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    Training Rifle or Precision Rifle?

    You have definite access to a 200 yard range and possible access to 550 and/750 yard. Those ranges are well within the capabilities of .223 or .308, both very proven target rounds with a wide variety of target ammo widely available. They’re also very easy on barrel and give very long life. The...
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    What is the Smallest, Lightest Defensive Pistol You WOuld Rely On ?

    Ruger KLCR w/ CT grips, loaded w/ .38 +p 125gr Golden Sabre's, Glock G43 Talo, +1 Pearce mag extensions, loaded w/ WW Ranger +p ammo. Both almost identical in size & weight, both dead nuts reliable and very shootable. I've never found anything smaller that I've had any confidence in.
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    Po' Boy Defense

    Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag, 7.5" barrel. Only gun I had besides a Remington 870 Special Field 12ga. I loaded it with WW Silvertips and it served until I was able to supplement it with an S&W 640 Centennial.
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    O/U shotguns; I don't get it?

    I don't shoot shotguns a lot, but had an opportunity to go to a sporting clays event for work and someone was kind enough to loan my a Ruger O/U to use for part of the shoot and I was smitten. Though most of my guns are heavily weighted towards the defensive side of the spectrum I decided then &...
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    Who knew comedian Jerry Lewis was a gun collector?

    That was an interesting peek behind the curtain at the private life of a public persona. I browsed through items offered and have to say I admire his taste. It's easy to see he had certain strong preferences and he had the resources to indulge them. Quite a life.
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    I now have every handgun on my want list

    I guess I’m different than most here in that I can relate to the OP. I have no desire to own one of everything, or have multiple massive safes stuffed to the gills. If I never bought another gun in my life it’d be no cause for sadness and I actually have a few that I’ll probably move to new...
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    Which battery of firearms would you rather own:

    I've already spent my money on a partial version of group one, I'll just finish it out. RAR in .450 Bushmaster, a great choice in Ohio for deer hunting, Glock 19, Vickers edition in my case. As good as it gets for an around carry pistol IMHO. I'll be adding a Ruger RAR Ranch that accepts AR mags...
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    10/22 Takedown vs. Regular

    My TD with Trijicon MRO is a true joy to shoot and I find it suitably accurate for any potential use I have. Maybe not pure target grade accuracy, but plenty good enough for my needs. I prefer red dot sights on .22's, I believe they are well matched to the range potential of the light carbines...
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    Thumbs up to Ruger (PCC)

    I just got a PC9 as well and immediately swapped in the Glock magwell too. Terrific gun, something I've wanted for quite awhile. As you said, shot reliably & accurately, only issue I had is the front sight is hard to pick up in low light, a fiber optic or tritium insert would help a lot. I just...
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    Pistol caliber carbine poll / semi-autos only

    I voted with my dollars and got a new PC9. Only got a little over 100 rounds through it using Glock mags, but flawless so far.
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    My late grandfather left behind over 90 guns. Can anyone help me identify some i shouldn't pass on?

    One thing I noticed, some top notch glass on several of those guns. You may want to consider removing those and selling them separately as oftentimes you don't get the full value out of those optics mounted on weapons.
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    Did my part today...anyone else?

    Got a call from a good friend who has decided who has decided now is the time to become a gun owner and asked for some guidance. He shot .22's a fair amount as a kid but now wants to get a couple good defensive weapons. We'll be getting him set up with a good entry level AR and also a 9mm pistol...
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    Projectile Choice for Woods Carry

    What I worry about running into where I live in NE Ohio is feral dogs & feral people. As such the normal 125gr jacketed hollow point loads I carry in .38+p or 124-147gr 9mm+p will work fine. I have got a curiosity to try some of the Buffalo Bore hot 158gr .38+p hollow point & wad cutter loads...
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    Is a bumpfire stock worth getting?

    I'm naturally disinclined to be an ammo spendthrift so a bumpstock has never been on my want list. Still when a fellow shooter at the range asked if I'd like to try his I did it out of curiosity and came away even more sure I had no desire for one. There is a technique needed to get the...
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    A .22LR for a young teen

    For the budget you have to work with I think a Ruger American Rimfire - RAR - would be a super choice. Good quality, takes widely available 10/22 magazines, good trigger, and the adjustable stock would allow it to grow with the younger shooter plus allow proper check weld with either iron sights...
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    Must have rifle calibers.

    After trying lots of different guns and cartridges I have discovered for myself why the standards became the standards. .22lr, .223/5.56 and .308. Also, because of the hunting regulations of my home state which only allows straight wall cartridges for rifle hunting deer, .450 Bushmaster.
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    Minimize the arsenal. Maximize the budget.

    If I had to minimize I'd cut back to arms I have significant ammo stocked up for. In my case that means .22lr, .38spl, 9mm, .556/.223, .308 and 12ga. My arms choices in these rounds are: -.22LR, Ruger 10/22 TD -.38spl, I choose two here, Ruger KLCR for CCW and a Ruger GP100 6" as it's legal...
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    EDC knife for $200ish

    Benchmade 917 Tactical Triage/Rescue. I've been carrying it's sister knife, a 915 with the sheeps foot combo blade for the last...
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    Are you a collector or a shooter?

    I'm a shooter that doesn't get much time to shoot. I figure at worst I'm laying in a stock pile for a future time when I can get out and shoot. Had some really nice and potentially collectible guns over the years, but they brought me no joy. Now my collection/accumulation/whatever contains...
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    How people justify paying too much (Heritage Rough Rider versus Ruger Single Six)

    The only person I need to justify any of my purchases to is me. And I long ago learned that I'd rather have a little bit of good, especially real good, than a whole truckload of so-so. So I spend my money on quality, particularly time proven quality. I drive a Toyota truck which is time proven...