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  1. rdnktrkr

    Little help with .308 sizing.

    Doing it that way I would need to turn my own mandrels to change the "hold" instead of using different size bushings correct? I like this way of sizing the neck, seems like it will be easier to have uniform neck tension.
  2. rdnktrkr

    Little help with .308 sizing.

    So if I wanted to improve my accuracy in my 6.5 Creedmoors, would I use something like this to uniform my necks and ? that looks like it would make the inside of the necks all 2.65"...
  3. rdnktrkr

    Lee's Factory Crimp Die?

    I use them when reloading 40s&w and 45ACP, the 40 I run one as a "bulge buster" when resizing range pickups, I know it overworks the brass but it gives me piece of mind for unknown brass. When I use them as a "crimp" die I feel they make it easier to set up the seating die since all you are...
  4. rdnktrkr

    = $95 = Viridian Serac 6-24x50 (30mm tube) - Natchez Tax Refund Sale

    I didn't know it came with rings, I personally lap any rings I install with a Wheeler scope mounting kit, I have surprised a couple of people when showing them that not all rings are straight, even some of the nicer ones
  5. rdnktrkr

    Long Range Rifle/Scope/PRS question(s)

    What weight trigger is best for a Bergara B14R? looking around I've found, Rifle Basix, Timney, Trigger Tech, Jewel, Bix’n Andy, Keeping the price around $150, I'm leaning towards Trigger Tech and Rifle Basix, both offer adjustable pull weights from ounces to pounds, Is 1.5lbs light enough or...
  6. rdnktrkr

    Gun stuff

    Good luck and speedy recovery
  7. rdnktrkr

    = $95 = Viridian Serac 6-24x50 (30mm tube) - Natchez Tax Refund Sale

    One thing I'm not happy with was Natchez only had shipping with FedEx, I'm assuming because I added some SK 22lr to try in my Bergara. I'm not a fan of FedEx around here, I've not had good experiences with them nor has my neighbors.
  8. rdnktrkr

    = $95 = Viridian Serac 6-24x50 (30mm tube) - Natchez Tax Refund Sale

    I don't know, guess I can check with them, If not I can put them on some of the Savages I purchased during the Walmart clearance sale, I'll be spending about 2 or 3 times on optics to what I have in the guns after the rebates.:)
  9. rdnktrkr

    = $95 = Viridian Serac 6-24x50 (30mm tube) - Natchez Tax Refund Sale

    I've had a couple in the cart for the last couple of days and just noticed they have free shipping on $100 optic order, I couldn't find anything optic related that I needed so I just ordered 3 more, I have a couple of rifles that I can try them on and a Benjiman air rifle that needs a new optic...
  10. rdnktrkr

    7.62 Yahweh cartridge, is anyone familiar with it?

    I wonder if they will neck it down for a 3000fps 6mm (6mm ARC+p) or 2800fps+ 6.5 (Grendel+p) in 2.26"oal, that might interest some people more
  11. rdnktrkr

    Keeping reloads in like new condition

    I tumble after loading in walnut with Nufinish, then seal in vacuum bags stored in ammo boxes, you can write the load on the bag with a marker.
  12. rdnktrkr

    Beloved 30-06 Anyone?

    I have a few, started with a R700 bdl that has a longer barrel than normal, then a R742 that has probably only seen a couple boxes of shells, 2 Howas, 1 with a short barrel and one with a longer barrel, Weatherby (Howa), 5 Garands, 2 Springfields, 2 H&Rs (best looking), and recently added a...
  13. rdnktrkr

    Scope Base Screw Stripped

    For applying heat, clean a soldering gun tip good and touch it to the screw, most of the impact screwdrivers are 1/2in drive, look around for a 3/8in drive, I've never seen a 1/4in drive but I'm sure someone makes it. I would also try a Kroil soak for at least 12hrs then heat, drive in a...
  14. rdnktrkr


    I've been using Mobil 1 synthetic grease for years (probably 20+), I have made a dent in the tub but not a big one (a little dab will do ya). On engine rebuilding I've always used STP oil treatment coated on anything where there is friction and used gloves on my hands so no oils from my skin...
  15. rdnktrkr

    Revisiting The Old Model 700 in .270

    one of my Savage Axis (Walmart specials) is in 270, I decided to stay with the 130gr and have found a decent load with 2700 just a little above mid range, I tried a couple of other powders but I don't think I tried H4831 but I will try it out soon, Shoots very well out to 200yrds with less drop...
  16. rdnktrkr

    Let’s talk die maintenance

    I sometimes run them in an ultrasonic cleaner with Eds Red cleaner, run about 10 or 15min and then wipe dry with a cloth, depending on which dies as to how often but I would say about 1000rnds of pistol and 500rnds of rifle.
  17. rdnktrkr

    Chicago Sues Glock

    Maybe someone needs to bring suit against Chicago for not prosecuting illegal activities
  18. rdnktrkr

    New .40 S&W loader. (I think I'm prepared)

    When our local LE went from 40S&W to 9mm not only were their guns reasonable but their practice ammo was also, not 30yrs closer to 10 When our State Patrol when away from the 45GAP, our LGS offered a Glock, case, 3 mags and 300rnds for $300. I went to the range recently around 9AM and picked up...
  19. rdnktrkr

    New .40 S&W loader. (I think I'm prepared)

    My last purchase of 40S&W it was cheaper than 9mm at the time, 500rnds for $75 and 9mm was $78, bulk packed. I purchased 1000 bullets about the same time to reload that brass and am still working on them. I think when you find a good load for your pistols you will enjoy shooting your reloads...
  20. rdnktrkr

    New .40 S&W loader. (I think I'm prepared)

    I've been loading 40s&w for a while; I also load on a LCT and love how easy it is to change calibers. I've been loading the 165gr rnfp over both Blue Dot (big flash) and HP38 for a lighter load. Look into the Lee bulge buster (currently around $20), it uses the FCD and full length sizes your...