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    Safety of milsurp 98 Mauser actions- Years or manufacturers to avoid?

    Pretty much anything made by FN between the wars is good. FN produced almost all of the South American Mauser rifles and quality was uniformly good. Prime rifle actions are the DWM Argentine 1909 and DWM Brazilian 1908. The Argentine 1909 is the only military Mauser that had commercial features...
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    New to me Colt in the stable.

    The finish is not a Colt factory finish. Best guess is that it's hard chrome, which while not original, is about the best gun finish there is, it's a true lifetime finish. Any type of nickel that looks like that is probably an electroless nickel. If so it will likely have a slight amber tint...
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    Genuine Oil by Birchwood Casey - Life of an Opened Bottle?

    Here's an old model makers trick to preserve contents of a can or bottle..... Light a butane lighter and blow the flame out. Hold the lighter over the bottle or can opening and allow the heavier then air butane to flow into the container. The lighter air will be forced up and out. Carefully cap...
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    Revolver trivia time: Name the maker and model.

    It's Colt's prototype for the worlds first successful double action, swing out cylinder revolver, made around 1884. The design was never produced as other then a prototype, an improved version was marketed to the military and commercial market in 1889 as the Colt New Army & Navy models.
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    Has anyone gone to the Sonoran Desert Institute?

    When it comes to higher skilled technical work like gunsmithing, watchmaking, etc, you cannot learn it through an online or correspondence course. Put it this way, if you were an aircraft owner, who'd you want working on your engine or air frame.... a guy who took an online course, or the man...
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    .22lr revolver - how challenging to keep clean?

    Shooting the lead out" is one good way to get a bulged or ringed bore. If there's just a little too much leading the pressures can soar and it will blow a bulge in the barrel. A jacketed bullet passing down the bore has to try to push much of the leading out in front of it, like a boat pushes a...
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    Original 686 or original King Cobra

    Kuhnhausen was talking about medium frame revolvers, not large frame's like the Redhawk.
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    Are Sights Really Necessary on a Concealed Carry Pistol?

    As above, having sights is not any kind of handicap, and NOT having sights if things don't work out quite like you thought they would can get you killed. Sights simply give you the ability to choose what's best at that moment. There's no cost to having sights but very possible costs to not...
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    Original 686 or original King Cobra

    "The cylinder latch in the Colt operates the wrong way." Not when it was invented. In 1889 Colt invented the modern swing-out cylinder double action revolver. The Colt cylinder latch was intended to prevent any chance of recoil allowing the latch to move forward and unlock the cylinder. At that...
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    Cleaning Brass Grip Ferrules

    Try using a pencil eraser, possible one that's made to erase ink. Those are more abrasive then standard pencil erasers. Option two.... get a wood dowel the size of the bushing and glue a circle of fine wet or dry sand cloth to the end. Rotate by hand on the bushing to clean.
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    Which and who's tools to remove and install barrels?

    Most anything good can be bought from Brownell's. Much depends on how tight the barrel is. Some of the bench top barrel vises will work, but for tight barrels you really need a professional set up, which usually is a hydraulic jack type barrel vise using fitted inserts. My buddy uses Kelby...
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    870 upgrades

    There's lots of complaints about the original Remington Express finish rusting. Other people had no problems. It was a bead blasted blued finish. Some people said that if you kept a coat of a rust preventing lube like CLP Breakfree it wouldn't rust, or at least not that fast. Another way to...
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    Sleeved barrels?

    There are several advantages to sleeved barrels....... from the manufacturer's point of view. First, they're cheaper to make. The outer shroud can be made by MIM molding, the inner a standard barrel blank turned to size. Second, if at any point in making a standard shrouded type barrel there's...
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    What form of Oxpho Blue?

    I always preferred liquids, because I can brush it on with a brush. A paste is good if it's in an area where it runs off too fast, but I often got streaky coverage.
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    Kahr P9 - impressed

    Kahr has upgraded the line...... they've announced a double stack auto is coming this year. I saw a video a month ago done by some doofus "gun writer" or video maker.
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    870 upgrades

    Check here, they have many police parts including police extractors...........
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    Unless your'e trying to save the flash hider, the simplest and safest method is to saw and grind the thing off. Heating gun barrels may not necessarily be bad for them, but it ain't good either. Anytime you can prevent that, you're not risking a barrel.
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    870 upgrades

    For better reliably in a gun that going to be used fast, the two critical parts are a Police grade stronger carrier dog spring, and surprisingly, a stronger magazine spring. The carrier dog spring insures the carrier will go up all the way to the feed position. The stronger magazine spring is...
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    Mapp gas may not do the job fast enough. A key to this sort of job is heating the parts FAST to limit heat spread. For that you need acetylene. The longer it takes to heat, the more it spreads, and more risk of damage. If the actual pin is brazed in, you'd probably need to drill or grind the...
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    Kahr P9 - impressed

    I've been daily carrying a K9 since 1997. I can't even induce it to jam, and since I was raised on DA revolvers it feels totally natural and I shoot it well. I'm so old fashioned I don't even like aluminum guns, although I've owned a few, but I just can't deal with the idea of a plastic gun...