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    what do you carry

    sig sauer for me.
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    Holsters for the range

    So I have my ccw and carry daily in a IWB holster. I have always wore the same holster while at the range practicing. Always with the thought of this is what I wear daily I need to be comfortable and use to drawing from it. But thoughts lately have me thinking maybe I should have a serpa...
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    What to do with my $300

    Reloading equipment would be fun.....but of your OPTIONS I would take the 10/22 option. I have lots of fun with mine. And its your b-day so buy a toy. You can buy more ammo at all the time ;) Happy B-Day by the way :D
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    What do you DO

    AT the range? Do you just shoot paper/steal or whatever targets you have. OR do you work on drawing, shooting on the move, or other things..... What drills or things do you do? Please let us all know! Thanks!
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    Does everyone in your house know how to shoot

    myself and wife yes.... my kids being 5 and 2 no.......My 5 year does shoot some but not well enough to defend.....but its only a matter of time before she gets better!
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    Training? Practice? Competition? What have you done?

    I try to shoot once a and other obligations sometimes stops me from that :(
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    Convince me which size XD to get

    If you are going to carry go with the subcompact.
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    Ricochet - Sometimes it hurts.

    HOLY CRAP! Glad you are ok! Thanks for the reminder....... I will look at my range setup a little closer.
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    Dillon Press

    WOW thanks for ALL the great replies! My father has reloaded for years and has everything needed to reload. I have helped him....but I am going to now get my own press and start reloading at my home. So my list right now is... Dillon 550 press Dillon 9mm dies a 9mm case gauge extra...
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    Dillon Press

    So I am leaning towards purchasing a Dillon 550 press. What other accessories do I need with this press to make life easier? Strong mount, additional primer pick up tubes, case gauge, ect.... Thanks!
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    Holster help needed!

    I carry my gun in a IWB cross breed holster. I have been very happy.
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    Sig P250 - what do you think of them ??

    I carry my P250 daily. I REALLY like it. Trigger is smooth, night sights are great, gun is accurate and its easy to break down and clean. I have been very happy.
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    New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

    Hello.... Greetings everyone! Looking forward to reading a lot of good info!