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    My local public gun range may close... looking for solutions.

    I will do Speedo66 one better. Get a group of friends that use the range; incorporate a non-profit gun club; lease the site from the city; only gun club members can use the range. If the rent and upkeep is low then club dues can also be low. Edit Also perhaps more such "bays" can be created...
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    How may Ruger MKII Fifty Years model made?

    I have a Ruger MKII Fifty Year model. How many were, made, if you know. Also it is in very good condition with box and papers. If you owned it would you shoot it or save it as a collector's item?
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    Potential move to Nebraska with handguns. All the answers to your questions are there.
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    The best handgun stopping power!

    I believe that there are as many if not more of what I call "ambiguous" incidents. Mine occurred this way. I was working as the assistant manager of a family owned furniture store in Houston Tx many years ago. One day two men came through the front door. One came in to the office (There...
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    300 yard indoor rifle range?

    Well it can be done. Here is one of several videos about an indoor ( in a mountain ) shooting range with a 300 meter ( 328 yards ) firing range. I bet though it is funded by the Swiss Government.
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    Citronella for defense against agressive dogs?

    Recently a local woman was attacked and mauled by two Pit Bull dogs. The local newspaper had this article in which a person recommended using Citronella spray to deter such dogs...
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    Vermont to impose UBCs, mag limits, 21 age requirement

    I hope the Vermont Supreme Court strikes down this law like they did to a City ordinance way back in 1903.
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    Rate of fire with bumpstock?

    Out of curiosity does anyone know how quickly an AR-15 or similar semiauto rifle can be made to fire using a bumpstock?
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    Boycott Youtube!

    I love Youtube. I normally spend several hours every day there but with their new rules about firearms related videos they have gone too far. Therefore I hereby resolve to never watch another Youtube video again until and unless they rescind their stupid vendetta against guns. Thomas W...
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    Florida just "accidently" banned aftermarket AR15 triggers

    They just outlawed belt loops!!!!!
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    CA Resident - Ordered 1000 rounds online and store "lost or didn't receive it"

    Also, there is a work around ( so I have heard ) for people living in California. Get a C&R license ( I think it is a type 3 FFL. Register with the state and you can then have your ammo shipped directly to your house. Ask the ATF to be sure.
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    CA Resident - Ordered 1000 rounds online and store "lost or didn't receive it"

    If all else fails there is small claims court. It would be great to see this case on Judge Judy,
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    How to handle finding a pistol left behind by someone

    Talk about forgetting a gun and just walking off and leaving it look at this one: Very old Winchester 1873 found in the desert leaning against a tree. I wonder if the owner is still looking for it? o_O
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    Explosion inside ballistics gel??

    Look up fire pistons on Wikipedia: It uses compressed air to light a small piece of tender to start a fire by using air compression. Same thing as is happening in that block of gel.
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    Are bullets like these considered "hollow points" under law?

    Lehigh Defense makes bullets like these: I don't know what to call them except perhaps as fluted bullets. If the National Reciprocity bill becomes law and we can really carry in all fifty states and so forth will these bullets be considered "hollow points"...
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    Alpha Shooter dry fire course, any good?

    Has anyone here used or heard of this self help dry fire course? It is supposed to be a 21 day dry fire self help course to help you improve your shooting. Any Good? Thanks JJ
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    How many shots to "dirty" the barrel of a .22?

    I understand that for best accuracy in a .22 firearm you should shoot a few rounds through it to "dirty" the barrel. Question is how many rounds do you think would be enough? Thanks JJ
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    Which part or your trigger finger do you use and why?

    Berger.Fan222 Wins the internet today! :)
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    Which part or your trigger finger do you use and why?

    Looking at this youtube video: I realized that there are basically four parts of your trigger finger you can use to pull a trigger; first there is the tip which is really only useful for target firearms with very light triggers. Then there is the pad or middle of your distal phalanx (...
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    Cleveland Taco Bell employees shoot and kill armed robber

    Old Dog, for all we know ALL six employees were armed and only the last three that the robbers didn't see had a chance to react. Here in Alabama, not only is it legal for 18 year olds to own handguns they can even get carry permits! Don't know about Ohio though. Edit: Met one 18 year old girl...