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  1. needmorecowbell

    The Next Glock ? (poll)

    G47 paired with G19 so also have a G45 and G19L too
  2. needmorecowbell

    What gun

    Ooooh good call. Electrocute or death by rust
  3. needmorecowbell

    What gun

    What gun you grabbing for the AI Apocalypse? Too soon?
  4. needmorecowbell

    Glock issue

    Using too long of screws mounting the optic could cause too but more likely need break in and less power RSA
  5. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    I’ve narrowed it down to a PSA JAKL or Sabre but think I’m gonna wait for the JAKL to come back in stock. Both hard to get right now
  6. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    Agree. I currently have a POF and a Spikes and have owned PSAs before. I have a lot of accessories and ammo already. Only thing I’ll need to get is some buis.
  7. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    Those are main 2 reasons I don’t feel like building one plus just don’t have time to do. Seems like the PSA Sabre has a lot of good stuff I’m leaning towards that.
  8. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    2 more good options thanks
  9. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    Also really liking the new PSA Sabre. That might be in lead now
  10. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    Just because no special purpose other than have another to hand to someone when world falls apart
  11. needmorecowbell

    Opinions for new AR

    Looking for opinions on what is best AR15 in the 8-900 dollar range. Looking to add another. Right now debating between a Ruger 556, Springfield Saint and Sig m400 Tread. Which from these or what else would you get? I have already a POF Renegade+ and Spikes Tactical but not looking to spend...
  12. needmorecowbell

    Sig Romeo5 on shotgun

    I own 4 Romeo5’s. 3 are on ARs and 1 on a bullpup shotgun. The one on the shotgun started going haywire at the range today. Dot would get brighter than the sun then flash then fade out and then disappear for good. Changed battery and still same thing. Doesn’t matter if bright or dark...
  13. needmorecowbell

    CMMG Dissent

    Just shut up and take my money CMMG. Me want one!
  14. needmorecowbell

    What guns or calibers are you shooting long range?

    CMMG Banshee 10mm if we’re talking pistol cartridges
  15. needmorecowbell

    PSA Dagger thoughts

    I grabbed a complete slide with RMR cut and 1/3 night sights for 170, lower for $100, Aimsurpls barrel snd steel guide assy for $60 and a pmag for $12. Put a Holosun 507c on it that costs slmost as much as gun. Love mine. Have no concerns using as CCW. Seems as good as any. Frame and texture...
  16. needmorecowbell

    red-dot pistols

    The 507c dot is easily picked up and makes for faster acquisition. To me the circle dot is great on a pistol and useful in any lighting. Took no time at all to pick up. Also easily still conceals with red dot. Right now sits on my PSA Dagger
  17. needmorecowbell

    Your Opinion - H&K VP9 vs. Walther PPQ M2 vs. Canik TP9SFX?

    I’ve owned many different brands over the years and to me the Walther was nicer to shoot than the HK. HK never grew on me although I like their striker trigger better than DA. Definitely did not like the P30. Never had a Canik but based on reviews and popularity I’d get it with optic cut over...
  18. needmorecowbell

    One 45 ACP 5” CMMG Banshee of course