistols and rifles. im from NC and this will be my first time trying to sell at a gun show in florida, do i need to have them cased while walking into the facility? (open carry is generally...
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    Deadliest cartridge in history

    a 1910 browning in .380 was used to start wwI
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    No Hunting Merit Badge?

    H&H, hahahahaha i bet its a way to keep parents happy. it would probably require actually going hunting to satisfy some requirement somewhere...
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    770 or american

    go ruger. too much of what remington produces is junk now. i wont buy another freeDumb group gun
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    Why so ridiculous on EDC?

    it does tend to drive me insane when guys carry 3 knives, 2 guns,an IFAK, cell phone, Ipad and back up cell. but then they break out their backpack or briefcase and carry more crap. then in their trunk they have BoB and an AK with folding stock for SHTF while at work. i carry a gun, my...
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    Finishing metal that you had to file?

    you could pickup some rust blue and give it a shot full disclosure, im waiting for my solution to come in from brownells and have not tried it yet.
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    entry level bolt action opinions wanted

    dvdcrr- i dont think many people will recommend anything made by freedumb group remington. i wont be touching anything made by them any time soon. i have an XL-7, i got it when they first came out because i wanted a .30-06. its ok, its fairly accurate but im not a fan. its pretty cheap...
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    Lever action Henrys comparisons.

    Dpris, saw a box of .45 Schofield once.......... once that was about 8years ago at a huge gunstore an
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    Have tactical shotguns "lost it"?

    my ar is packed away safe and sound. my 870 is under the bed with a belly full of 00. i dont want to fool with a gun at night, i want to grab it and it be simple. kahr cw9 in the night stand with one in the tube and 870 under the bed. from time to time change it up and put my...
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    New to Hunting, looking to buy my 1st rifle

    if i were buying a hunting rifle right now, i would go to Simpson LTD and buy one of their Husqvarna Mausers in .30-06. im planning to ditch my xl7 for one in a few months
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    guns you've fired in your lifetime

    22lr 22 mag .223/556 (bolt guns, m16a1 and a2, ar-15 and m4) .243 7mm-08 .260 .270 .280 .308 hunting rifle 7.62(2a enfield and m1a) .303(several enfields) .30-06 (garand, 1903, hunting rifles) 7.62x54r 7.62x39 .45-70 .44 mag (rifle) .30-30 .444 .380 9mm .38 and .357 .40sw...
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    Midway USA Surplus .303 British

    correct, and i did not. an i am also free to take my money else where to places that actually support the cause instead of trying to make as much money off of it as they can. they even publish sensationalized blogs hoping to scare up the market.
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    Midway USA Surplus .303 British

    i would buy the privi long before i will ever buy from CTD again. i started to get over my hate for them until yesterday when they started charging almost a buck a round for m855
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    CCW for $300

    i actually just stumbled across this on slick-guns today looks like a perfect list for OP
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    M855 buyers need to settle down.

    my issue is that m855 is the cheapest 62gr(or heavier) ammo on the market. and pulled bullets were pretty cheap too. my ar likes the heavier bullets. it will shoot 55gr fine but the 1in 8 twist just likes the heavier rounds.
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    Best alternatives to Gunbroker?

    install ublock or adblock as an extension on Chrome. i rarely see ads anymore
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    Biggest Gun Makers in the U.S.?

    im a bit of a ruger fan boy. but ruger is probably the best affordable manufacturer that produce more than one style of product. yes wilson combat makes a much better 1911 but at like 3x the price. there are better hunting rifles but how many of those companies are also making pistols and ar-15s?
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    didnt know they were a freedumb group company. there goes another brand i wont be touching