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    US Postal Service: no AC for GI's in Iraq

    I seriously doubt these contain Freon, since the stuff has been off the market for 5 years or so. No manufacturer is going to use a diminishing product for new equipment. The USPS probably doesn't know the difference between R-12 and R-22.
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    5.6 Million Have Prison Experience

    But which "crimes" are really crimes (in mal se), and which are just more feel-good BS (mal prohibitum) cooked up to make folks feel safe, keep cops (lawyers, judges) employed, and legislators looking busy? Execution drastically reduces recidivism, too. I'm all for locking up/executing...
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    S.W.A.T. (the movie)

    I've seen the trailers - C.R.A.P.
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    Bill Maher on Larry King

    Another rich liberal - oops, libertarian, or so he claims - spouts off. Notice the elitism. Illegitimacy, Marijuana, Gay Marriage, Atheism = enlightened Those who don't believe in some or all of the above = benighted cretins
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    DA Makes It Official: Death Penalty in Cop Shootings

    If the shoe were on the other foot, and a cop murdered a non-LEO, I'd hope they'd be just as vigilant in seeking capital charges. I know that in one case in KC,KS, a cop killed a bouncer in a bar after getting drunk and trying to pick a fight w/ him. Cop left got gun and killed bouncer -...
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    Neal Boortz had a good idea, which probably wasn't his own, which was to have brokerages, on the principle of Lloyd's of London, agree to underwrite the legal liability of lawsuits in exchange for a share of the judgment. He claimed this would allow those with meritorious suits (as judged by...
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    The 456 Stupidest People on Earth

    I bet they all post on :evil:
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    Tony Martin threatened with death - but still disarmed...

    Ah, Lucas electric, "the Princes of Darkness." Crapola with a capital C. Handicapping? You mean GM, Ford, who cares, and Ford, don't you?
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    Tony Martin threatened with death - but still disarmed... Irish Traveller surnames are Costello, Carpenter, Carroll, Gormon, Lewis, McNalley, Mack, O'Hara, Riley, Sherlock, Roche, Sheedy, Joy, Joyce, Hartnett How they spend the money they steal...
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    FARMER Tony Martin left prison yesterday — and one of the burglars he shot will walk

    Should've been a better shot, then the burglar wouldn't be walking anywhere. ;)
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    Tony Martin threatened with death - but still disarmed...

    I believe UK "travellers" are Gypsies, where as the "Irish Travellers" we have here (usually out of SC), are a different matter. I don't doubt that they are every bit as dangerous, though. Martin definitely did his country a favor by killing that punk - before he grew up into unmitigated...
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    Liberal with guns.

    The term for this is called "Plantation Socialism."
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    "Ditzie Chicks" at it again

    I only get upset because someone will actually take them seriously.
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    Liberal with guns.

    ***? :confused: If a bunch of PO'd folks and radio stations want to get together and burn, ban,m whatever the dixie twits, that is exercising THEIR 1st amendment rights. This is free speech - protesting what the twits have said and done. The twits can still say and do what they want, but...
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    Bad LEO encounter, need advice please

    I kinda hope I don't get the security clearance b/c that means I have to do more work for the same pay. :neener:
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    Bad LEO encounter, need advice please

    7-11? ;) Bouncer, bank teller, repo man and many others come to mind. Then they should choose not to enforce minor violations, etc. when in such mood and confine themselves to actual crimes like theft, property damage, rape, murder and assault rather than intimidate violators and other...
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    Bad LEO encounter, need advice please

    Hint: If I had an Arabic name and did what I do, I'd be under FBI surveillance. I may be soon anyway, as I'm going to need them to approve a security clearance for me. You can rest assured, however, that I don't get to go around throwing my weight around with members of the general...
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    Bad LEO encounter, need advice please

    Yep, some of us are just 'biased" against LEOs. After all, what other job can you behave like an ??? in and still get away with it (other than gunstore owner/clerk) - while some poor schmuck has to live with the fallout b/c the law assumes that you are honest, upstanding and the like? :barf:
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    CA: Gov. Davis Admits He's Consulting Clinton

    He couldn't find a better teacher on the intricacies of avoiding prosecution for malfeasance.
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    Bad LEO encounter, need advice please

    So, how long does it take an officer to exit his vehicle and ID himself? Seems this takes less time than looking for plates, driver description, and dept. markings. Seems like I'm not the one playing games and making assumptions - unless the officer couldn't find the door handle or was...