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    P365 Recoil Spring Life Expectancy

    Striker fired guns need the recoil spring to be able to hold it in battery against the full striker tension just before firing....unlike a hammer gun where the recoil spring only needs to be able to chamber the round (though many smaller guns use the spring tension to help hold it closed during...
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    Taking a closer look

    And again the 'smart criminal' (is that an oxymoron?) after a shooting will remove the firing pin and give it a light swipe with file or sandpaper so no more 'badgers' or 'ernies' on primers from that gun. Guess it's good that many criminals aren't so industrious to cover their tracks.
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    Is chat about the NZ decision to ban semi-auto rifles prohibited here?

    I liked the part about 'reasonable compensation' for their proposed buy-back plan. Wonder what 'reasonable' means to someone who hates guns? Bet OUR 'reasonable' is a bit higher than theirs?
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    Taking a closer look

    Looking at these.....I'm thinking "a smart criminal will carry a revolver". The less you leave at the scene of your crime...the better methinks.
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    Tasco World Class

    When I got my AR-50 it used up a large chunk of available play money so I didn't have much to spend on the scope...but wanted to shoot it, so I put a Tasco WC Target 10x40 Dot and it's still on there working just fine. At a 1000yd shoot it seemed that everyone else had Leupold or Nightforce...
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    Quiet bullets

    Agreed. But...I think this is a case of bad implementation making a good idea seem to be a bad one. The SLAP rounds weren't known for stellar accuracy as well as the old 'Accelerators' proved to be dismal in just about any rifle they were tried. Some of this is an incompatible twist rate...
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    Quiet bullets

    The problem with hollow bullets is that supersonic air will not go through them well and the Krnka-Hebler Tubular Bullet was found to be terribly inaccurate as well as offering a disadvantage with respect to range. Shockwaves are some weird things and supersonic air behaves about the opposite...
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    Quiet bullets

    If we could perform an experiment with two vastly different bullets, say a 58 caliber Minnie ball against a 77 grain .224, ...each gradually brought up to supersonic speeds I believe that the blunt and much less aerodynamic projectile would be much louder going by at the same speed. Many...
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    1911 problem

    Which thumb are you using to lower the hammer? If on the firing hand, you might be letting off of the trigger or grip safety before it's all the way down. Holding in your normal firing grip, pulling trigger and holding it while lowering the hammer with your other catches?
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    Tuning an AR....

    It's a machine, and all machines are a compromise of many components to arrive at a desired end. You must have a goal for your tuning.....reduce recoil? Increase reliability? Increase accuracy? The old engineering adage of 'there's no free lunch' comes into play and often times something...
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    Quiet bullets

    I don't think we shooters have much to gain in this area....being that triple supersonic projectiles in dense atmosphere are going to produce a strong shockwave with little available to us to mitigate it. NASA is trying to 'spread out' the bow wave with the long and skinny pointed nose so...
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    New 375 Ruger Guide Gun: Need Scope

    I've got a Ruger #1 in 375 H&H which is pretty much the same as the Ruger caliber and an old Swift 1.5x4 on it that works really well. Generous eye relief and on the lowest power can be used with both eyes open for close in shooting. There are many similar scopes on the market now a days...
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    A Great Luger Story

    Actually...the Brandon Lee shooting went a little deeper: There had been a scene previously where there needed to be projectiles visible in the cylinder, so they had some dummy rounds loaded up sans powder but for some incredibly stupid reason had left live primers in them. Somewhere along...
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    Silly guns a back room deep in the bowels of Washington, DC.....some frantic alterations are being made to the latest gun banning bill. "Multi-color Unicorn horse head thing holding the barrel" will be included in 'banned' features. What's next?
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    Why cowboy cartridges for cartridge conversion

    Lead bullets need lubrication not because of potential bore wear but to prevent them from leaving large parts of themselves down the barrel due to friction. The melting point of lead is very low compared to copper or brass alloys and will easily be exceeded at high velocity or pressures which...
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    Primers Backing Out of Rounds in Cylinder?

    If you look at the recoil shield face it's not completely machined flat, so the high primer could easily be stopping at some point around it even several shots after the offending primer remains too high. You might be able to find a witness mark or rub where this is happening and stone it down...
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    Gurkha-Marked East India Pattern Brown Bess

    I have a pair of Martini-Henry's from the Nepal Cache that were absolutely slathered in dark brown crusty looking stuff which we affectionately called 'Yak Lard' and once removed found the metal underneath to be very nice looking. You might try boiling the barrel rather than chemical...
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    M1A Purchase?

    A good design poorly executed does not incriminate the design as being bad....the fault lies with the construction and I think we all agree that there are 'good' M1A's and 'not so good' ones. A 'good' one is a Joy while a 'not so good' one disappointing to say the least. And let's all...
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    M1A Purchase?

    I was in the second Series at PI to get M16' the whole time there I had to see everyone else marching around and drilling with M14's and envying them because that is just one beautiful rifle in my eyes. Manual of Arms with the full size rifle is just one of the beautiful things Military...
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    Winchester 1873 Elevator Cleaning

    Many 45 Colt rifles seem to have largish chambers which modern cases have a tough time expanding enough to seal properly with light loads as found in much Colt ammo intended for Cowboy Action events. My Thunderbolt will tie up within 100 rounds from all the blow-back and the empties come out...