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  1. 61chalk

    M1A scope mounts and performance etc Go here and but the high picany rail.....its around 150.00. I used a 3rd generation mount and it was reviews on the Bassett....took a chance....its so simple and so perfect......I would never get any other kind. I use low scope rings and...
  2. 61chalk

    Got my first Garand!

    Love it...congrats an welcome to the Garand club.
  3. 61chalk

    FAL or M1A?

    M1A all the way.
  4. 61chalk

    The dream: M1a and hunting

    For heavier bullets...180 to 220 brownells sells a Adjustable gas plug for the M14 to relieve pressure an fine tune the rifle for more accuaracy. I didn't know about this until the other day. Think Midway also sells them, so I'm told. It works just like on the Garand for heavier bullets an...
  5. 61chalk

    Suicide gun...would you want one?

    A gun has no memory or emotion....true...but people do. If an object brings back bad or sad memories why keep it...? I have many guns from wars that probably killed, I have no problem. They don't bring back bad memories....a gun that killed a family member or friend....well I might not hold onto...
  6. 61chalk

    Cheap .308 ammo

    I shoot 7.62 MEN ammo in my Fed. Ord. M14A an its very cheap. Made in Germany also called DAG, just different factories. 200 rds for around 89.00.....some shooters say its more accurate than there expensive Match ammo. I've been shooting mine out to 740yds with hits on a small gong.
  7. 61chalk

    Effective range AR15 vs M1 and M14

    Excellent post by Float Pilot. We were told in the 80's the M16 had a effective range of 400 meters. My M1 Garand reaches out to 740 yds no problem.
  8. 61chalk

    Nuke this Poll!

    Done 54%yes 43%no I can't stand those stupid woman on that show....I feel dirty just going to the site to vote.
  9. 61chalk

    Top Shot (Season 4)

    Post 88....Winnner. I've shot hundreds of them in my M203 in the Army. They are not impressive. We hit logs an small bunkers that did little damage. They are probably less than half a grenade in power, we are talking HE. Everytime I see a Chuch Norris movie an he's using them I want to just...
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    Top Shot (Season 4)

    I liked the show, got off to a good start....was is "little John" that won the M1 Carbine challenge....they said he was a World Champion Grenader.....?....I was a grenader at times in the Army.....but a World Champion....? there such a thing....?
  11. 61chalk

    M1 Garand OTIS cleaning option

    As a proud Garand owner....this thread has made me laugh. Historical fact???? Lets talk with the GCA who did a test to check this "myth". They took a Garand with ME of 2.0 an taking the Steel ramrods proceeded to punish the rifle barrel with it until they reached a ME of 3.0. They tried to...
  12. 61chalk

    Why Not a M1 Garand?

    I could of bought one in the late 70's...picked one up an wow..thats kinda thought they were ugly...I saved up an bought a Remington 700 30-06...then sold it an bought a Colt forward to 2009 an I see an CMP advertisement for M1 Garands an saw people on this forum talking...
  13. 61chalk

    M1A Barrel length 18.5'' or 22'' standard?

    Better accuracy at long range with the 22"....I like shooting out to 740 yds. An I like the looks of the 22" better.
  14. 61chalk

    M1a question??

    Normal. Its safe to fire without the magaizine in also. When you have the rifle loaded you will notice that the bolt is a little snugger also.
  15. 61chalk

    M1 Lifespan?

    The GCA did some testing on this, something like 6000 rounds on a Barrel with ME 1.0 to get it to ME 2.0...I don't think either of my ME 2.0 Garands will ever get to ME 3.0 let alone have to be rebarreled.
  16. 61chalk

    gonna scope mount my first M1A I have the Bassett an its great, love it. So simple its amazing. I can't see wanting any other. I have the High Pitcanny with low scope rings, set just above the irons so i can still use the irons without taking it off. I have a life time...
  17. 61chalk

    M1 garand question.

    It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that Ping. +1 for the CMP, buy a service grade if by mail. I've picked out 2 nice field grades from the N. Store. Great rifles.
  18. 61chalk

    Tell Me About the M1A

    Check out the m14forum they have lots of info I read an learned before buying a Federal Ordanace M14A/M1A with USGI parts....I love this rifle, an I like how the optics fit better than my Garand. Buy GERMAN DAG or MEN ammo. Its so accurate that some guys are saying its as good as their Match...
  19. 61chalk

    my new M1 Carbine and its story

    My guess is that it was captured. In fact the dead NVA since he had 2, had probably picked them up himself, then got killed an your cousin found them. If it was your cousin that painted it....I would strip that paint all off, then see how it looks, if real bad I would repark, but would try an...
  20. 61chalk

    Springfield M1A

    The reason I liked my USGI parts rifle is because its ....well.....USGI. I got my good shooter for 1100.00 off gunbroker....the barrel was made by HR the same month an year I was born, I like the history of these USGI parts guns. Someone mentioned its hard to find a solid scope...