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    looks like I can still shoot a Glock

    I've been shooting my 1911's for most of the summer. Last Saturday I brought my trusty Glock 30 and ate hole out of the bullseye at 15 yards. Love that gun. I'm more accurate at longer ranges with my Les Baer Monolith though. I think it's the longer sight radius and trigger of the Baer.
  2. vba

    Glock 34 or 41 (MOS)

    I reload so my pick is the G41, though I have both the G34 and G41. Of the two the G41 is my favorite, it could be yours if you have larger hands.
  3. vba

    Walther PPQ, anybody here using them as their primary?

    I'm a secret admirer of the PPQ as I don't own one. I do own a PPS M2 which I like very much.
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    SRs are Back in Ruger's Line-up

    I think the SR series is going the way of the LC9S. It was discontinued but there was some distributer specials that sold, most likely to clear out part supplies. The EC9s is the same gun but I want night sights on my guns.
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    How to stop flinching, see the sights, and quit missing low-and-left

    Dave; Thank you for this post. I've struggled with this for years myself. I came from revolvers and didn't have a flinch problem. Then Auto's came along and I did develop a bad flinch. I believe it was the slide coming back during recoil. Subconsciously I thought the slide was going to...
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    I really want a Glock 43x, talk me out out of it!

    Hmm, interesting I switch between Glocks and 1911's just about every range session and have no problems doing so. Also, if you put an arched mainspring housing on a 1911 you have the same grip angle as Glock. One of my 1911's has an arched housing all my others do not and still no problems.
  7. vba

    I really want a Glock 43x, talk me out out of it!

    I've fired one but did not see the point over the 43. I can make my 43 bigger by adding Taran +2 or Magguts +2. These extensions have been utterly reliable for me and I have the luxury of carrying with standard 6 round magazine for ultimate concealment. Oh, and I don't like front cocking...
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    1911 Mysticism

    I own many samples of Glock, M&P's, and Sigs. My 1911's are just as reliable of which I own RockRiver (old samples), Colt and Les Baer. All of my 1911's will feed and fire my 255 grain hard cast SWC reloads intended for .45 Colt. The others will NOT.
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    Sig P320 M17 safety or no?

    I know this is late entry but for future reference the above should be corrected to not confuse future readers. The Sig P320 is fully cocked when the slide is racked. It is not like Glock that is partially cocked. Therefore, the P320 is SAO like a Colt Series 80 with the thumb safety removed...
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    Two M&P but one is more accurate?

    S&W had problems with earlier 1.0 M&P's. The problem was accuracy. I had a M&P9c that was inaccurate and sold it replaced with my G26. I believe this problem was fixed with later 1.0 and certainly 2.0 There are posts on this problem in various forums. This was a barrel problem not so much...
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    Need Recommendation for a .22 auto pistol

    Is there an ignore button on this site?
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    M@P 2.0 barrel length 4.25 yes or no to buy?

    I can tell you the trigger on my M&P45 2.0 is very nice indeed. It is light, short enough and has a great reset.
  13. vba

    An M.D. Argues the 40 S&W...

    Why is hunting not a factor? Humans are an animal right? Then you go on to say: "I've been watching the LuckyGunner mousegun series since it started and so far what's jumped out as the best caliber for a very small, pocket sized gun is .32, not .380 or .38. Why? Because while the larger...
  14. vba

    An M.D. Argues the 40 S&W...

    You state all this as fact but I don't see any references. I understood the U.S. went to 9mm to have commonality with other nations. It is a lighter round so that logistics would be easier.
  15. vba

    An M.D. Argues the 40 S&W...

    I'm in the .45 ACP camp. Large, heavy bullets with enough momentum to break bone. I've hunted with normal velocity .45 Colt (around the same power as .45 ACP) on deer and it takes them down fast. I would not do that with 9mm. Deer are about the same weight as a small human. The deer were...
  16. vba

    LC9s and Shield likeablity

    I like my LC9s the gun is fast and easy to shoot. The trigger is very light and this is why I opted for the safety version. I removed the magazine safety (easy, see youtube). The Shield I've never shot so I don't know.
  17. vba

    Rock River 1911 Problems

    OP; If you are speaking of Rock Island. Please change thread title to avoid confusion for others visiting this thread.
  18. vba

    New Ruger 1772

    I believe the binding issue occurred after firing the gun because the cases expand. Hope your gun is OK.
  19. vba

    Glock 19 is best handgun ?

    The .45 ACP is already a large bullet with lots of momentum. The best of the .45's expand larger and give more chance to cut through vessels and organs. Because of it's greater momentum the .45 has a better chance of breaking bone. For deer sized game and larger (say a horse) a .45 Colt...
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    Glock 19 is best handgun ?

    I see this parroted all the time as well, get rid of the finger grooves. Yet, many of us like the finger grooves. There is a glock forum poll on this very topic and most people prefer the finger grooves...