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    I guess people want a .40 now......

    .40 and 357 SIG are SIG-nificantly cheaper and more available than 9mm right now. The only thing I don't mind taking out and burning ammo with is my 357 SIG. I can actually replace what I use.
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    Of all the current Sig pistols what would be your pick?

    P229 legacy slide model, could be railed or not, original grips before the E2 craziness. Von Stavenhagen sights (bar/dot) would make it even sweeter. Any caliber, 9/40/357. Edit to add: DA/SA only. DAK and DAO are garbage.
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    Heat and pistol target shootiing

    People up north avoid being outside during the thick of winter. Down here in FL, it is almost handled the same. Try not to be outside unless you're in the water. I have lived here my entire life and this time of year never gets any better. It is brutal.
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    Ruger MPR

    I bought my Ruger AR back before the MPR existed. I spent more money to end up with an MPR-esque rifle by free floating it, adding a comp, and playing with buffer weight. When I finally got around to doing the work, the MPR was on the market. But I've got my AR556 shooting real good. Get the...
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    Ruger AR556 mods

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a few pearls of wisdom on the Ruger AR556. This post pertains to the standard model, and not the MPR. I took off the front sight, replaced it with a low profile gas block, and put on a Foxtrot Mike 15" free float rail and a Magpul VFG. I also replaced the stock...
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    What long guns are best to SBS/SBR?

    Waiting on my Form 1 to SBR one of my AR15 rifles. The upper I will use for this is currently on a pistol lower I built just for this purpose. Having the pistol lower allowed me to proceed with building the upper, verifying that it is functional, sighting in, and dialing in buffer weight without...
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    RIP rcmodel

    I logged in to THR last night after about 5 years. I had a feeling... Just years later. RIP.
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    AR Builds -- What Parts Did You Choose and Why??

    I built this rifle last week. DSA upper, small parts from Brownell's AR Stoner 18" fluted barrel Palmetto NiB BCG Standard CH, forget who made it Doublestar rifle length free float tube Palmetto PA-15 complete carbine lower Leupold VX-1 3X-9
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    500 S&W 1st Time Shooters

    A 500 is not that bad to shoot casually if you have good form. I've only shot one on one occasion, and easily hit the mark I was going for. Revolvers are less popular with the general public, so something I might add would be to warn them about putting fingers and hands alongside the cylinder...
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    G27 with 13rd and 15rd mags, FAIL

    I had a G26 that would shoot just fine with the 17 round mags from my 17. I never used an adapter.
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    Question on assembling a Glock 17L

    No, it won't.
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    Sig P229 Caliber Choice Based On Reloading

    Get the .40, the P229 is one of the best platforms for it. Reloading components are tied between 9 and .40 for availability. 357 SIG is a little trickier because only flat nose 9mm bullets will work. 9mm Luger can use flat or round.
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    Sig 226 9mm

    Just buy a 9mm slide, barrel, and spring.
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    Polymer versus Steel/Aluminum drop durability

    The marks won't show up unless it deflects it enough to cause permanent deformation. Like if you tried to crush it or hit it with a bat. The difference is the amount of stress required to cause that deformation. Steel will be highest, aluminum takes second, and polymer takes third.
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    Polymer versus Steel/Aluminum drop durability

    Plastic might flex and return almost to original shape, but it will usually leave light-colored flash marks where the material bent. These spots are now much weaker than they were before the bend and subsequent bends will exponentially weaken it until it breaks. I am sure that this would happen...
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    P226 Questions

    I wouldn't worry about a P226 being refinished. Since they were blued conventionally in 1989, unless it wasn't used much at all in any capacity, even just carried around, the bluing would be toast. As long as it's working properly and your breech block insert is still tight, it's good. If...
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    There is no such thing as clean powder

    Upper range charges of Universal are clean in a variety of calibers. The cases come out clean, the guns only get very light soot in them, I consider that clean burning.
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    New Kahr PM9 - I think I'm screwed

    They aren't going to fix it because to them, it isn't a quality issue. For all we know, the gun could be an awesome shooter. Just go shoot it.
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    New Kahr PM9 - I think I'm screwed

    I had the same kind of marking on the slide of my SIG P229. It's a pretty normal thing to come up. I ignored it and it's pretty much gone from contact with the barrel hood from thousands of rounds. Don't worry about it. It isn't going to rust or harm the gun at all.
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    S&w 4506

    Now you just need a Testarossa, white linen pants, and deck shoes.