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    I like my guns like I like my coffee

    Non thr comment removed. -mgmt
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    Do XDs rust badly?

    the new xd finish (melonite) is chemically equivalent to Glocks tennifer. i made sure that the xd i purchased had the new finish......
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    300 Movie

    it was a good movie. regardless of historical accuracy.....i want to believe that what i saw was in some way accurate to the valor of those spartans. come and get them........BITCHES!!!!!
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    Cheapest configuration for a suppressed handgun?

    one of my favorite "play" guns is my p22 with tac65 can. my buddy doug really likes it too:
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    Maybe the 9mm isn't very effective!

    all i know is that i can empty a mag of 9mm accurately into my target in about half the time i can do the same with a mag (less rounds) of 40 cal.
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    What handguns can you just not get into?

    The originator of this thread (TropicalZ) has more than 1400 posts. and this thread has 129 replies...and with mine..130.
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    Fuel Source for SHTF Scenario???

    Ive always relied on the blood of my enemies for fuel....but dead cats sounds good too.
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    Good Reliable $160 auto?

    I heard its not even a table, but more like a piece of plywood on top of some saw horses.
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    Good Reliable $160 auto?

    a gun is a tool, most people have tools in their trunks. i vote makarov.
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    Favorite 1911 grips picture thread.

    wow, call this thread Lazarus, because it was raised from the dead! 2003 was the last post.
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    Any info on "Hesse Arms".

    avoid like plague
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    Rumor of a new Bersa?
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    new RAP 401 !

    the sights falling out of the rap has been discussed in great depth. Fill the holes almost all the way with some epoxy, then paint them a bright color with some paint. here are mine.
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    Mouse (sized) guns - pics!

    Autauga mkii 32 caliber.
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    My new boomboomboomboomboom Stick

    why yes, it is.
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    Submit pictures for a photo mosaic poster, IMMORTALIZE YOUR GUN PICS!!

    this last post got me thinking...if you have a LOT of pics to submit, please please please, put them in a folder, right click the folder, compress them to a zip file, and attach the zip file to an email. that will make this process about a billion times easier on me...and make it more likely a...
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    Submit pictures for a photo mosaic poster, IMMORTALIZE YOUR GUN PICS!!

    people with guns, dogs with guns...whatever, just as long as it has guns in it. and as for the colors, as far as i know, the mosaic software takes the pictures, and approximates the average color of the picture...then arranges them accordingly...then after that, you can colorize the pictures...
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    Submit pictures for a photo mosaic poster, IMMORTALIZE YOUR GUN PICS!!

    My vision is a mosaic poster of the american flag...made from picture tiles of firearms. If you submit pictures, you will be able to say, "hey look here, see that? thats my 1911, and over here, thats my AR" I will have to purchase the software, and i am also checking on printing prices...
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    new RAP 401 !

    the pancake holster from uncle mikes that fits the P239 also fits the rap perfectly. i had one and sold it along with the gun.... cant remember the size. None of the leather i tried ever fit right.