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  1. coloradokevin

    Friend that rents gun instead of shooting his own

    Honestly, that's a silly reason not to shoot your guns. A lot of gun cleaning dogma comes from a combination of the olden days, when corrosive primers really did necessitate timely cleaning of firearms, and military training, where attention to detail and disciplined hard work is part of the...
  2. coloradokevin

    The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act

    For the very reason you stated, I would contend that the violation of an HOA rule will not typically subject the OP to any criminal liability if he chooses to violate that rule and gets caught. Ignoring firearms for a minute here, I would use the example of an HOA that has a rule about the...
  3. coloradokevin

    Colorado Supreme Court interprets 'straw purchase' law to encompass shared use of guns

    Twenty years ago this was an amazing state. Now I'm looking for a way out of the place where I once thought I'd live forever. The California of Colorado is complete, and with it will come more extreme interpretations of law. In this instance the ruling doesn't sound like something that...
  4. coloradokevin

    Do you carry a gun because you are afraid?

    I'm not scared of car accidents, house fires, riding a bike, or using my chainsaw. But, I wear a seatbelt in a car, I have smoke detectors in my house, I wear a helmet when I mountain bike, and I wear eye protection and chaps when I'm cutting down trees. Similarly, I'm not scared of being...
  5. coloradokevin

    What to do after a self defense shooting if you are poor?

    I already replied twice to this thread, but allow me to add some color to this: my wife carries, she does not have insurance. My brother in law and father in law carry, and neither of them have insurance. My uncles carry, and they don't have insurance. I carry, and don't have insurance...
  6. coloradokevin

    What to do after a self defense shooting if you are poor?

    The police are not your enemy, either. Virtually all of us in LE are in favor of the good guy who prevails over the bad guy. Yes, we collect evidence to determine whether or not a crime has occurred, but in a justifiable shooting the evidence tends to be there to show us that a crime has NOT...
  7. coloradokevin

    What to do after a self defense shooting if you are poor?

    Most people will tell you to call a lawyer. It's not bad advice, but sometimes it fails to look into the nuances of the situation. I'll preface this by saying that I'm a career law enforcement officer. I've seen justifiable and unjustifiable shootings in virtually every variety as I cruise...
  8. coloradokevin

    Noise levels in real life situations

    I know you don't want to hear that response, but you should think about the reality of that statement. Of course you should worry about protecting your hearing in shooting sports, in training, and even in hunting situations (which is an area where many people still ignore the risks of hearing...
  9. coloradokevin

    Live fire drills with people on the range?!?

    Live fire training for military and police units *can* be conducted in a number of ways that are quite different than what the average civilian will encounter on the firing line at the local gun club. Some of that training just comes down to the need to properly prepare for the type of mission...
  10. coloradokevin

    Denver bans CCW in parks, buildings

    I just now saw this thread from last month, but you pretty much described the issue perfectly. Colorado has gone downhill, and continues to slide.
  11. coloradokevin

    Here We Go Again 1994 Redux

    Agreed. And, mass media is helping to build sentiment against so-called “assault weapons”, too. For example, the attached article was published by Colorado’s largest news organization today. If you put yourself in the shoes of a naive non-gun owner who learns about these issues from the news...
  12. coloradokevin

    AR sights

    Without a picture it's hard to say, but a lot of rails are perfectly capable of holding a front sight. But, there's nothing wrong with a red dot (I like Aimpoint, among others) or a LPVS (low power variable scope - I carry a 1-8x Trijicon on a work rifle).
  13. coloradokevin

    As a prepared home defender, firearm owner, are you prepared for the suppression of hostile fire?

    This is certainly a relevant topic when thinking about defending your home in times of civil unrest and riots. I've thought about this a number of times, and it's one of the harder threats to defend against. To effectively discuss this I think we need to break the threat down into at least two...
  14. coloradokevin

    Are you old enough to remember when firearms were proudly displayed?

    I feel like this changed in the mid-1990's, as I recall. I remember growing up that I saw a lot of gun racks in trucks carrying rifles/shotguns proudly displayed in the back windows. Then, if you went to someone's house you'd often see a nice wooden and glass faced piece of furniture...
  15. coloradokevin

    Ain't Got No Primers

    I had some primers shipped from Brownell's, along with a jug of powder. They actually arrived a day before indicated on the tracking, and that was 3 days before the estimated arrival time when I placed the order. I'm just glad my wife works from home, because they came signature required, and...
  16. coloradokevin

    13 handgun kits bought at Allentown gun show spark Pa.-N.J. ‘ghost gun’ probe, attorneys general say

    It's rare that this happens, but I literally laughed out loud at this part of your reply.
  17. coloradokevin

    Is it good that Clarence Thomas is authoring the opinion in New York State Rifle & Pistol Assoc?

    Ugh. I was hoping that I had just missed that they were somehow further along in this process. Unfortunately it sounds like they just simply haven't heard this case yet! Still, when the time comes I sure would appreciate a situation where Thomas gets to write the opinion of the court!
  18. coloradokevin

    Is it good that Clarence Thomas is authoring the opinion in New York State Rifle & Pistol Assoc?

    Based on the statements Thomas (a quiet justice overall) has made about the 2nd Amendment in the past five years, this is excellent news! He may, in fact, be the best person to write for the majority on 2nd Amendment rights. Allow me to share an excerpt from a news article from a couple of...
  19. coloradokevin

    13 handgun kits bought at Allentown gun show spark Pa.-N.J. ‘ghost gun’ probe, attorneys general say

    As I read this story I talked about it with my wife. A comment I made was that it's amazing how fragmented our freedoms have become in this country. This is a cancer, and it's a cancer that's spreading rapidly. What I find disturbing - as a legal and law-abiding gun owner who has done things...
  20. coloradokevin

    Giving away supplies/ammo

    I wouldn't leave myself in dire straits by giving away the last bit of ammo I had, but I definitely disagree that you can't count on having the right friends available when you someday need them. Friendships are a give and take. Although I have a lot of acquaintances, I also have a handful of...