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    Aftermarket Recoil Pad

    I will be shopping for a new recoil pad for my bubba'd M1917 Einfield. The one that was put on when sporterized has hardened and feels more like the old metal butt plates. I am leaning toward a bolt on, grind to fit option. The slip on Limbsaver I put on my Mav88 looks cheap and sloppy.
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    Leather Holster Binge

    My favorite brand of holsters is unfortunately out of business. They made kydex/leather hybrid holsters. Large piece of leather with a kydex shell on the front for whatever firearm it is. Made changing firearms very easy. And with the same piece of leather, very little break in period with a new...
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    What's your preferred every day carry?

    Walther Q4 Tactical with a Holosun 507C and Streamlight TLR-7 when I carry on my waist. Walther PPS with Viridian C5L when in my pocket. When I get a Micro Dagger it will be like my Walther big brother and little brother. With the same accessories.
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    Pistol light out past the muzzle?

    Personal preference but I prefer my weapon lights to be behind the muzzle on both rifles and handguns. Having a light past the muzzle isn't a huge concern. Make sure it is clean and batteries are fresh now and then. Exact same considerations I would recommend as behind the muzzle lights.
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    WOWZA for the 'green' Viridian E-Series Laser Module!

    Depends solely on environment. For self defense optics I like green. Why? Because green is nicer to my astigmatism and most people don't wear green clothing. For hunting I like red illuminated optics because it contrasts better against green or brown foliage.
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    Fraudulent "pre ban" magazines for sale?

    Something about fools, money, and easily departed. That being said, I did sell a handful of Beretta 92 magazines for more than retail because they were marked "Military/LE use only" on the side.
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    Hypothetically what would be your choice: Uzi in 9mm w/ 16 Mags or Winchester Lever Action in 45/70 w/ 100 rounds of ammo?

    Unless the 9mm Uzi is a pre-bans rarity worth a lot. The 45-70 is a better choice. I would take a rifle caliber in a rifle over a pistol caliber in a real machine gun any day of the week.
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    How Much Land to Shoot On?

    I have ONE acre of property that the county sheriffs have said I can build a range on as long as I have proper backstops and R/L limits. Haven't done so yet as I feel this is below the bare minimum needed. But, next door is an 800 acre hunting preserve I can go on at any time.
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    What motivates your gun-related expenditures?

    At times, all of the above. I place myself right between "need" and "utility." I have all the basics covered when it comes to self/home defense and hunting. With very little emphasis on the hunting, as I haven't participated in a white tail season in many years. My last two purchases were...
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    Heading to the range today with what used to be "cheap" guns.

    I was just speaking to a coworker about this the other night. The specific example was I bought my Marlin 336 20 years ago for 300 because I couldn't afford a Henry. Now Marlins are more expensive than Henry and I can sell my old Marlin for the price of either. What a weird time to be into firearms.
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    Any firearm can be used self-defense in a pinch. Do you agree?

    I'll take any firearm for self or home defense before anything else. Even an air rifle. But I will take the best I can legally and financially afford. As laws become more restrictive, your selection does too. When the SAFE act passed, my grandfather sold all his firearms (three heirloom quality...
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    Rand HAWG grease. 1oz tube has lasted me quite a few years at this point. It is dark red so you know when it is staying around where you put it, because you can still see it when you take the firearm apart. I use this grease to lube up all the major contact points of a handgun when I use it as a...
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    Reasons for keeping "safe queens"?

    Only two firearms I consider true safe queens. One handgun isn't worth much but holds a lot of sentimental value. Have only fired 50 rounds through it. The other holds sentimental and monetary value. Insurance values it at 5K and no ammo has gone through it. Ironically enough, it isn't in my...
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    Update on recent experience flying with handgun

    Sounds just like most of the times I have flown with a firearm. I always get to baggage claim very early. And stand right where the bags come in. That way I will see every bag that comes into the claim area at the earliest time. The only instance where this strategy didn't work out, all the bags...
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    List of my guns for wife

    My wife didn't know all the guns I owned. Now that she has left and filed divorce, I am quite glad she doesn't. Make a list for yourself and keep it updated. Include date bought, place, how much etc. Any information you want. Keep copies in multiple places so it can be found only by the people...
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    Misfire/hang fire time

    I have fired somewhere in the ballpark of 1-2 million rounds of ammo. Every thing from rimfires up to tank rounds, belt feds, and Gatling-style munitions. I only recall about 6 or so hangfires. True hangfires, where the trigger was pulled and there was a noticeable delay in firing. More than...
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    Flying with Blue/SIRT Guns?

    How many are you traveling with? If only a few, I would pack them up just like regular firearms. Most TSA agents don't know anything about firearms. It would be better to pack them up like firearms just in case an employee is scared by them to say they are firearms and won't travel floating...
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    Henry Big Boy X Model - High Grin Factor!

    I have a gorgeous commemorative Henry that is just too pretty and rare to shoot. I have been looking at the X and all weather models for awhile now looking for something I won't feel bad about hunting with and beating up a little. The box Henrys come in is nothing special but the rest inside is...
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    Marlin "bullseye" on rifles.

    I put my sling through the bullseye and it is in a perfect spot for me. I will likely move the sling slightly and restore the bullseye at some point. When I put the sling in, I didn't know much better. Marlin model 336 in 35Rem. Made in 1983
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    Looking for a Handgun for Work

    Get a list of all requirements, in writing, from someone competent at the company. Your manager doesn't sound like they fit the bill describing semi-autos as double action only allowed. Make sure whoever gives you the information include what kind of ammo, duty gear, and holsters are required...