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    Girlfriend Doesn't Approve of Carrying

    What does "jealous of my personal possessions" mean? Seriously. What does that mean? It does not sound sane. This whole page doesn't mention guns, but it might mention her a few times... BTDT Life is too short for this stuff. Time...
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    remington 1100's pro's and con's ?

    The bolt release/lifter design is easy and convenient for the range, but a PITA in the field. The trigger sucks. The inside of the receiver can cut your finger. The construction is such that, if certain things break, they're very hard to fix. The gas system is long obsolete, and they get dirty...
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    16 ga. Why or why not

    The placebo effect is a powerful thing. WRT the 16... Why? Some guns handle really well in that particular size and weight. Why not? Poor availability of ammo, guns, reloading components.
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    Double guns - 26" or 28" barrels?

    Depends on what for. California Quail here typically lives in thick brush in canyon bottoms. Shot windows range from short to ridiculously short. Shots are fast and instinctive, or they're not shots at all. I acquired a 6 lb. 20 Gauge SxS in a swap; it has 25" barrels. It's a GREAT quail gun...
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    Need help from Beretta experts regarding AL390

    Yeah, the decorations are not worth anything, but the 390 is a great gun. They came in semi-humpback and rounded versions; differences are purely cosmetic. Actually, they still do, through obscure channels and in limited versions.
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    What is the softess kicking 12 guage semiauto?

    A400 with Kick-Off is the best fit for your specs, with nothing else close. The 1100 is an 8 lb. beast. It shoots soft, but not like the A400 at a pound lighter. The A400 Light could work, too, but I haven't shot one. I have shot the A400 with KO. The 1100 isn't even close. I used to own one of...
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    20 Gauge compared to .357 Magnum

    Actually, if you read this forum, you will learn that a .308 is the minimum effective round for close-range home defense, and ANY handgun is underpowered. Click the link in my sig line...
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    20 Gauge compared to .357 Magnum

    The point of a .357 Magnum is that you can hold it in your hand and accurately put repeated rapid-fire rounds on target. If you can do that a 4" handgun loaded with 20 Gauge slugs, I suppose that you should use one.
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    How hard is it to fit new stocks to an O/U shotgun (Beretta 686)?

    I'd expect it to be bolt-on. Beretta doesn't make a profit by doing a hell of a lot of hand fitting on a $1500 gun. They use very modern methods of manufacturing, so parts tend to be interchangeable. I believe only their barrel sets need to be 'smithed slightly to fit the receiver properly.
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    Opinions on Browning Citori and 20 vs. 28ga?

    6 lb. 1/8 oz.:) Ithaca SKB 100 with fixed IC/M 25" barrels. Of course it weighs a couple more ounces when it's loaded.:D
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    Opinions on Browning Citori and 20 vs. 28ga?

    True. And it's a round receiver, which has a certain cachet in the shotgun world -- deservedly so as far as I'm concerned. It has great geometry, too. However, it's still heavier than Beretta 20s and for reasons I don't understand, Ruger doesn't offer it with a straight grip and engraving on the...
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    Opinions on Browning Citori and 20 vs. 28ga?

    Yes. The lower-priced Berettas share 20 Gauge frames. AFAIK you have to go to a 687 Silver Pigeon to get a scaled "baby" frame, and then you have to get a 28 Gauge gun, NOT a 20/28 combo. I should have been specific: you have to make sure you're buying a "baby frame" if that's what you want. A...
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    Opinions on Browning Citori and 20 vs. 28ga?

    687 baby frame Beretta if you want a real 28 Gauge in a scaled, low-profile receiver. Prices go up from there, if you want a light, scaled 28 in a quality gun. I have yet to buy a 28, though I have a growing rack of 20s and I really do like them. Most cheap 28s weigh more than their 20 Gauge...
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    Shooting at the same target?

    That's horsecrap. Chip shoots and Annie Oakleys (aka Custers) were very common games for Trapshooters, at least until most of the people who could shoot well moved over to the newer discipline of Sporting Clays. Now, some die-hard Trap and many Sporting Clays shooters do these things both...
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    Beretta AL 391 length of pull question

    Ah. The Parallel Target RL. The picture doesn't even look like the RL version, does it? (Reduced Length). Yeah, Beretta's website is long on graphics, short on data! I'm not sure. I haven't messed with a Parallel Target at all. I looked here, but it doesn't list LOP for the 391, only the 3901...
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    Beretta AL 391 length of pull question

    I believe you are referring to this gun, the 3901 Target RL: I've handled reduced-LOP 391s, and they're 20 Gauges that just look like stubby versions of a regular Urika 2, same shape but shorter.
  17. A the range?

    It also depends on the nature of the range, itself. Where is it? What is it? If the deer have come to forage on irrigated landscaping, that's could be baiting, ethically speaking. Around here, baiting isn't legal and it's not considered ethical. In other places, hunting means sitting in a stand...
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    Flutes, Good or Bad?

    It depends on whether the rifle is a range toy or a tool for the field. As others have said, a fluted barrel can provide a compromise that improves accuracy for a given weight. If you shoot off a bench, you won't care. If you hump a hunting rifle up the side of a mountain, you might. I have...
  19. A the range?

    Some ranges are off-limits to hunting. It depends on who owns the land, what use permit there is if it's public land, or what the owner of the land decides if it's private. But otherwise, if you have a license and a tag, a range is as good a place as any. I've never shot anything but doves over...
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    Rarest gun you own?

    What's a take-up trigger?