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    Least accurate firearms we've owned and loved.

    I have a 4 digit Chinese SKS I got from the first Classic batch back in 2013. Finally tried it out a year and a half ago. At 100 yards it spewed 10 rounds into a basketball sized group about 8 or 10 inches low and right. I think the horrible trigger might be involved. I also have a Maadi AK...
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    Norwegian Krag Identification

    Try asking over at Gunboards. There are a lot of very knowledgeable collectors there.
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    Please explain flintlocks to me

    BlackNet, thank you for that link. It was very interesting and I learned a lot from it. thought this post was particularly interesting: The video was very interesting, too. Makes me want to try a flintlock. I used to have no trouble averaging three aimed shots per minute with my threeband...
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    Please explain flintlocks to me

    In the excellent historical novels of Kenneth Roberts (such as Northwest Passage, the Arundel series, and Oliver Wiswell), the author frequently has his characters hastily prime their muskets by slapping the side of the breech opposite the lock. I was always highly skeptical of that, but your...
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    Marlin 39A ...HELP!!!

    Mine will occasionally hang up just slightly. Could the cartridge on the lifter have been jostled slightly out of position? You can probably shake and tilt the rifle gently (thus jostling the cartridge in various odd ways) while gently attempting to work the lever just a little bit. Gently...
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    What to look for in a M1 Garand

    This is how I did it: I printed out that form, put it on a clipboard, and took it to the range where I shoot. I asked the Range Safety Officer to watch me shoot, and he signed off on me. It was that easy.
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    loading levers (gear tooth vs. direct)

    I don't think so. If anything, I think the earlier type, as on the '51 Navy, is a little smoother. The "improved" version is clever, and more mechanically sophisticated, but both work fine.
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    Fake guns, counterfeit guns, reproductions, etc....

    I have the very ax used by young George Washington to chop down the cherry tree. It's been in the family for years, and I still use it regularly. Of course, it's had the handle replaced a few times, and my father put a new head on it some time back. .
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    7.62x25 what's the point?

    Why buy any C&R gun when modern guns are available?
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    Going back to the 1970s

    '51 Navy and a Henry rifle, of course.
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    Maryland question. Shall issue CCW right now?

    I think it's coming a LOT sooner than that.
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    Bay of Pigs Invasion: Anyone Know What Weapon the US Sponsored CubanTroops Used?

    Although the M14 had been adopted in '57, there were still a lot of Garands in use by the U.S. army. I recall hearing of Airborne troops on alert to invade Cuba during the Missle Crisis in '62 still armed with M1s.
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    what model is this smith&wesson

    Years ago, a young bridegroom stepped up to the plate and bought that revolver to defend his wife and family. Many a night she slept better, knowing he and his revolver were there to protect her and her children. He's gone now, and the children grown, but his revolver is still doing its duty...
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    Taking AR back to CA?

    Does California allow collapsible stocks?
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    Who uses a sling?

    Most of my shooting of late has been CMP competitions or Vintage matches, or practicing for the same. So yes, all my shooting except offhand , is with a sling. I had occasion a while back to compare a properly slung Garand with an unslung K31, prone position. I was impressed by the...
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    A few questions about the next 2nd Amendent SCOTUS case

    The Mother of all Links for national 2A cases:
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    DC area carbine/handgun training In particular this place. They are the real deal:
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    First carry experience - no hurry to do it again

    A fellow Marylander here. Don't hold your breath. Join Maryland Shall Issue. We are the ones keeping Maryland from becoming New Jersey. Please join us. There may be big changes coming to Maryland in the next year or two. Don't give up. Don't give in...
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    What is the OTHER rifle?

    Hard to see, but it looks like a Snider. British equivalent of our Trapdoor Springfield.
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    Shot my first rifle ever today.

    Picking off .40 S&W cases at 50 yards with a Mosin is pretty damn good shooting. That guy who told you you've got real talent was probably right. Keep at it.