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  1. MarshallDodge

    Ruger American Pred 6.5 Grendel to 6ARC begins

    @LoonWulf -Is that barrel a light varmint profile? This thread is not helping my resistance against the 6ARC. I don't need another 6mm cartridge, do I? 😆
  2. MarshallDodge

    Long range tuning

    5th place is pretty awesome 😎
  3. MarshallDodge

    Bald Eagle vs Protektor Rest

    I've only had a Bald Eagle for a short time, picked it up at a garage sale last year. My only concern is that grizzly will stop supporting them as they did with the primer seater.
  4. MarshallDodge

    Another AR oil Question

    No need to drop oil into the holes, it will blast back out the first time the gun is fired. Follow the pic that Mk-211 posted. That is all you need.
  5. MarshallDodge

    AR ammo question

    Glad you figured it out. While I usually adjust my ammo dimensions when this kind of thing happens, grinding on an inexpensive magazine works too 😎
  6. MarshallDodge

    Swiss Luger video from SARCO.

    Cool video. A Swiss made Sig P210 is higher on my want list 😀
  7. MarshallDodge

    AR ammo question

    I would start playing with ammo length. For a magazine to feed properly, there is a window of allowable ammunition length. Try shortening the COAL to allow the magazine feed lips to release the cartridge as it is going up the ramp.
  8. MarshallDodge

    Anyone Ordered from Missouri Bullet Company Lately?

    I don't understand the bill before shipping business model. In my business, customers would never put up with that. RMR does the same thing. I placed an order last weekend, they billed my card on Monday, but as of this morning the product hasn't shipped.
  9. MarshallDodge

    4x vs 6x

    It depends on the target size and the glass quality. I've shot 30 inch gongs at 1000 with my 1-4X Razor, but had a hard time making out a reduced silhouette at 500 because of the low angle sun.
  10. MarshallDodge

    AR ammo question

    Has the gun ever locked back on an empty mag?
  11. MarshallDodge

    5.56 in 223

    Are you sure your Ruger American is a 223? I thought they had 5.56 chambers. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I've fired 5.56 in several 223 chambers and the worst that happened is the bolt lift was a little heavier.
  12. MarshallDodge

    I’m nearly at the end of my rope with my 308.

    All good points but seating depth can affect a group, some bullets/chambers are more sensitive than others.
  13. MarshallDodge

    AR ammo question

    Sounds like a weak mag spring.
  14. MarshallDodge

    5 Bucket List/Wish List Handguns That Would Cover Your Needs?

    99% I carry the same gun- an HK P30sk, with 124 +P Gold Dots. If I need something smaller, the Kahr Mk9 gets the job done. 5 different guns would just confuse the issue.
  15. MarshallDodge

    I’m nearly at the end of my rope with my 308.

    The Hornady has a different ogive which may need adjustments in seating depth. In my experience, changing powders will help remove the random shot or two but you should still be seeing some kind of grouping.
  16. MarshallDodge

    Rifle optics: a blue collar spending perspective for cost / benefit

    My first scope wasn't much to write home about, one of those cheapie Tasco rimfire scopes. I think I was 13 when I bought it at Kmart for $9.99 Years later, when I became an adult, I picked up the Simmons 6-20x Whitetail for $99 at Midway. It was actually a decent scope for the money and did...
  17. MarshallDodge

    Do you WC-?

    Correct. I was just adding to what you were saying.
  18. MarshallDodge

    Do you WC-?

    The +P LSWCHP has been recommended by several experts as a good carry load in 38 Special revolvers.
  19. MarshallDodge

    Precision Primer Seater

    I'm running a Bald Eagle as well, and like how consistent it is. Too bad they don't make them anymore. I've been looking at priming on an ACP that I picked up on the used market. Looks like I should start a new thread to discuss.