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    Power measure for stick powders

    My Lyman55 cuts on the drop but I haven't seen it mean anything of importance to my powder charges. Its a mere annoyance, at best, for me.
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    Primers in stock

    Midway has had/Ive been able to get LPP and SRP, $79/1K, which I'm able to endure that price. .12+, AND, buying in bulk @ 5K seems too high to me.
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    Who makes Vortex scopes?

    Ive got a crossfire II that is going back to the mothership today, previous red dots have all been good for me but this particular vortex was a total dud. First time I had it out it didn't shoot well but also brand new RAR 300BLK/Suppressed so I chalked it up to being all new. Took it out for...
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    308 175 SMK Loads - IMR 4895 vs Varget vs CFE 223... opinions?

    Of the two I'd use Varget for load development but the amount of CFE223 lends itself to longterm use if you found a suitable load for your rifle and distance.
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    Sizing 5.56 Brass

    This is why I double up on ear pro and look straight ahead while on the range.
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    Polymer EAA Witness in 10mm: Consensus on hot loads?

    Im not sure that I would want to shoot 10mm (over .40SW velocities/power) in a poly framed gun, just a feeling that I have that may not be true or correct. I load hot stuff but it's in a commander sized 1911 with a supported/ramped barrel.
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    Midway USA and Hazmat Drivers??

    not a problem with hazmat/primers from Midway about 3 weeks ago but I'm close enough to thier location that I can select the cheap UPS ground and get next day delivery.
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    Holster manufacturers
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    Recommend me a 300BO bolt gun

    Ordered the Ruger American Ranch today.
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    Recommend me a 300BO bolt gun

    Ruger American Ranch looks like what I'm interested in!
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    Recommend me a 300BO bolt gun

    I'm interested in what's out there on these specs and would like opinions to save me time in research, I'm not to set on brands, Ruger, Mossberg, Remington, etc: I do prefer walnut stocks but laminate is really pretty and I'm ok with synthetic. .300 blackout, will shoot mostly hand loaded subs...
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    Flying with handguns please share TSA experience and advice

    Every airline and airport is just a little bit different. I've never had a problem with loaded mags in the case with the gun, nor 100rds of boxed ammo in the same case. Too, yes sometimes the bag won't come up on the carousel and you have to visit the airlines luggage counter to take possession...
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    Are you getting consistent loads with Unique?

    On my lyman 55 with Unique I only use the largest chamber for the charge, say for 5.0gr in 9mm I don't use the smallest but the middle charge bar and keep them open equally as close as I possibly can. Otherwise I double tap the handle up on the top stroke and let it sit there for a second and...
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    1911 problems

    Funny part is that nothing you bought or are trying to do has anything to with the trigger pull weight. Be much bending did you do to the sear spring>
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    DPMS Pattern AR build not cycling correctly

    You guys make things way to hard: small base sizing die. I'd guarantee you that's his problem...his "standard" die isn't sizing to the base, (or isn't setup correctly in the press), or just isn't appropriate for his rifle.
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    NEWBIE... decapping before tumbling

    Trying to get a clean primer pocket with a vibe tumbler is problematic in two ways, takes 10+ hours to get to that level of "clean", and then you deal with media in the flash holes. But as you see in this thread, you can have 10 people with 10 opinions and not one is "right" and not one is...
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    Trust soon: First stamp decision.

    You've already made this 1000x more difficult and costly than it need be. You can download an NFA trust for less than $60 but now there's little advantage of a trust over an individual application, trust only let folks in unfriendly jurisdictions bypass any dealings with their local Sheriff...
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    adjustable gas block suggestion for canned AR pistol

    As I handload 300Blackout some powders like 1680 I get more blowback than say, H110 (if memory serves) and some of the tricks with the charging handle do work like using a sylicon gasket maker or the gas buster types. Some have holes drilled in the sides to vent. The forward assist type of vent...
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    Kimber 1911 ejecting brass too far forward.

    My 10mm was doing that and an ejector change and profiling now sends them in the preferred direction.
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    9mm 1911 FTF

    When I've had feedling problems and yours sounds similar to a 3 point jam on feeding I narrowed my problem down to not enough crimp. It seemed as long as there was still a feelable lip on the case mouth it would hangup on the roof of the chamber. Think of needing a medium to medium+ crimp over a...