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  1. spazzymcgee

    Browning or Bluing?

    Hot bluing can turn color like that over time, can start that way if the tanks aren't hot enough, or if the steel has a lot of nickel in it. We would normally turn the tanks up a good 20 degrees hotter with some old Winchester barrels, but some wouldn't take regardless of temperature. Generally...
  2. spazzymcgee

    New 9mm revolver offering from S&W

    I don't think that's an unreasonable price. But I suppose I would find Smith's revolver prices even more reasonable if they still pinned and recessed their guns.
  3. spazzymcgee

    early S&W model 12 refinishing

    Beautiful gun! Now you have a like new gun that's better than the new Smiths they make today.
  4. spazzymcgee

    early S&W model 12 refinishing

    That gun was a 669, so no sideplate on it.
  5. spazzymcgee

    early S&W model 12 refinishing

    A customer of ours had a Smith and Wesson 669 he wanted redone. I did all of the stainless steel work, and him and I decided on Cerakote for the frame. It doesn't match the look or feel of the original anodizing, but it was much easier and cheaper, and will last forever. Graphite black...
  6. spazzymcgee

    Should it Stay or Should it Go?

    I own a Glock 19 because I like Glocks. If I didn't like Glocks, I wouldn't own one. If you're happier with other guns that fill a similar niche, then sell it and get more of what you like. The thing about Glocks is that if you sell one and miss it - it can easily be replaced. Sell it to...
  7. spazzymcgee

    Do I sell a 19-4 for a new model 66?

    Gorgeous gun! You've reminded me that I don't have a 4" .357 K frame, and that I should remedy that. And yeah, there are many older L frames that would hold up well to stout loads, but with the svelte finish and quality of the pre lock guns. Truthfully, I don't see much of a reason to buy a new...
  8. spazzymcgee

    Do I sell a 19-4 for a new model 66?

    I've regretted every old revolver I've ever sold. Haven't regretted keeping any though. Considering that your vintage K frame is increasing in value as we speak, I would say to keep it. The new 66 will decrease in value once you shoot it for the first time. Of course, you're also very unlikely...
  9. spazzymcgee

    What kind of handgun do you think would sell well?

    That sounds like the Bersa BP9CC, except the single action part. But still nice triggers on those guns.
  10. spazzymcgee

    Federal hst tactical 147gr 9mm?

    You've stumbled across some of the best 9mm defensive ammo out there. It's hard to find for some, but performs exceptionally well in ballistics testing. If it works in your Glock (It works well in mine) then buy more.
  11. spazzymcgee

    Radical Firearms AR-15s?

    As far as the lower end AR companies go, RA makes some of the best. I think that for a complete rifle, it would be hard to go wrong.
  12. spazzymcgee

    First 1911

    I really like the Range Officers. In fact, I just bought one in 9mm.
  13. spazzymcgee

    Decisions Decisions. new pistol. vote!

    Looks like you don't own a rifle. May I ask why not? A CMP Garand would be a great investment and would give huge diversification to your collection.
  14. spazzymcgee

    What kind of handgun do you think would sell well?

    Hm. If we could make an all steel 5" single stack, single action pistol with a perfect trigger, a thumb and grip safety, phenomenal accuracy, perfect pointability, and perhaps a huge aftermarket. I bet that would really become America's pistol. Oh wait...
  15. spazzymcgee

    First 1911

    I think that a Rock Island/Armscor would be a very good starter gun. I have watched them improve over the years, and some of the new guns are genuinely excellent. Especially for the price. The finish is and always will be ugly, but the triggers and fit seem to be ever improving, albeit not...
  16. spazzymcgee

    Are there Surpressors for M1 Garand

    That thread is all one really needs to know what suppressing a Garand. Very informative. It's an interesting project so that people can they they've done it, but it's not sensible. An easier solution might be some kind of electronic hearing protection, like Surefire's ear bud things.
  17. spazzymcgee

    Ruger cast vs. Smith & Wesson forged.

    I was constantly changing my wording while I was typing that up, and forgot to finish it. I just corrected it to be what I meant to type. Thanks. ;)
  18. spazzymcgee

    Smith & Wesson Airweight light primer strikes

    First thing that comes to mind would be that someone replaced the hammer spring at some point before it got to you. It's very unlikely to be a bad firing pin or hammer, but very likely a spring issue. Smith and Wesson has spectacular customer service, and often fixes things for very little...
  19. spazzymcgee

    Ruger cast vs. Smith & Wesson forged.

    The Playboy Penguin has some nice guns, but that doesn't mean his opinions on gunsmithing and metallurgy matters mean much. But I know it's turning into a dogpile here, so here is some highly scientific information on molecular differences between investment casting and forgings. Ruger...
  20. spazzymcgee

    Anderson Lower - customer service

    Like MachIVshooter said, these lowers are all forged in the same place. The only thing Anderson does is mill out the excess in the forging. So whatever the FFL did to break it would have happened with any Cerro forged lower. But this thread is about customer service. I've never dealt with...