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  1. Jesse Heywood

    300 Blackout reloading.. HELP

    For dies, I recommend the small base die. Gives better feeding in SA guns. Buying 300 brass simplifies the process, but converting 223 brass is cheaper. For more info go to
  2. Jesse Heywood

    Rumor: Gander Outdoors is getting rid of all of their Shooting/Hunting sections

    When the local Gander opened the manager made a statement about not wanting the business of firearm buyers. So I never darkened their door.
  3. Jesse Heywood

    Wanting to load 45lc with the powder I have

    Bullets and their weight play a big role in powder selection.
  4. Jesse Heywood

    380 seating issues with coated Missouri bullet

    Another temporary solution is hot glue. Apply a drop of candle wax to the bullet tip
  5. Jesse Heywood

    When You cant get your favorite powder, Time to think!

    AA #5 shows up for 9mm & 38 spl 158 gr in Lyman #50. Gives you another option for when the Red Dot runs out.
  6. Jesse Heywood

    What do you carry when you cant carry a gun?

    I had quit carrying due to numerous medical issues.I do use a CS dragon walking stick. My dragon carries a CS para edge (disc.) made in Japan.
  7. Jesse Heywood

    When You cant get your favorite powder, Time to think!

    What other handgun powders are on you shelf?
  8. Jesse Heywood

    tearing down loads.

    I have started tearing down my test loads. I have quite a few and will likely not be to fire them. Too many things that need completed. When I got into some 9 mm loaded with 800-X I found some where the powder was sticking in the case. Powder bought at the end of the Obama panic, so it should...
  9. Jesse Heywood

    Missouri Bullet Co question

    I agree with on the,300 stainless.. but the steel is not truly as stainless, it has steel and Will rust. When I started in B-52 repair and got my introduction to design with stainless, my first question was why do I need a finish callout for the raw material.. Because it rusts. On hardcast...
  10. Jesse Heywood

    Missouri Bullet Co question

    Brad would have given you some grief for calling any of his bullets hard cast. He despised the term and dared anyone to find a verified definition. That's why only the BHN is used. Now the most he can do is roll in his grave. :D
  11. Jesse Heywood

    What clever little things have you "invented or discovered" that you can share?

    I was having trouble with my RCBS hand primer. The gate on the tray kept sliding shut, a real frustration. So I put on my Tom Terrific hat. I used two small pieces of scotch tape at the end of the slot and I cut slot with the a sharp knife. Now the gate stays in place and can slide to the...
  12. Jesse Heywood

    Colt King Cobra Target

    You can buy Pachmayrs with their medallion and replace it with a Colt medallion. Or you can go with the Altamont grips and have them engrave the Colt name.
  13. Jesse Heywood

    Whatever happened to axe handles in rifle racks?

    When I lived in Texas (early 80s) I had two friends who were arrested by the Dallas PD. They had pulled to a convenience store in the middle of the night in a car that fit the description of a car that had robbed the place a few minutes earlier. Spent the night in jail. When they went before the...
  14. Jesse Heywood

    OH NO! Am I becoming a collector??

    Welcome to the collectors club.
  15. Jesse Heywood

    Question about using Auto-Comp in a revolver

    I've loaded Autocomp behind lead in 38 spl, 357 mag and 45 Colt. Great accuracy and zero problems. If I didn't already have enough other powders to last a lifetime or 2 I would make it my go to.
  16. Jesse Heywood

    Is the New Colt Cobra the same as the old cobra?

    CD-C & CD-G on the New Cobra. CD-S on the King. They all interchange. Bought the S for the King because I needed a grip to fit my giant hands.
  17. Jesse Heywood

    Police Revolvers Still Being Used?

    You're walking on thin ice, partner. I might have to write you a parking ticket!
  18. Jesse Heywood

    L E Wilson Military Crimp remover-help?

    I have two tools that I use. One is a primer pocket reamer that I attach a handle to. The is a chamfer and deburr tool. I chuck the case in the drill and remove the crimp.
  19. Jesse Heywood

    357 magnum load going to try Saturday...First time! What do you think?

    Not trying to rain on your parade, but questioning your sources. I have been spitting out rounds loaded with 148 gr. LSCW cast with wheel-weight lead. Per Lee #2 loaded with 6.4 gr. Unigue shows 1,465 fps at 33,800 PSI. Shot from a 686 I get minimal leading that is removed with a brush wrapped...