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    Gcode Incog and appendix carry review

    Do you go tucked or untucked with this holster? I've been considering one but have to go tucked at work. Thank you for the review.
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    Gun Grabbers Opening Up a New Front - Firearms and 'Public Health'

    Exactly. Especially the last line.
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    Need suggestions for Ultra compact 1911 for carry use.

    I'm partial to the STI Shadow. See review in my signature.
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    What safe am I thinking of?

    FAS1 possibly. I have one of those and it's well made.
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    Start the letter writing now

    Contact your US Senators about supporting this bill to help try to stop the EPA from having any say in the matter. It is supposed to be up for vote next week. The Sportsmen's Act of 2012." S. 3525 is an essential piece of legislation focused on the expansion and enhancement of hunting...
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    double pump action gun?

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Texas State Rifle Association

    You can also opt-in to their email list and they send weekly bulletins with relevant news, legislation and court cases. This can help you know what is coming up so you stay within the law and can contact your officials in support of or opposition to new laws. They also rate people running for...
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    Magazine Ban Amendment Offered to Senate Cybersecurity Bill

    Good for you, and more of us need to do the same and continue to do so when any of these things come up. I already wrote my reps about this one, too.
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    Played an arcade game for the first time in forever...

    Yep. For those that worry about a manual thumb safety and whether they would remember to take it off in a self defense situation, if you train with it every time you handle the gun, it will be ingrained, too. For example,at the range you can practice engaging the safety every time you're off...
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    xd 45 vs??

    Glad to hear you're liking it. When you get your finger more evenly on the trigger, your accuracy will probably also improve as a good side effect. When it's not even, you tend to pull the gun one way or the other as you squeeze the trigger.
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    SIG 226 Trigger

    If you have Sig do it, you do keep your warranty. If you just want a shorter reset, consider this. " Short Reset Trigger package – Retrofit your P220, P225, P226, P226X5-AR, P228, P229, P239 and P245 with the new SIG SAUER Short Reset™ (SRT) sear and safety lever parts. The SRT reduces...
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    Now that I have my XD 45 compact on the way, what ammo?

    Same here, although I haven't tried steelcased.
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    All dressed up and ready to go...

    Nice project, I like it.
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    Carry at the Capitol !

    Now if they'd get some of the other state agencies to stop telling employees they aren't allowed to carry at work, we'd really be on to something. The other state agency buildings aren't posted that I'm aware of, which they're not allowed to do anyway, but many still tell employees they can't...
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    Can you help me improve NM Collector Software?

    Loading multiple pictures at once, drag and drop, and thumbnails would be a big improvement to the ease of use.
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    xd 45 vs??

    I have an XD45 Tactical (5" barrel) that I use as an HD pistol. I CCW 1911s, and this pistol was the closest feel to a 1911 in a higher capacity .45 with rail for anywhere close to the price. I love mine, very accurate and easy to shoot.