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    Copper casting

    I've made a "white trash furnace" before. What I did was built up a dirt mound about three feet high, dug a hole in the center. I ran a 2" steel pipe down into the hole from the side, sort of like a giant corncob pipe. Got some hardwood charcoal and a shop vac and attached the hose to the...
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    Lead recovery

    I shoot at a good non-profit gun club, if I ask the rangemasters or the club president if I can mine the berm after everybody is done, they don't think twice about saying yes. And they always point me to where people are usually shooting their .45's so I can get plenty of soft lead. It pays to...
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    Lead recovery

    I'm 20 and I still remember those cartoons! :D They showed them on Cartoon Network when I was a youngern'. Definitely not P.C. by today's standards. But these were made back in the day when kids knew to not try the stuff they saw Wiley Coyote do. People tell me I turned out old fashion. :D I...
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    Cowboys and tinkerers...

    Hombre, let us know how they perform. I might make some .450 conicals with some birdshot in the tip when I get more glue. I'd love to see how they perform!
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    Cowboys and tinkerers...

    I tried this yesterday with some military .38 cases, some Cheddite shotgun primers, and some bullets I made with hotglue sticks in my 140 grain SWC mold. These would be really great for mice and rats, those glue stick bullets came out with quite a bit of authority. I bet you could blow apart the...
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    How to: Simple High Power Hot Glue Bullets

    This has certainly gotten my attention, I'm gonna get more glue sticks next time I'm in town!
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    BP wins again!

    I too, haven't been able to find any rimfire ammo in my neck of the woods. I've gone from simply frustrated, to infuriated. We all know who's to blame here. I've been loading a lot of .38 Special, .32-20, .30-30, and .410 slugs to use as plinking ammo. The .38 and .32-20 get loaded with BP most...
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    BP loading of small cartridges

    I've loaded .22's with BP before, I used both FFFG and FFFFG. I've also loaded .32 S$W, .32 S&W Long and .32-20 with BP. For .32's I use FFFG.
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    My new naa cap and ball

    Willie, I'm using a Hornady scale. I bought it on sale at Bass Pro for $25, best $25 I've ever spent. :D Before I was using a head shop scale, I'd used it too long and it was time for an upgrade.
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    My new naa cap and ball

    If I were comparing powders to booze, 4F would be beer, Triple Seven would be Jim Beam, and Bullseye would be Everclear. ;) 4F gives a good boom, smoke but only about 400 FPS of muzzle velocity. Bullseye gives you three times the velocity, and your bullets actually expand.
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    My new naa cap and ball

    For a period of time, my NAA companion was pretty much my only defensive gun. I reckon I've spent more time experimenting with loads for that gun than most men should. But they are fantastic little revolvers, you can take them anywhere you can carry a gun, and mine has certainly lived up to the...
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    My new naa cap and ball

    Kbob, I've done some experimenting with #8 shot loads from my magnum frame. I load 1 grain of Bullseye or 2 grains of Triple Seven, some printer paper wadding, a pinch of fine birdshot, and a little bit of paper on top to keep the shot from falling out. Remington #10 caps for ignition. My...
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    My new naa cap and ball

    I've got experience with both the LR and magnum frame NAA cap and ball revolvers, they're fun lil' pistols and quite useful! I load my magnum with 2.0 grains of Alliant Bullseye, the LR frame gets a charge of 1.0 grain of Bullseye. I'm getting close to 1000 FPS with the LR, 1200 from the magnum...
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    45C BP loads

    I use nickle cases for my BP .38 Special cartridges, they hold up pretty well and are easy to clean. I put all my empty brass into a quart mason jar, when I get home I cover the cases with hot water and white vinegar. I shake the brass a whole bunch, pour out the liquid, and let them dry on a...
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    My ROA Got A Little Brother!

    I've got an H&R 622, but my friend gave me a 9 round cylinder (he's got him a couple 922's and had a spare cylinder) and it just dropped in like it was made for it! I'm considering having the 6 round cylinder reamed to .22 magnum, that way I can use the 9 round cylinder for .22LR's. ;)
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    Show me your unusual gun

    Okay, I'm in. :) Here's a .22 caliber single shot muzzleloading pistol I built myself. I used 1/2" mild steel for the frame, 1/4" for the hammer and trigger. I used an Iver Johnson revolver barrel I bought for $18 from Numrich gun parts, and a Pietta 1863 pocket nipple. The excusions for the...
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    .38 Special loaded with blackpowder

    My smokeless handloads are plenty dirty, but I just don't care about dirt and niether does my Smith. If I shoot some smokeless loads before I fire BP loads, the residue gives the BP something to stick to, sorta like Pam. If I fire a few cylinders of blackpowder loads and then fire a cylinder or...
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    .38 Special loaded with blackpowder

    J-Bar, I'm having a heck of a lot of fun shooting the old "dirty eight" with blackpowder. :) For me, the .38 Special is my do-all round. I like it for target shooting, plinking, teaching new shooters, small game hunting, self defense, and just about everything I'd want a pistol for. I certainly...
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    .38 Special loaded with blackpowder

    Well, I made up a big ol' batch of 140 grain SWC bullets and got some Goex, I recently ran short of smokeless powder for my .38 so it didn't take me too long to put two and two together. :) I've wanted to try loading .38's with BP for a while, not really for any practical reason. More or less I...
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    Am I just cheap or are gun kits expensive?

    This generation is hard on this country boy. Luckily I've been able to work for guns, and that's a mighty pleasant situation. I split and stacked a few cords of firewood for my uncle and he gave me an old Marlin 336 is .30-30. No plastic or anything. I too feel sorry for this generation, and...