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    Odd or frustrating gun shop policies?

    CMM, we’ll just have to agree that we disagree here. However, I was not “walking through their store with a gun in their (my) hand.” Nor did I have “complete lack of regard for all other safety protocol.” And last, but not least, the underwear thing was 100% real-he actually said that...
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    So I went out with a 5 new guns and which one do you think didn't work?

    Well, ‘course they did-they’d done been hit by that 648-2 a coupla three times! ;) Sam
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    Odd or frustrating gun shop policies?

    And with all due respect ColoradoMinuteMan, your previous experience with the FPD notwithstanding, your stating that I was “...walking into a public place, gun-in-hand...” is a mischaracterization of what took place. I could have walked in, literally gun-in-hand, WITH my finger...
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    Odd or frustrating gun shop policies?

    Mark, and if I’d had a case, don’tcha think I’da used it?? Again, the other 2 stores simply asked me if they could double-check, the SLIDE LOCKED, NO MAG, HANGING...UPSIDE DOWN , FROM MY LITTLE FINGER, BY THE TRIGGER GUARD, pistol... Oh btw, “their rules and/or preferences” is something I...
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    Odd or frustrating gun shop policies?

    Mark, if you’d actually read my post, nowhere in there does it state that I was trying “to walk around in a retail store with a uncased gun in hand”. I had taken no more than 2 steps in, which is in a direct line to the counter the guy was hollering from, carrying the pistol in a way that...
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    Odd or frustrating gun shop policies? in the trigger guard by my little finger and turned sideways so anyone could see it was safed. One of the guys behind the counter almost s**t a brick. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! SIR, YOU CAN’T WALK IN HERE WITH AN UNCASED WEAPON!!! Literally YELLING at me from maybe 10 feet away. I just stopped...
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    More Illegal Hunters Caught ... Baited Pond for Waterfowl

    My family & I stopped at the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center in Dubois Wyoming several years ago. They had a magnificent ram on display, just as you come in that had been poached, and the placard stated the details of the ‘hunters’ who taken the ram illegally... I spoke with the...
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    Screwed up a collectible rifle...

    Trey, if we’d all known what would & would not become collectible, less of us would be spending time on the forum; we’d all be jetting off to some exotic locale, looking for the next collectible. Sam
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    Mountain lion/woods gun

    This was my thought too, to a certain extent. I believe it is well-documented in India that when a “person”-eating-tiger is known to be in the area, many people walk around with a mask of a face, on the back of their heads...the theory being that a tiger will not attack its prey, ‘head-on’. Sam
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    Mountain lion/woods gun

    So, Meeks...was it Powerball, Mega-Millions, or just your state’s lottery that you won? Sam
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    New guy....going to Kodiak this fall...

    dkpack99, 1st of all, thank you for your service to our Country. 2nd, regardless of what caliber rifle, clothing, boots, etc. you decide on, watch your backside: Best of luck on your trip! Sam
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    $30 Vintage Plinker Rescue

    Nicely done, sir! Sam
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    Every day for this entire year I will post old school printed gun ads each day.

    If something' flew through your neighborhood who ya gonna call? (Bird Busters!) If it's a turkey with a beard and it don't look good who ya gonna call? (Bird Busters!) I ain't afraid of no bird I ain't afraid a no bird If your seein' things flocking at your head Who can you call? (Bird...
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    I have done it wrong all of these years.

    I think, that with a “, so called, “ hunter, one who quite possibly has only fired a very few rounds through his/her rifle, using anything that helps them put the game down as quickly & humanely as possible, may actually be the epitome of respect for the animal. I do agree wholeheartedly that...
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    Every day for this entire year I will post old school printed gun ads each day.

    Quite possibly my FAVORITE thread of all time, anywhere. Sam
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    Every day for this entire year I will post old school printed gun ads each day.

    Can anyone explain what is meant by the “new Peters crimp”? Sam
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    Buyer Beware

    Is there any info on using ApplePay or GooglePay? Sam
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    Thoughts on the 30/06 family tree

    Let’s not forget the 6.5-06 A-Square... Sam