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    Thinking about an AR-10

    I'm thinking about getting an AR-10. I've always preferred the 7.62 over the 5.56 round. Are there any 308 Win rounds the AR-10 doesn't like, or will it digest all of these too?
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    Letter to my NH Rep and Senators

    No proof ? Did you read my Post # 3. Knowing that the increase in American-bought guns found in Mexico was a result of Op F&F, the BATFE still forced upon the four border states additional long gun reporting requirements.
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    Letter to my NH Rep and Senators

    The illegal "Operation Fast and Furious" has already borne the intended fruit. The increase of firearms purchased in America and ending up in Mexico (via the BATFE operation) resulted in the Justice Dept burdening gun store owners with additional paperwork and reporting requirements in the...
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    Letter to my NH Rep and Senators

    The states are steadily removing barriers to law abiding citizens carrying guns, so the current anti-2nd Amendment administration and DOJ came up with Operation F&F to justify more federal restrictions. Before the operation blew up in their faces with the killing of a border patrol officer...
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    M1A Scout Squad cheek weld with scope

    I finally got to handle an M1A Scout Squad and really want one. My concern is that, because the iron sights lined up perfectly naturally, will adding a scope ruin my cheek weld. I hate shooting 'heads up'.
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    Why are .38 wadcutters not considered a good carry load?

    The velocity of most 38 Spl 148 gr wadcutters is less than 700 fps.
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    If I won the 290 million dollar Lottery....

    Start a nation-wide chain of low-cost shooting centers with indoor and/or outdoor ranges. All would feature frequent, free safety and self defense classes, followed by a time of free rentals and use of the range upon completion. Think "McGuns" franchises across the nation promoted by a huge...
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    If I won the 290 million dollar Lottery....

    Congressmen, senators, governors are not really all that expensive these days and I've always wanted to get a couple.
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    Shot Myself/ Negligent Discharge

    Thanks for posting about something that must be very embarrassing. I will make sure my safety procedures are never automated, unconscious habits. My safety efforts will always be consciously applied. Get well and I hope there's no permanent damage.
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    Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness

    I accept the FACT that I won't hit the bad guy in the Central Nervous System with any of my shots when both of us are ducking and weaving. So deep penetration through the organs from any angle must be the objective. A CNS hit that stops the fight is just lucky. There will be no visual clues...
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    Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness

    Car doors, car windows, interior walls and doors do not stop bullets. If the bullet or birdshot can't penetrate these things it won't destroy enough deep tissue in a bad guy either. If someone is shooting at you while you're seated in a car, or you're the target in a drive-by, your return...
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    Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness

    I don't read every thread here. I have a life. To the people who complain about the repetition found here ... hmmmm, I don't know .... maybe ... you could just move on to the next thread. Besides, everything that's been posted here about accuracy and projectiles evolved from the FBI study.
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    Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness

    I post this every couple years. If anyone knows of a more recent study, let me know. This is still a 'must read' if you carry. Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness
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    CCW concerns relating to ammo

    The idea that there will be a bunch of innocent bystanders around to be hit by your return fire when the bad guy threatens you is a real stretch. BG's do their thing when you're ALONE. They pick isolated victims. It is very rare for bystanders to be hit by the good guys, whether the good guys...
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    What's your recoil limit???

    The worst recoil I ever experienced from a long gun was an H&R Pardner 12GA, shooting turkey loads. It's funny though, that no pistols, not even full power 500 S&W, have ever bothered me. I shoot my Vaquero 45 Colt loaded to 44 Mag power all day long. It's fun. (but I do get a sore...
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    How many HD Shotguns do you own?

    We have two 12GA HD shotguns. Beside the bed on the wife's side is a Remington 870 Synthetic 18, and on my side is a Stoeger Coachgun.
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    Help me decide Ruger Compact: 308 or 7mm-08

    Ordered the 308 Thanks for all the input. I just ordered the Hawkeye Compact (laminate) in 308 Win. I chose the 308 because of the wider range of bullet weights available, and the huge amount of load data published. The barrel is 16½". I'll probably add a spacer and a Pachmayr Decelerator to...
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    Help me decide Ruger Compact: 308 or 7mm-08

    Pls help me decide. I'm considering getting a Ruger Compact (laminate) in 308 Win or 7mm-08. I'm a handloader. I'd like a short, lightweight bolt action. Recoil is therapy. I love it and it doesn't affect me. Deer, black bear, coyotes, woodchucks, crows. The online catalog shows a LOP of...
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    Shotgun wads with no petals for tight patterns?

    Are there any shotgun wads with no petals for tight patterns with 00 buck? I'm using Rocky Mtn Cartridge 2 7/8" brass hulls. Does it matter that my overshot card is glued in about 1/4" short of the end?
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    Reduced recoil buckshot

    I load my own 2 3/4" brass hulls with 12-ball 00 loads for my bedside coachgun. No shotcup used. Eight inch spread at 20 feet. ( I used a Blue Dot load for 1.5 oz of shot)