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  1. Brin

    Astigmatism and red dots

    I just bought a primary Arms rifle scope. It has a 1-6x24 low power variable optic features ACSS Nova fiber wire red dot. I have an astigmatism and this scope allows me to see the red dot with no starburst whatsoever. The dot on this scope is extremely bright and with 11 illumination settings, a...
  2. Brin

    Baldwin Charged Again With Manslaughter

    If you where wondering why Alec Baldwin’s first manslaughter chargers where mysteriously dropped, the New Mexico prosecutors sent the murder weapon to the FBI for testing to see if the gun could go off without pulling the trigger. It turns out the FBI lab experts had broken the revolver while...
  3. Brin

    Lpvo optics.

    If you are looking for a good LPVO rifle scope, check out Primary Arms Slx-1x6x24mm rifle scope Gen IV - illuminated ACSS Nova fiber wire reticle red dot bright, for $340.00. You can find it on youtube, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Brin

    Suggestions for a squirrel gun

    If your goal is to eradicate squirrels from your property, my suggestion is to use a trap. I have found the best bait for squirrels is whole walnuts. In the past three weeks, I have removed a total of 27 squirrels with number 28 probably sitting in the trap as I write. If your neighbor is not...
  5. Brin

    Best red dot sight for SKS?

    There are no permanent alterations with the scout scope mounts that I have. You can easily remove the SKS rear sight to install the scout mount and if you want to reinstall the original sight, it's just as easy. You can quickly and easily swap out optics at will. Perform all rifle maintenance...
  6. Brin

    Best red dot sight for SKS?

    For the type of shooting I do, I really like the Bushnell TRS-25 red dot on a scout scope mount. It is the best way to go if you want to shoot a fast moving target.
  7. Brin

    Looking for some help - Zastava M57

    I have two Zastava m57's, one Military surplus and one new which has a very good safety. Both of them shoot low, on target closeup. I would suggest shooting at 50 feet and see what it does. The M57 have a .312-.313 bore. All commercial ammo is .308 which might explain why it shoots all over the...
  8. Brin

    Second favorite battle or assault rifle after the AR15 or AK47?

    I'm with you brother, from a neighbor.
  9. Brin

    What's everyone carrying?

    I Carry a Zastava 7.62x25mm M57 loaded with PPU hollow point bullets in an OWB holster I made. I carry two more 9rd magazines on my left side loaded with steel core bullets.
  10. Brin

    Got a new sharpener today

    My homemade sharpener uses W&D sand paper. I tried disc adhesive and didn’t like it because it was too hard to clean up the glue. I prefer an Elmers Glue stick as it is water soluble, easy to clean up and it’s cheap.
  11. Brin


    Great article, I particularly like the information on the benefits of hot rolling steel for grain orientation and toughness. As a hobbyist knifemaker who likes to forge knives, I built a rolling mill about 15 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did. The mill saves me a lot of time and is a...
  12. Brin

    Show us your one off hand made knives.

    All the knives I make or made out of recycled or scrounged materials. Here is some eye candy.
  13. Brin

    Zastava m70a 9mm para; is it drop safe?

    The newly manufactured Zastavas m57 and the m70a with the safety on the slide are drop safe. Not only does safety completely disconnect the trigger and lock the firing pin, it also pops up two prongs on either side of the firing pin to keep anything from inadvertently hitting it and setting off...
  14. Brin

    Couple more projects

    I like the bolster knife a lot. where did you get the bolster?
  15. Brin

    Any folks here like Anza Knives?

    When it comes to heat treating, there are no stupid questions. Files are harder than most other steel and are brittle. Knives made out of files have been tempered down so they are not brittle but can no longer be used to file metal.
  16. Brin

    A little more steel to play with

    HI Jim, Nitro-V sounds promising. The heat treatment of that steel is not hard to do. I would make a deal with someone in your area who has a kiln. May be you could trade a 6 pack of toilet paper in exchange for them heating your blades to 1950 deg. for 15 mins. Then you can plate quench them...
  17. Brin

    Wharncliffe/Utility 2.0

    Hi Jim, ‘Nice grinding technique on your knife. I like 15n20, it is very tough steel with good edge retention easy to heat treat and makes for great kitchen knives. I usually quench a 15n20 blade at least two times in 130 deg. canola oil and temper it at 375-400 degrees.
  18. Brin

    Made my third knife, opinions and critique welcome.

    Hi Mcb, This might help. Abrasive belts used for knife making like Norton and 3M last longer but cost more. VSM makes good belts and cost a little less. Hermes, Klingspor, and Merit belts are cheaper but they don’t last as long. I don’t use 36 grit belts very often as they leave deep scratches...
  19. Brin

    Made my third knife, opinions and critique welcome.

    Hi Mcb, that looks like a great knife for the kitchen to cut up carrots and veggies. I have never used Gorilla glue, but I highly recommend Bob Smith’s two part 15 min. epoxy. You can get 9oz of it for $12-$14. I get my adhesive and 2x72 belts from TRU-GRIT, here’s a link...
  20. Brin

    Yugo Tokarev M57

    Yes a 1911 holster will work.