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    s&w m&p hate

    People that hate M&Ps don't know what they are talking about... They are one of the best handgun designs out there. I think that it is the best design, but that is just one person's opinion. After firing almost every popular make and model of auto loader, I decided to go with two M&Ps. All...
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    Which Is A Better .357? Colt, Ruger, Smith?

    Gp100 I prefer the modular, sturdy design of the GP100 over any other full-sized revolver. It is the least likely of the guns listed to lose timing. I think that it is the best design. The biggest flaws with Ruger's are the heavy triggers and the cosmetics. These things were addressed in the...
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    Is There One Handgun That You Just Can’t Shoot Well?

    I'm not the best shot, but I've noticed that the fit is important to me. If the gun is a little too big or small in the grip, I struggle with it a little more. I just have a harder time keeping these guns stable during the trigger pull and recoil.
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    Best 9mm Pistol for Self Defense?

    The guns you listed are all good... Try renting them and decide what YOU like best. After trying almost every gun that I could get my hands on, and doing some internet research, I decided on The M&P platform for defense pistols. By internet research, I mean that I looked at hand gun trial...
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    Is the Ruger GP100 the Greatest Double Action Revolver Ever Made?

    Hmm... I think that it's design features are the best out of any revolver on the market, but since the fit and finish is spotty and the triggers can be a bit iffy, I would say that it would be hard to justify that they are the best. I would choose a GP100 over anything else, but a lot of other...
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    .44 Magnum recoil vs. .357?

    I didn't say all .44 magnum people are compensating for "something", but some folks clearly are. Some gun forum regulars seem to thrive on sounding tough. They boast up and down about how recoil tolerant and bad ass tactical they are. Granted, this forum is a lot different than most gun...
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    .44 Magnum recoil vs. .357?

    Do you really need a .44 magnum? I used to be revolver guy and just had to have a .44 magnum. Did I need one? Nope. I don't hunt and don't currently live in Bear country. I got the gun because I wanted it. I took it to the range and shot 12 rounds. I put the gun back into my case, took it...
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    Ultimate Handguns

    My ultimate guns in all of these categories are the following: 1. Stainless Steel GP100, 5" barrel 2. M&P 9, with the thumb safety. 3. I suppose that I'd probably go for a stainless Ed Brown Special Forces model with a 5" barrel 4. Here is we're I go a little nuts. I would buy .44 magnum...
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    Top ten handguns

    My personal top 10 1. M&P 9. TS 2. M&P 45 TS 3. M&P 9C TS 4. GP 100, Stainless, 5" barrel, .357 5. SP 101, Stainless, 4.2" barrel, .22 LR 6. SP 101, Stainless, 4.2" barrel, .357 7. Single 10, Stainless 8. Mark III Hunter, Stainless 9. Redhawk, Stainless, 4.2" barrel...
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    What do you think the most reliable/rugged .22lr is

    Hands down, Ruger 77/22 It is the toughest rimfire rifle out there as far as I know. I used to have Guns and Ammo's complete Rimfire guide. In it, there was an article about the 77/22. It was such a strong build that Ruger built the 77/44 and eventually the 77/357 off of the same design...
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    What's YOUR Most Easily Pointing Handgun?

    Anything with a low bore axis... For me, it is my M&P 9. I prefer guns with a low bore axis.
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    Best SURVIVAL rifle

    Best survival gun... I guess that depends. If I could only have one, I'd probably opt for a 10/22 td. If I could have two, I would probably add either a Mini-14 or a shotgun to the list.
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    What would your priorities be if you could only have one handgun?

    For me... It would be between four guns. Stainless Ruger GP100 with a 4.2" barrel M&P 45 TS Stainless SP101 with a 4.2" barrel in .22 lr Stainless Ruger Single Six convertible I'm assuming that I could own rifles and shotguns. I would probably take the M&P 45. The 255 grain buffalo...
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    What is the most unreliable semi auto you have shot ?

    Buckmark My old Buckmark, which I sold, did experience a few problems from time to time. I did shoot the cheap, bulk stuff with it, but it still had a lot of FTFs. I think that the problem was mostly due to bad ammo. The only centerfire autoloader that I've had problems with was an XD9...
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    What's the lowest-recoil 9mm pistol?

    My $0.02... I think that any all-steel, heavy gun will be really pleasant to shoot. I also think that the Beretta 92 series in pretty light in the recoil department. In my opinion, the M&P 9 and the SR9 have the lightest recoil out of the Polymer pistols that I've shot. Superb erognomics...
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    If you were limited to ONE handgun, what will you chose?

    Tough choice... For a single gun, I would probably opt for a Ruger revolver. I'd probably go with a Ruger GP100 My second choice would probably be a M&P 40 with the thumb safety. I'd also pick up the 9mm conversion barrel. My third choice would be a SP101 in .22 lr.
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    Bullet Velocity Affecting Barrel Life

    How does bullet size/diameter factor in? From what you are saying a 7.62x39 rifle would last a long, long time. Does the fact the the bullets have more mass and a larger diameter factor into the barrel heating and barrel life? If so, do you have a sense of how much? Let's keep chrome...
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    Black chrome and marinecote finishes

    I plan on getting a shotgun in the next few months. At this point, I like the SXP design more than the 500. I'm trying to decide about which finish is better. I'm curious abouth these two finishes. The Marinecote finish is some sort of Nickel-based finish. It's supposed to be great...
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    What should I get, AR-15 or AK-47?

    Not considered in original post... I'd either get a Mini-30 or a 12 gauge shotgun. If it were me, I'd get the mini.
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    ...Just One Caliber

    Just one? In order of preference: .22 lr .357 magnum .45 acp 9 mm