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    Attention Albuquerque, NM residents who frequent Wal-Mart

    Good luck in New Mexico. Your going about it the right way.
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    Attention Albuquerque, NM residents who frequent Wal-Mart

    As a matter of fact I do. I finished my chl instructor in April. The way it was explained to me was effective notification is effective notification. Once you've been notified in writing or verbally that you can't carry on the premises then you've been given effective notification. If you...
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    Attention Albuquerque, NM residents who frequent Wal-Mart

    Check tx law again. The words are effective notification. Once you've been given effective notification you can't carry. A no gun sign means no guns.
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    First handgun: Ruger SP101 versus Glock 19

    If at all possible rent or borrow both before buying.
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    Positive LEO Interaction

    Texas has a duty to inform BUT no penalty for not informing. They removed it because without a CHl you can carry in your vehicle, with no duty to inform.
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    Unique Load with High velocity spread

    Honestly the main reason I'm sweatin this particular load is I was going to use it for a woods load and defense if needed. If something needs smacking I want to smack it at 900 fps, not 750. I will double check data and make adjustments. On a side note the 44 mag I loaded with several bullets...
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    Unique Load with High velocity spread

    Will gather more data.
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    Unique Load with High velocity spread

    Load: 38 special 158gr Swc, hard not swaged 4.7-5.0 Unique Measured with scale calibrated with check weights CCI Merc free primers Case length within .003 Good crimp Didn't check OAL Worked up from 4.7 to 5.0. 150 FPS velocity from high to low with all charge weights. What could...
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    Looking for some AR optics advice

    B-Comp 30mm Ring System. Don't see it for a 1 inch tube but you get the idea
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    Looking for some AR optics advice

    I have a Leupold VxR 1-4. I feel it's the best of both worlds. Magnification or not, with a dot if you want it. Easy to bust clay pidgeons at 100 yards. They make picatinny scope rings that you can mount a micro red dot or other sight. You'd have your main scope then your red dot mounted on...
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    .357 vs. .44 magnum

    44 factory 39.99. 44 reloads less than 11.00. And less punishing recoil unless you want it. About the same for 357. So no real decision tie breaker there I guess.
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    44 mag barrel length question

    Had a 7 1/2. Sold it. Bought a 5 1/2. Gonna keep it. I like the fluted cylinder, balance, just plain easier to handle. I reload light target loads anyone can shoot.
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    Ar15 mag wont set when full

    Smack It! It may be difficult but it's a gun not a carton of eggs.
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    A little Ammo Justice!

    No prob with people making a profit. Just painfully tired of the gouging. Good sticking it to em.
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    inexpensive improvised rattlesnake and zombie killing weapon.

    SuperNaut nailed it. Cheap, effective, long reach, anyone can go get it without training. No muss no Fuss. Please take time to identify good snakes from poisonous. But don't get bit trying to figure it out.
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    .223 rem on whitetail deer?

    Never had to borrow a bigger gun to shoot em again either.
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    .223 rem on whitetail deer?

    Again, use good bullets, place your shots, keep it under 200 yds. I've had the same experience hunting with my 16 in barrel .223 and 64 grain power points as I've had with my 30-30. Bang dead, or bang run 30 yds. Depends on placement and the deer. Good bullets are generally over 60 grains...
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    .223 rem on whitetail deer?

    .223 winchester 64 gr power point, personal experience it's a good one. I want to try .223 fusion. .223 is good for deer with a good bullet. Stay away from light varmint bullets. Stay within 200 yards.
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    Storing guns in a wooden chest?

    Had mine in a cedar brides chest for years. No issues in east Texas. I prefer my safe but the chest kept kids out, camouflaged em a bit, and was way better than under the bed.