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  1. WheelGunMan

    What's your preferred every day carry?

    I carry either my S&W CSX or my Ruger LC9
  2. WheelGunMan

    DAO Only Hammer-fired Pistol other than Sig P250??

    I have a Ruger LC9 that's a true DAO pistol.
  3. WheelGunMan

    Marlin 1894 SBL

    For deer I carry 158 grain semi jacketed soft flat nose.
  4. WheelGunMan

    Ruger LC9

    I wanted to mention with the addition of McCarbo trigger spring kit I can consistently stage the the hammer and trigger right before the break... this allows for a more accurate shot. I carried DAO revolvers for years and this trigger is reminiscent of their trigger pull.
  5. WheelGunMan

    Let's see carbines in pistol cartridges.

    "Remlin" 1894 in .357 Magnum
  6. WheelGunMan

    Ruger LC9

    When I purchased an LC380 I installed McCarbo trigger spring kit. Night and day difference. It's still a long trigger but it's glass smooth. Liked the LC380 so much that I bought a LC9 slide and barrel from Ruger for it. Carry it in LC9 configuration with ARX 56 grain ammo now. It's highly...
  7. WheelGunMan

    Marlin 1894 SBL

    A few years back when Remington took over the Marlin tooling I purchased an 1894 "Remlin" in .357 as a companion to Ruger Security Six. I like it.. I've only hunted with it once and had no opportunities. I think it would be great for Coyotes.
  8. WheelGunMan

    Ruger LC9

    I carry an LC9 with that long trigger pull. I changed the hammer and trigger springs that allow a very smooth pull. I can also stage the hammer to bring precise accuracy to my shots. I own a SP101 DAO that I carried as my EDC that had a similar trigger. I changed springs in that to. I own a...
  9. WheelGunMan

    Ruger 380 ACP pistols

    Good observation. No.. it does not have ears and the serations are beyond crisp. They polished the sides of the slide and as a result the serations are extremely sharp. I took an emery board and relieved them a little.
  10. WheelGunMan

    Ruger 380 ACP pistols

    I've been carry my LCP Max a lot lately.
  11. WheelGunMan

    SW CSX vs Snubby 605

    I don't own a 605 but do own a Ruger LCR 357 & an SP101 357. I shoot both revolvers very well. I shot my SP101 in competition and scored highly with it. I carried the SP101first and changed to the LCR because of the less weight. I carried the LCR for a few years along with a speed strip in my...
  12. WheelGunMan

    Condition 1 or Condition 2

    Condition 1.. round chambered, cocked and locked.
  13. WheelGunMan

    Do You Change Your Every Day Carry When Going On Lengthy Out of State Road Trips?

    My EDC is my CSX.. when I go on a road trip I'll take another one or two firearms as backup.. usually my LC9 and my LCP Max.
  14. WheelGunMan

    SW CSX vs Snubby 605

    My Every Day Carry is my CSX because it has more than twice the capacity of may LCR and it's more I shoot it extremely well.
  15. WheelGunMan

    Optic or no optic on your defense handgun?

    I had an opportunity to shoot my nephews Glock equipped with a red dot... and I shot it well. But, then again, no better than when I sight shoot. To be clear, sight shooting for me is focusing only the front sight, getting it on the target and press the trigger.. no aiming involved. It took me a...
  16. WheelGunMan

    Are Sights Really Necessary on a Concealed Carry Pistol?

    I focus on the front sight only and practice flash shooting with it. Similar to what you're doing but involving the front sight over the target.
  17. WheelGunMan

    Glock Oiling, How Dry

    If I'm going to a range session it gets additional oil. If I'm daily carrying it gets the minimal oil treatment to minimize lint and dirt build up.
  18. WheelGunMan

    SW CSX vs Snubby 605

    My CSX is my EDC. My SP101 and my LCR'S are relegated to occasional use.
  19. WheelGunMan

    380 Day

    Mine is spot on accurate which I attribute to the blowback design. Great little shooter.
  20. WheelGunMan

    .380 ACP

    That would be a TMJ.. Total Metal Jacket. Here's an article about them.