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    Wimpy shoulders, no upper body strength, arthritis: school me on crossbows

    Excaliber is a very accurate crossbow. I'm attachiing a couple pictures of the Vixen II packages, 150 LB. I would recommend this model for you. Each comes with scope and all accessories you need including a rope cocking aid. The only difference between the two is the scope...
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    What to do with my $300

    Don't let the cash burn a hole in your pocket. Save it for a rainy day or until you have enough to buy a keeper. Second choice would be the LCP but even FMJ is still over priced and it is not meant to be a fun gun.
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    easy cleaning handguns?

    5,000 rounds with no cleaning, really? If so you are due for a recoil spring replacement and probably a mainspring too. Hoppes Copper Solvent normally works well for cleaning barrels with lots of crud in them. I lubricate wit M-Pro 7.
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    Is $349.99 a good price for Used ss Walther PPK .380

    If it is an older PPK, it will say made in Germany although some were made in East Germany, France, Romania and Turkey. Newer PP, PPK's and PPK/S are Walthers made by S&W in the U.S. Post war PPK
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    "Dude, I think you're printing"

    There are several words like printing with dual meanings. Another is telegraphing. In woodworking lingo, telegraphing means that the substrate material is showing through or telegraphing through a thin veneer or a laminate material. It is usually noticeable on a vertical surface. It is similar...
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    J.C. Higgins Model 50 in 30-06

    J.C. Higgins Model 50 in 30-06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J.C. Higgins was the Sears store brand name for guns. It was later expanded to all sporting goods. There actually was a J.C. Higgins that worked for Sears but he was an...
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    Ricochet - Sometimes it hurts.

    I would at least get an X-ray. Getting hit in the ankle where there is nothing but bone and tendon can be very painful and can take several months to heal. That is no flesh wound. You really don't want an infection. Keep an ice pad on it until you can see a doc.
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    Remington Ammo, Baint & Switch

    I remember when candy bars were a nickle. Then the price went to a dime. Little by little, they got smaller for the same price (for a while). The same is true of dog food, detergent, cereal, potato chips, coffee and about everything else. Ammo is no different.
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    Best pepper spray option

    MSI (Mace Security International) Pepper Gel/45 gram. Shoots 15 feet and sticks like glue. MSI also makes pepper foam that is 10% pepper. The foam has some vision blocking capabilities that can shut down an attacker on impact. It sprays about 6-10 feet.
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    Ammo Prices

    It is mostly supply and demand. Many who were shooting 200 rounds a week are shooting 100 rounds a month or less. The economy is still very weak. Gun and ammo sales are down. It also has to do with much more imported ammo on the shelves to meet demand at reasonable cost. You may now see...
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    Swiss Army Knives

    I would pass on that model. The One hand Trekker comes with a free Classic knife. I like the Trekker because it has a Phillips head screw driver, a saw and a larger blade. The LED flashlights are all low lumen power. You can get a Stream light high power Led Flashlight at WalMart very...
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    Phoenix State University

    Is This a Scam? I saw one persons certificate. Is this legitimate? has anyone talked with a real person? a phone number would be appreciated.