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  1. DeadEye9


    I have just started using BE-86 over the past 6 months or so for .223/5.56, .308, and some experimentation with .300 Savage. While a good powder overall, one thing I noticed early was that it is definitely temperature sensitive. I originally purchased a couple lbs to try when the local stores...
  2. DeadEye9

    Another 45 COLT question...?

    I would think it should be more like 710 from a 5.5-6" and 750-760 from a 7-7.25". Only the chronograph will tell though! They're cheap these days but invaluable as a loading tool.
  3. DeadEye9

    CFE Pistol for 45 Colt?

    I have become fond of both CFE Pistol and CFE223 as of the last 8-9 months because in my area it is readily available and cheaper than most others. As far as the pistol goes, I have had very good success with 9mm, .38 Special, .44 Special, and .45 ACP as far as medium velocity range fodder goes...
  4. DeadEye9

    45 Colt data for 5.5 " SAA

    This is true for sure; depending on the condition of the chamber and barrel you can see significant velocity differences between different examples of the same model revolver. For instance I have two M25s; one is +P rated one is not as they are different gen revolvers but both the same gun...
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    How do you make the price of shooting 300 WIN MAG manageable?

    I am a very avid fan of both the .300 Win Mag and .338 Lap Mag, neither of which are economical to shoot by any means however for me they are a blast (quite literally) to shoot at distances of 800-1200yds even at my mediocre skill level and should the need ever arise I know the cartridges have...
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    45 Colt data for 5.5 " SAA

    Your going to be hard pressed to find data for that kind of velocity from a New Vaq, as they are considered the weaker frames and as you stated similar pistols with a few extra inches of barrel max out around where you want to be. In other platforms hitting those speeds and then some is no...
  7. DeadEye9

    9mm C.O.L.

    I have loaded and shot 1000s of actual Hornady XTP 115gr for weekly action pistols shoots and HP-38 was my go to with that load for a long time. I wasn't competing with anyone but myself, so there were no power factor issues and I basically loaded for what I shot the fastest most accurately...
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    If you were to reload 5.56mm/.223 remington for medium game...

    Nosler Partitions have always worked great for me on medium game the times I've used a .223. Mainly white tail deer, and they've always dropped easily to a shot in the "boiler room". The 60gr Partition in my load clocks from a 20" AR around 3145fps and was developed after I had a good experience...
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    M&P 9 shield am I the only one

    Same for me. I'm a Glock guy but for single stack 9mm the Shield is my favorite. It isn't uncomfortable to me at all, and all I have is a set of Talon grip tape. Everyone's tastes and hands are different, though and that's why it's great there are so many different pistols out there!
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    Caliber Wars: then and now

    With modern ammo all the service calibers are going to perform the same as long as the shooter does their job. With that in mind I gravitate towards the 9mm for capacity and because I can shoot it very fast very accurate. A .45 having more "stopping power" than a 9mm and so on is a myth long...
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    EDC/CCW: how many rounds do YOU carry?

    Aggree with this entirely. I used to be a big caliber fan/carrier and felt that even if I had only had 6 or 8 rounds if they were .357 or .45 it was ok because the rounds had "stopping power". Now that I've been around a while and have seen the difference between service calibers to be so...
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    Load data wanted for CFE pistol and 124 JHP 9mm

    Velocity is going to depend just as much on what your shooting the loads from as the loads themselves. What barrel length/platform are you trying to achieve 1150 from? I run 5.4gr CFE behind a 124 XTP as one of my "go to" loads and it runs about 1205fps from a Glock 17. Quite an accurate load to...
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    Case Capacity

    Case capacity is different for different cases and from lot to lot. This is why we do the water weight test because it is the easiest way to get a case capacity. If you load you must have a scale of some sort; just fill the empty case to the brim and weigh it.
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    Found my new favorite load

    My Glock 19s and 17 like Be-86 and Gold Dots as well, but I also do very well with Power Pistol and Hornadys 124 XTP. My typically carry load is the 124 HST so I load the XTP to mimic recoil and POI of that load and use it for training weekly. Another very accurate powder/bullet combination in...
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    case capacity sensitive powders

    I use a combination of compressed and non compressed loads depending on bullet I'm using in .223/5.56. For the 69gr BTHPs(Sierra MatchKing, Barnes Match Burner, etc.) I run nearly a full case (~25.5gr) of Varget with excellent results. For my 52gr BTHP Hornady Match load however I use CFE223 at...
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    Is Speer handgun data questionable? (9mm specific)

    TiteGroup works ok for economical easy shooting loads. You can go with like 3.3gr and a 147 around 1.15" and have a soft shooting economy target load that actually groups quite well. With a 124 FMJ I run 4.2gr @1.255". I don't use TG much these days but there was a while when the loads I...
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    Is Speer handgun data questionable? (9mm specific)

    Aggree with everything said above. One thing I will add that is great for loading is the caliber specific manuals. The big books are great and I have Noslers, Speer, Hornady, Etc but the caliber specific books are great because they take all of the loads from all of the major books and put them...
  18. DeadEye9

    Is Speer handgun data questionable? (9mm specific)

    A chronograph would certainly benefit you as a loader trying to "mimic" loads. You can get a decent Caldwell or Shootinf Crony starting around $80-100 or so and it is a worthwhile investment for any loader in my opinion. Going back to the subject at hand; Federal Champion aluminum case that I...
  19. DeadEye9

    Shield or Ruger American?

    The M&P series in general are excellent firearms pretty much across the board. I own several in Pistol and Carbine/rifle form and have always been impressed with all of them. Though I don't own a Shield 45 (it serves no particular purpose for me and my systems) I do own two Shield9s among my...
  20. DeadEye9

    Help with gold dots

    Oh and As far as powders you mentioned, I would give the nod to the BE or Hs6 before using Hp38 for a defensive load. Just my preference/opinion though. YMMv