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    Build your own "Bag of Guns" Walking Dead style

    see that's why I'm leaning towards .357 for pistol and carbine, with 20 gauge for shotgun. figure 500rds in .357 and 200rds buckshot. Actually not too bad for a group to carry. 7.62x39 would be another option, but ammo would be less to carry and guns/ammo would be harder to come by. .22lr...
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    Build your own "Bag of Guns" Walking Dead style

    I actually thought for a small-town police force the weapons were pretty realistic. Rick mentions on the show in the pilot that "A lot of it (the weapons in the armory) has gone missing. Later, in the third episode he mentions that there were over a dozen handguns and 700rds of ammunition...
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    Build your own "Bag of Guns" Walking Dead style

    I've been mulling this over a bit, and this thread isn't about zombies or tactics but about what guns would make it in the duffel bag. I counted in this season, excluding handguns, some 5 shotguns and 2 rifles. What long guns and pistols would make it into a single big bag meant to arm others...
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    tactical features in the field?

    I adapted a 3-point sling designed for AR/MP5/AK's to a leveraction .44 for field carry. It makes carrying the gun easier, and if you have to um, relieveyourself, you have the gun right at your side, muzzle down.
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    Suppressed lever guns?

    what would be the best caliber? I though that for a suppressor to work at max efficieny, the bullet would have to be subsonic. A heavy .44, .357, or .38 or older western caliber?
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    20 Ga Pump

    Finding a 20 ga pump The best kept secret in SE MI is the 20 ga pump. Shop around on the3 gun forums local to you, should have np problem finding one under $150, probably closer to $125. If you can find a pardner pump youth model in 20 ga, its basically an 870, although in 20 ga, none of the...
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    27 rifles stolen from California military base

    a continuation of 'fast & furious' guns and fallout from the atf earlier this year?
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    Speaking of Husqvarna's, check this baby out....

    Reminds me of whale wars, only more sense I too noticed the sarcasm and if you want it, but it! There may be a use for it. Come to Michigan and use to catch some carp out of the lakes. Seriously though, I cant watch the whale wars show. How dumb can they be? Environmentalists flying...
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    Why Shotguns Are Really Best

    guess next trip to the white lake, MI walmart, I'll just have to buy a box, keep the retail sticker on, take a picture and post it for all the naysayers out there. Afterall, I am down to my last $29.97 40rd box I got from there two months back. The days of $5 a box 7.62x39 in anything but Wolf...
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    cutts compensator & choke tubes

    Ive checked the threading inside the compesnator carefully after each shooting, and there are no signs of visible wear. Its a prettty rusted on the outside, shiny bore on the inside, gun. A good shooter for $75, not a collector's item so I'm not too worried. The inside of the cutts...
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    cutts compensator & choke tubes

    Thanks for the tip. I got to shoot it at 50yds today. Two slugs out of 3 (after finding poi, need a 12 o"clock hold at the top of the target) hit the center, right next to each other. The only sight is a bead atop the cutts compensator. It does a surprisingly good job of keeping the muzzle...
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    Why Shotguns Are Really Best

    must just be a MI thing then. All 7.62x39 in 20rd boxes, Win white box at walmart, 7.62x39 fmj is $14.97 a box. I've never seen it less than that anywhere at regular retail price.
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    Why Shotguns Are Really Best

    shotguns are the classic gun. even slug shooting, 20rds (4 - 5rd boxes) are about $13-$15 with tax. WW and UMC are more for 20 rifle rounds these days. even fmj, check the ww 7.62x39, bet its closer to $15 a box. I went from rifles to shotguns. Part of it is living in the shotgun zone in...
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    cutts compensator & choke tubes

    I aquired for a small sum of money a neglected bolt action shotgun made by Kessler 20ga, with a cutts compensator attached to the muzzle. The barrel is marked full, but the cutts compensator is missing a choke tube. I've never seen a cutts comp. up close, but it is very wide inside. By wide...
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    Holy Giant Lead Balls Batman!

    in 20ga, paraklese technologies avertises 1200 fps with a load: 2 - .58 285gr (ea.) hard cast balls. Recoil is on par with 2 3/4" brenneke. Downrange performance is impressive versus either a single slug or a standard buck load on pumpkins and watermelons.
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    Holy Giant Lead Balls Batman!

    hey, mini cannon balls serve a purpose. Havent you ever wondered, "what if?"
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    Shooting slugs in SXS Doubles

    Ive been trying with a pair of 20ga coach guns as well. One shoots slugs better than the other. Brenneke seems to be the preferred load. Haven't played around with too many loads. Maybe some Williams slugger sights might help.
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    Big Annoucement! I've sold the TV rights for a book that started out on this forum.

    I don't know about that. AMC seemed to have the gun realism down pretty good in The Walking Dead. Congats on doing well with MHI.
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    Holy Giant Lead Balls Batman!

    that's noit true about the poor patterns. Paraklese Technologies makes a load they call bore shot, in both 12 and 20 ga. the 20ga load I have fired through a few different shotgons, pattern was to poa and never more than two inches beteween the two ball load. granted, these balls are .58...
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    Does cutting down a smoothbore shotgun barrel effect slug accuracy

    I had the chance to shoot an old mossberg 500 with a barrel cut from 28" (labeled) to 20". With just a fiber optic front sight I was able to pull off an impressive 3" group at 25 yards standing unsupported with 3" 1oz brenneke slugs. I noticed that the barrel has a heavy profile to it...